Beautiful congratulations on the wedding from witnesses

Being a wedding witness is an extremely important mission. They sometimes have difficult trials. The groom’s best man must keep the wedding rings and help go through the ransom and other competition numbers.

The bridesmaid is always close to the girl. She straightens her dress at the right time, fakes her makeup and can slightly tweak her hair.

Role of wedding witnesses

Witnesses need to take care that everything is enough for all guests and if something does not go according to plan in the restaurant or the registry office, then it is the witness and the witness who will have to resolve the problems.

The groom and the bride on their wedding day should be maximally detached from everyday problems and troubles with the organization of the celebration itself. Among other things, the witnesses in the banquet hall will have an important speech. These will be words of congratulation addressed to the young spouses.

Congratulations from the witness and witness

There is a stereotypical and outdated opinion that wedding congratulations can only be in words. However, in fact, nowadays there are more and more interesting and original gifts that are much better than words.

They are more spectacular, effective, romantic and original. Since witnesses are one of the most important people at the celebration, everyone will look at their congratulations with special attention in order to understand how good it is.

  1. Photo session on a yacht – a photographer works at any wedding, however, the shots are not always interesting due to geolocation. Therefore, here you can act in an original way, namely, rent a yacht for a couple of hours. Only the closest and most devoted people to the couple can go for a walk. Be sure to take champagne and fruit with you. Ask the wedding photographer to sail with the bride and groom. Then you will get beautiful shots for a long life.
  2. Hot air balloon ride – there are several options for playing with this gift. If the field is nearby, then you can take a walk on your wedding day. If you go far to it, then it is better not to keep the guests waiting, but to go to it together with witnesses the next day. A hot air balloon ride is always romantic and sentimental. In addition, absolutely everyone will want it. And this applies not only to women, but also to men. Since the strong half of humanity perfectly remembers the classic literature “Around the World in 80 Days”, so everyone will feel like a traveler or a romantic young lady.
  3. Horseback riding – these animals are peaceful and beautiful. Therefore, you can order a walk with them, especially for a married couple. In addition, it will look very impressive when the bride in her white dress climbs on a boiling white horse. The photographer will definitely be able to catch several successful shots, capture the brightest moments.

How to congratulate the bride?

It is preferable if the congratulations for the wedding from the witness are in poetic form. It is her that all girls love so much, since she is associated with serenades, romances and love. From fishing, wedding witnesses should be touching and gentle. 

  1. I believe in your love.

    It is unearthly and it is beautiful.

    You live together for so long that

    you feel comfortable.

    We know, for sure,

    That you deserve each other.

    You guys are a great couple.

    Stay together until old age.

    And this, I am sure, will bring you unearthly joy.
  2. What can be the congratulations of a witness at a wedding. Belooka, chubby face,

    All blush and slender.

    You, guests, admire

    how good it is.

    This is our bride,

    What a diva, for God’s sake.

    Well, you certainly do not have,

    All over the world is more beautiful, brighter.

    You bloom, love, fly,

    That there are forces.

    Well, do not forget about your betrothed,

    It is no coincidence that he is your dear.

    Let his love

    cover you day by day.

How to congratulate the groom?

Congratulations prepared especially for the groom from a witness can be comic in nature. Men very often make fun of each other, and do not take offense at all.

  1. All right, my friend.

    Now you have become a husband.

    And that’s all, goodbye to the festivities,

    Fun, revelry and a noisy crowd.

    Now my friend,

    You are someone’s betrothed,

    This is not a sentence, do not be afraid, yes.

    From now on, you are a happy man,

    Near you is a beautiful wife.

    But what about fishing now?

    You suddenly ask me.

    All fishing and hunting were canceled.

    So, my other dear,

    Goodbye, goodbye, we’ll tell you.

    Now you’re under your thumb.
  2. Earlier, twenty years ago,

    We were completely dependent on mothers.

    And it seems we kind of matured,

    But still under the heels of the ladies.

    Now the princess and the queen rule over you,

    And the people call her wife.

    It depends on her will with what face

    you come to visit us here.

    Well, my friend.

    I congratulate you.

    You yourself bound your chains.

Touching wishes for newlyweds in your own words

Before composing the text of your wish addressed to a young married couple, it is worth deciding on the mood. It can be both touching and comic. Depending on your mood, the congratulatory speech itself will take shape.

The most popular are congratulations from a wedding witness to tears . As a rule, witnesses recite their text at the end of the banquet. Often they are the final performance of the entire celebration.

Therefore, their task is to correctly end the evening, to sum up all the congratulations. This can be done both in poetic form and in the prose genre.

In verse

The lyric genre should be read loudly and with expression. In the right places, emphasize words and accents, then the speech will be more understandable and harmonious. With quiet to the bride from the witness should not be too long. 

Bride and groom,

you are now husband and wife.

For many years together.

And do not let adversity separate you.

Love, appreciate, tolerate each other.

Give flowers and gifts to your loved ones.

Let the time become a fairy tale that you

were able and were able to survive all the troubles together.

Although I am not a poet,

But I have composed a verse for you.

You say there is no rhyme here?

But wouldn’t that be fixed in an instant?

Young people, stay that way forever.

Let your chargers

fuel your love for years to come.

In prose

The prose genre is a little simpler, although that doesn’t make it boring and unoriginal. A wedding greeting from a witness in your own words is quite acceptable . 

  1. On this day, many guests gathered who did not just come to congratulate you, they want to share joy and happiness. Just look at yourself. We must say thank you very much not only for the holiday that you arranged for us, but also for the charge of cheerfulness, positiveness and, of course, love. Your eyes radiate true and sincere love. It is impossible not to notice it. Everyone present was charged with radiant energy from you.
  2. Your wedding day is over. But this means only the beginning of a long joint journey. Today we wished you very kind and sincere words. Let everything that you wish will definitely come true, and even double the size (especially about children). Guys, let your life be a honeymoon. But for this you have to try. And we believe in you and we know that everything will work out.



Congratulations from witnesses can be considered the final part of the evening. All contests have been won, prizes have been given out, the cake has been sold, and the money for the sliders has been collected.

Finally, the witnesses have to take the last, but no less important step – to lead the newlyweds into an independent life. This can be done with meaningful congratulations.