Beautiful compliments to a girl in your own words

Beautiful compliments to a girl to cheer her up

Women love compliments, they make them feel wanted and loved. But learning how to say beautiful compliments to a girl is not an easy task. Because not all compliments work the same way.

Even the most pleasant, affectionate words will look empty and hypocritical if they are said to the girl at the wrong time. To prevent this from happening to you, always consider: what to say, how to say, and is it appropriate?

Therefore, in the article we will consider which compliments are appropriate for a girl, and which are not. This will help you choose the right words for any situation and tell your girlfriend the best compliments. You will also read examples of compliments about the beauty, appearance, figure and eyes of a girl that will not leave her indifferent.

What compliments can you say to a girl

One that will impress her. To sincerely praise a woman , you need to notice less obvious areas, and not say formulaic phrases. What compliments can and should be said and how to make them beautiful for a girl, read on.

Compliments that she is beautiful.

How can you not appreciate the effort she put in to look good? Women like it when they appreciate the way they look, even if they are well over 40 years old. Such compliments let you know that their efforts were not in vain, but appreciated.

SMS compliments.

Men in love, wanting to tell about their love for a girl, dedicated love stories and poems to her. If you can’t send your admiration to the girl in poetic form, then send her SMS compliments showing your feelings for her. By reading them, she will know what you think of her. (See what you can write in SMS to your girlfriendso that she would be pleased).

About women’s abilities and skills.

Women are so accustomed to receiving compliments for their appearance that they are sometimes surprised when they hear praise or admiration for their abilities or skills. Think about how to express your admiration or gratitude for women’s work? Then show that you appreciate the woman for her skills.

about her femininity.

You can make unusual and beautiful compliments if you think about the kindness of a woman, the ability to present herself, and choose the right outfit with taste. Highlight in a special column gait, grace, caring for others, as well as maternal feelings, feminine qualities.

Praise external data.

It’s hard for any woman to forget when men talk about a girl’s smile, voice, lips, or mention her hair, face, skin. Appropriate assessment of the eyes, figure or aroma of her perfume is liked by women.

Spontaneous compliments.

Think about how you feel when you see the woman you love most? What impressed you? Say it simply, in your own words. Think not about how to say, but what to say. As long as these words are not related to sexual overtones, they will look truthful, sincere and beautiful.

Beautiful compliments to a girl

Giving beautiful compliments to girls is not just a good way to attract attention. This is an opportunity to cheer them up and make them feel good. Read examples of such compliments.

  1. Your eyebrows set off your eyes so beautifully that you can’t take your eyes off them.
  2. Please don’t stop smiling. Your smile, even the frostiest day, will make me warm.
  3. Your figure deserves the attention of the best artists and male respect. (Read 71 Ways to Show Respect to a Woman ).
  4. Everyone knows about your kindness. She is like a big breath of fresh air in this dirty world.
  5. I was blown away when I saw you. Everything I once dreamed of is now right in front of me.
  6. You always look amazing! With my spinal cord and the back of my head, I feel the envious glances of men when we walk together.
  7. Your smile can even light up the bottom of the ocean.
  8. I am confused and do not know how to compliment a girl when there are not even suitable words in the language to describe all your qualities. For me, you are flawless.
  9. You don’t need makeup, on the contrary, he needs you.
  10. You are like a spring flower: cheerful and well-groomed. (We advise you to read the article on how to look expensive and well-groomed every day ).
  11. Your voice makes me fall in love with you all over again.
  12. I like that you understand my thoughts before I voice them.
  13. If I only have one last kiss from you, I’ll save it so I can touch your lips again someday.
  14. Your voice is more pleasant for me than all my favorite songs put together.
  15. When I see you, my heart is ready to jump out because of your beautiful smile (beautiful face).

Compliments to a girl in SMS correspondence

Don’t know what nice words to write to a pen girlfriend? Then we recommend reading examples of such compliments. Choose one of the compliments and send it to her.

  1. I am 100% sure that my life would have no meaning without you.
  2. Do you know why I am considered a happy person? Because I have an understanding girl, kind and devoted.
  3. I consider myself the luckiest man. I was lucky to meet such a charming and attractive woman. (Find out what men think about female attractiveness ).
  4. I really appreciate your amazing ability to make me forget about my problems when we are together.
  5. I never dreamed of such a woman. My dreams were nothing compared to reality.
  6. You understand me so well, it’s like you can read my mind.
  7. Just chatting with a smart, intelligent girl already brings me unforgettable moments of joy.
  8. You are a great conversationalist. When I communicate with you, I don’t even notice how time flies.
  9. The smile on your face looks so cute when you laugh.
  10. Your smile is the most beautiful I have ever seen.
  11. I have never met a woman who was as caring as you.
  12. I really want to make you laugh all the time. When you laugh, my heart skips a beat with joy.
  13. After seeing you, I feel an inexplicable desire to impress you in order to keep you forever. (We advise you to read 10 tips on how a guy will like a girl ).
  14. Marrying you was the best decision of my life.
  15. Your lips are so full and juicy, they look so seductive.

100 compliments to a girl, a friend of life

For convenience, this list of 100 compliments is divided into different categories. Read them all and choose the best, most beautiful ones for your beloved girl. Let her feel special.

Compliments about her beauty

Any woman will blossom when she hears how beautiful she is. Therefore, tell the girl beautiful compliments about her appearance, beauty and that she is admirable. So your relationship will become stronger, and the girl happier.

  1. You look prettier than the picture.
  2. How do you manage to always be on top and look so beautiful? (For inspiration, read beautiful quotes about the beauty of a woman that will help you find nice words for your beloved).
  3. My eyes see how beautiful you look. But my heart feels how beautiful you are inside.
  4. If being beautiful is considered a crime, then you will be declared guilty.
  5. There is no such word in the dictionary that can convey the beauty of your face.
  6. Even a thousand artists are unlikely to be able to create a work of art that surpasses the full depth of your feminine beauty.
  7. My eyes darkened from the bright light of your beauty.
  8. I’m not drunk, just drunk on your beauty.
  9. Perfectionists need to look at your beauty to be inspired.
  10. Do you know what your specialty is? Even as you get older, you don’t lose your beauty. She becomes special, feminine.
  11. Thanks to your unusual beauty, I feel on top of the world.
  12. No camera can capture your beauty. A photo will convey only a cute appearance, but your inner beauty is beyond any admiration.
  13. Looking at your beauty, it’s even hard for me to imagine what a perfect woman was like in paradise.
  14. You know, looking at you, I realized what love and beauty mean.
  15. How do you always manage to impress others with how cool you look?

Compliments to a girl about her beautiful eyes

Girls love getting compliments on their eyes. But what should be compliments to a girl about her eyes? Evaluate their features, for example, “I just noticed that your iris has a brown tint. It just looks amazing.” Eye color is usually: brown, blue, green.

Such a compliment shows how attentive the guy was to his interlocutor. Therefore, it is best to say such compliments when you are already familiar with her, moreover, speak simply, and not in memorized phrases. (Men also like nice words. We recommend reading 100 beautiful compliments to your beloved man , which he will definitely like).

  1. I don’t know what is more beautiful today: water, sky or your eyes.
  2. There is always so much warmth and tenderness in your eyes.
  3. No man can resist the beauty of your eyes and the strength of your gaze.
  4. I think that God created your eyes from the color of the transparent blue sky. (For a woman with blue eyes)
  5. No wonder the sky is gray today, all blue in your eyes.
  6. I need guidance because I got lost in your extraordinary eyes.
  7. I have never seen such beautiful green eyes and with so much light in them.
  8. Many have brown eyes, but yours are dearer to me, sweeter, more beautiful.
  9. Most men like the Olympic Games because they take place every 4 years, but meeting a girl with such eyes happens only once in a lifetime.
  10. Is there an airport nearby, or is it just my heart soaring at the sight of those eyes?
  11. Your blue eyes are like the ocean, and I am like a person drowning in it.
  12. I’m afraid that one day I’ll just go blind, because I can’t take my eyes off your brown eyes while you’re with me.
  13. Your eyes are so expressive and beautiful that I have no strength to take my eyes off them.
  14. You have such beautiful eyes that I’m afraid to drown in their beauty.
  15. The look in your eyes makes me forget where I was going and what I wanted to do.

In your own words in prose

  1. This dress accentuates your figure so amazingly.
  2. Talking to you is a pleasure. You always manage to keep the topic of any conversation going. (Girls will be interested to know what is best to talk about with a man who likes and is not indifferent to them).
  3. I can hardly take my eyes off your figure. Trust me, it’s perfect for me.
  4. I know that this work (task) was very difficult for you, but I was impressed by the way you coped with it.
  5. How did you manage to cook this dish so perfectly (tasty, amazing)? Keep up the good work.
  6. This color of the dress matches the color of your eyes amazingly.
  7. Most of all I appreciate your willingness to support me, even if you do not always like my ideas and decisions.
  8. This style of clothing so clearly (excellent, good) emphasizes your figure.
  9. I love listening to you say “darling, dear” to me.
  10. I would rather not live than live without your love.
  11. Do you know what I like most about you? Your intellect, the ability to understand a man, as well as the ability to maintain and conduct a pleasant conversation.
  12. You make me feel like I can touch the sky. Never thought it could be so good.
  13. How do you manage to be so caring, loving, selfless and energetic at the same time?
  14. I love falling asleep in your arms and waking up next to you. It makes my day better.
  15. In this dress (skirt, outfit) you look much more feminine, more attractive than most of the women around us.

Short compliments to a girl

  1. I like your ability to always look stylish.
  2. I’m lucky that life has brought us together.
  3. I always feel comfortable with you, but without you it’s lonely.
  4. I always lose my breath when I see you.
  5. You have excellent taste.
  6. Your smile warms my heart.
  7. I learn a lot from you every day.
  8. Your hair and hairstyle always look amazing.
  9. I like your positive charisma.
  10. In any case, you are always on top.
  11. How do you manage to surprise me all the time?
  12. Your positive attitude towards life is so contagious.
  13. Thanks to you, my life has become much more interesting.
  14. You are my dream come true.
  15. I like your haircut, it’s original.

Unusual compliments to a girl

  1. You are always beautiful, and when you smile, my life stops.
  2. Looking into your eyes is like looking through a telescope at the night sky.
  3. The world would be a much better place if most people were like you.
  4. Colors seem brighter when you’re around.
  5. Being around you is like a happy little vacation.
  6. You make time stop and fly at the same time.
  7. I didn’t know what happiness was until life brought us together.
  8. The day gets brighter and the sun shines brighter when you show up.
  9. My life was gray and boring, but thanks to you it was filled with bright colors.
  10. Actions speak louder than words, and your actions tell an incredible story.
  11. I was lucky to find a treasure that I have dreamed about all my life. I realized it when I saw you.
  12. You are like a ray of sunshine on a dreary day.
  13. You are special, not like everyone else, like extraterrestrial.
  14. I like that you are not a “dummy” (stupid) girl, but on the contrary, you know your worth.
  15. You are the reason why I am still alive. Thanks to you, I have a reason to enjoy life.

Complimenting a girl on a photo to make her like it

  1. I think it’s the best one I’ve seen so far.
  2. Flawless, outstanding, eccentric beauty.
  3. I think this is your best image, you look great in this outfit (suit).
  4. I can’t get enough of your natural beauty.
  5. I’m sure many women would give a lot of money to make their lips look as luscious as yours.
  6. The most amazing thing I’ve seen today.
  7. Your eyes in the photo are so expressive that I feel like you are looking through my soul.
  8. I look at your picture and just can’t stop thinking about you.
  9. With your eyes and such a smile, you are the cutest girl in town.
  10. I can’t remember the last time I saw a girl glow from the inside like you.
  11. You need to take such amazing photos of yourself more often. You have something to show!
  12. Fun and more than pretty! Fascinating. A beautiful girl with a beautiful smile.
  13. It’s like a skin care ad. You are glowing from within.
  14. An absolute example of impeccable beauty. The shape of your body, your lips, your eyes, everything is in sync.
  15. Haven’t I seen you on the cover of Vogue? Stay always so beautiful.

Funny compliments to a girl

  1. You are the main cause of my global warming.
  2. I really hope you know how to do CPR, because I took my breath away when I saw you.
  3. To be honest, you have really good taste in guys (i.e. me).
  4. I treasure you more than all the books in the library.
  5. I’m sorry, I think I dropped my jaw at the sight of you.
  6. The people who raised you deserve a medal for a job well done.
  7. I would like you to see yourself the way I see you, but then you would probably look at yourself all day and smile.
  8. If I was given a dollar for every beautiful girl I’ve ever seen and she was as gorgeous as you, then I’d already have $1.
  9. I would become a cat to spend nine lives with you.
  10. If love is food for the soul, then I have no choice but to get fat.

Tender words to a girlfriend

Compliments are the best way to express your love, appreciation and admiration to your beloved girl. But in order to master this art, compliments must match the qualities and characteristics of the girl. Consider examples of such compliments.

  1. I love your freckles so much. They look so cute on you.
  2. Only with you I can be real, without pretense.
  3. I learned from you patience, calmness, modesty.
  4. You have such invitingly beautiful hair. They want to be constantly stroked, sorted out in their hands.
  5. Your cooking skills remind me of my mother. And in the preparation of some dishes you even managed to surpass her.
  6. I’m fascinated by your romantic makeup.
  7. How do you manage to have such beautiful hair to look so wonderful?
  8. When we communicate with you, time ceases to exist for me. (Read 7 tips on how to properly communicate with a girl ).
  9. Your creativity and artistic ability amaze me.
  10. When I think about your smile, I get pleasant goosebumps.
  11. You have such delicate fingers. When you touch me, they take away any pain.
  12. The only difference between exceptional and amazing is the kindness that comes from you.
  13. Thanks to your character, I become a better person than I was before.
  14. I am completely disarmed by your wit.
  15. You have an amazing sense of humor.

Funny compliments for a girl you like

To really impress a girl, tell her original and funny compliments. Consider a list of such original words for a girl.

  1. I’m lucky you don’t have a price tag, otherwise I could never save the money to have you.
  2. My breath is synonymous with love for you, and love for you will fade away only when I stop breathing.
  3. How did you manage to steal my heart?
  4. I was so captivated by your beauty that I hit the wall. Now you have to take out insurance.
  5. Your lips are like a magnet for me, to which I am strongly drawn.
  6. Someone should call the police because you stole my heart.
  7. Forgive me if I’m stuck. It’s not a virus, I was just struck by your beautiful face.
  8. I have never been able to speak a foreign language. But when I see you, my voice makes strange sounds that I don’t understand, like I’m a foreigner.
  9. On a scale of 1 to 10, you are an 11.
  10. If the stars would fall every time I remember your smile, then the sky would soon become empty.
  11. If you were tears in my eyes, I would stop crying, for fear of losing even a small part of you.
  12. Your beautiful, alluring lips make my heart beat faster.
  13. Even tulips in the garden or roses in the park cannot be more beautiful than your lips and better than tender words.
  14. Your love for me is like waves in the sea: sometimes calm, sometimes stormy, but, most importantly, it exists.
  15. Your smile gives confidence that I can make things impossible for me possible.

What is important to remember when giving compliments

  1. We must remember to be sincere. Seeing the sincerity in your eyes, the girl will appreciate the compliment. Insincerity is annoying, makes you feel uncomfortable. Therefore, only compliment when you feel like giving them.
  2. Compliments to a girl are best done when she least expects them. Be honest, speak with feeling, a sincere smile on your face. In order not to give the impression of flattery or insincerity, it is important not to overuse compliments. In everything, the measure must be observed.
  3. Be careful with your words so that the compliment does not turn into a judgmental comment. It is important to weigh your words and speak them with the most appropriate intonation.
  4. If a compliment offends a woman in any way, you should immediately apologize. Tell her you didn’t mean to offend or upset her.
  5. Different girls like to hear different things from men. Some like it when men talk about female beauty, voice. While others are brought to tears by admiration for their femininity, virtues, or the fact that she is the best wife. So that the words spoken do not cause distrust, avoid constantly saying the same compliment.
  6. When talking to a girl or woman, short, typical compliments that all men use. then it won’t separate you from other men. So try to surprise your loved one. Say something unusual that can touch a woman’s heart. Stand taller than others in her eyes.
  7. Avoid making compliments of a sexual nature or with hidden connotations, especially when you first meet. For example, “you look so sexy or your breasts fascinated me.” These words are suitable for married couples, but it is not certain that the girl you recently met will like them.


There are only three things women need most: food, water and compliments. Not only are they a good way to get someone’s attention, but they’re also the easiest way to make someone feel good.

You have read examples of compliments and pleasant words for a girl about her beauty, eyes, appearance and qualities. We tried to show you that a girl needs to say “not hackneyed” compliments, but to come up with something unusual, original. Something that sets her apart from the rest of the women around her.

It’s good when you can appreciate her physical merits, but even better – to evaluate the female intellect, qualities, character. Girls love such compliments just as much as men.

That was theory, now you need practice. Come up with your beautiful compliments to the girl and praise her when you meet. And in the comments, tell me if she was flattered to hear these words?