Best man speech for a wedding: 12 original ideas

The best man speech for a wedding is a tradition. The bride and groom choose groomsmen when they get married. Being the best man at a wedding is a great responsibility, it is also an honor because it means that the bride and groom have a special appreciation for that person. The godfather will be the counselor of the couple throughout their married life, he will be one of the people closest to the relationship.

The honor of being a sponsor and the responsibility when delivering the speech

groomsman speech wedding

The best man’s task begins before the wedding with the preparations. Formally, the wedding day begins with the signing of the marriage certificate. A best man is a person very dear to the couple. Could be:

  • The best friend of the couple or one of them
  • A brother of the bride and groom
  • Some relative, uncle, nephew
  • Or any other significant person for the life of the couple

Best Man Speech for a Wedding: What Words to Say?

One of the most anticipated moments is when the sponsor gives the speech. It is the moment when one of the most important actors of the wedding says his feelings in words and tribute to the newlyweds. The dilemma appears at the moment of preparing the speech, when the sponsor has no idea where to start. Well, then we will make a list of tips to keep in mind when writing and giving the important speech.  

Words from the best man for a wedding: Introduce yourself

It is up to every polite person to introduce themselves before giving the speech. Start with an anecdote lived together with the couple on a curious or fun occasion. To combat stress when you stand up and say the words long awaited by the couple, you could start with a poem or quotes of love.

To make your words interesting:

  • Smile while saying your words
  • Joke to lower your tension
  • Refers to how important the wedding day is

Funny Best Man Speech: How To Organize Your Content

What questions to ask yourself to organize the content of your speech. You must first wish the good of the couple as a happy marriage and be kind about the future of the couple. We must answer the following questions before preparing the speech as groomsmen that we are:

  • How we became the godfather
  • The most special elements of the bride and groom
  • Process of the couple’s relationship until the wedding
  • Think about a story lived together
  • Dress the speech with a special spark
  • Always close the speech with a toast

Godfather speech with a lot of originality

The speech can be boring or interesting, it depends on how original you are and how boldly you choose the words you will use. It doesn’t necessarily have to be formal writing with fancy words. The moment of the speech is the most propitious to give a happy and informal touch to the celebration.

That is why it is important to be original, try not to copy just seek inspiration. Ideally, the speech should be something personalized for the newlywed, so it is best if you write it yourself, or seek help from someone to write it.

Content of the best man speech for a wedding

What is said in the speech will be recorded not only in the memories of the bride and groom and the guests, but it is also possible that it is recorded on video. That is why it is important that the words to be said are planned or prepared in advance.

The content of the speech should be a tribute to the bride and groom, therefore there is a lot of information that can be used, for example,

  • An anecdote of the godfather in which the bride and groom are protagonists
  • A reflection on love and the values ​​to maintain in marriage
  • Choose a theme or quality that is characteristic of the couple, such as sport or profession if they share the same profession.

The theme is free to choose, but ideally it revolves around the bride and groom, as it is finally a speech in honor of them and the new life they are beginning.

Guests will all have their attention on you when you’re speaking, so make it interesting for them to listen to you.

  • Practice a very good oral expression
  • Take into account the posture of the body, the intonation, the pauses and the rhythm of the words.
  • Try not to speak so slowly because you can bore people
  • Not so fast either because you can make them lose the thread
  • The ideal speed to speak is the one in which you can keep everyone’s attention
  • Use a relaxed and friendly tone
  • Carry your written words

Words for the wedding toast 

Speaking in front of a group on an occasion as important as the wedding requires your preparation. With your words you should create a moving moment in the audience. They sure will be filming when you speak if you are the best man. Incorporate heartfelt phrases and quotes from celebrities, as well as practice speaking multiple times.

To inspire the godfather with a speech that is shocking for his words and emotions. Speak directly from the heart to the bride and groom on the day of their marriage. Encourage him for his new life with useful advice and very romantic as when two jars of sand are put together in one where love is mixed.

What words to say as best man during the celebration?

“As a sponsor, I will try to guide and accompany you at every moment of your married life. Thank you for giving me the honor of being part of your history “

“From now on as godparents we are part of this moment. I want to thank you for having chosen me, for one of the most important days of your life, how is the wedding day, assuming this responsibility with total commitment “

“Dear present, in front of this nice gathering, it is a pleasure to thank you from the depths of my soul. I feel the joy of celebrating and consecrating life in faith and the future steps of this couple. I toast to this commitment and I encourage you to be happy at all times “

Some recommendations to keep in mind when preparing the speech:

Short wedding toast best man speeches 

Groomsmen occupy an important place in the wedding. If you have the privilege of being a sponsor then you will have the opportunity to say a few words during the celebration. 

godfather speech

Words from the godfather of marriage

One of the possibilities would be the following:

“First of all, I want you to know that it is a real honor for me, to be able to express a few words at this moment ……. in favor of the happiness of the couple “

“I wish to convey to you that I have the pleasure of meeting the bride and groom since …… .. moment ……”

Short words from the best man 

Words that list the virtues of the couple, respect for their intelligence and what they have achieved in life as well as admiring the beauty of the bride.

  • Today we toast the happiness of the bride
  • We toast the groom’s health and intelligence
  • Toast to each party guest

The greatest wish of the godparents is that the love grows and that the love of the couple last for as long as life lasts.

godfather speech toast

Speech templates for godparents:

“Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to toast the new marriage of Verónica and Matías. Couples like you do not see each other on a daily basis and I am sure that many years of happiness, health and fun await them. “

“Dear couple, let’s toast to the love that is won every moment, with every kiss, with every hug and with every detail of daily life.”

“In this case, the bride who adopted the groom’s last name as of today, I know that they will know how to keep the flame of love burning and I toast Mr. and Mrs. Vazquez and I hope to be present in their most important moments of married life. “

“I am proud to have been chosen your sponsor, thank you very much for this honor. Over the years I have seen them overcome difficulties with great maturity and that is why it does not surprise me now that I am attending their wedding. “

“They are two people who know how to understand each other and who above all trust each other. I wish you great achievements together as well as many years of happiness. “

Words from the best man to the bride and groom

Important points that we must include in the words of the best man to the brides:

  • Thanks to the guests
  • Family and friends include them in the greeting
  • Presentation of the speaker and his relationship with the marriage
  • Mention family values
  • Bless this wonderful moment
  • Include stories from the bride and groom’s past
  • Communicate funny anecdotes to color the speech
  • Illuminate the speech with funny elements such as a teddy bear that identifies them

How do you make a written speech?

Remember that the best man speech for a wedding should not be a headache for the person who writes it. Here are some tips to make it easy to write it:

  • Research the topic
  • Search for an idea
  • Be clear on what you want to convey
  • Write your vision in draft
  • Introductory phrase
  • Main body
  • It ends with a hooking question for everyone, the bride and groom and guests.

If you’re not inspired, just say a few short but heartfelt words. The couple listening to your speech will know that you are being yourself.

What does it mean to be a toast godfather?

Being a toast sponsor is the privilege of few. That honor is given to the best friend or a brother. It is located next to the couple and when raising the glasses is the moment in which it expresses 

  • The happiness of sharing that moment
  • The wish of luck for the couple

The best man work begins before the wedding with the preparations and is formalized on the wedding day with the speech. He is a very dear person to the couple.

So let’s get to work, take into account the advice we gave you previously and start making a draft of what you would like to say, with a little time you will refine it until it is ready. Good luck!.