Bachelorette party games: 19 unforgettable ideas for fun

Games for bachelorette party: what can not be missing at the bachelorette party are games for the bride to have fun with her friends. A bachelorette party is a party organized by friends before the bride begins married life.

For that day to be a total success, you have to let your imagination fly and plan unique things. Here we have some ideas for putting together a surprising send-off.

Game  Hen:  dynamic and fun  

1)  Wedding dress with paper 

This is one of the favorite hen party games. The idea is to create a wedding dress using only rolls of toilet paper or newspaper. For this, the guests are divided into two or more groups and a time limit is set, around 5 minutes. Each group must dress one of its members who will then parade the garment that has been created. Once the game is over, the bride must choose the winning dress. It can also be easier to make a mini dress out of paper.

2) Bachelorette party game ideas: say it with mimicry

This game is ideal for those who love to stand up or who like to act. Write the names of romantic movies on papers located inside a basket. Divide the participants into two groups. Have one of them select a role and go to the front of the group to act out the movie that they played or the phrase chosen at random. The opposing group guesses which movie it is and scores points.

The version with pictures of this game can be found in the famous game  Pictionary. With the classic Pictionary drawing game you can turn your bachelorette party into a fun night out, you don’t need to be an artist. To get inspiration and add romantic ideas to the event, we invite you to visit our entry: love phrases from movies

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3) Bachelorette party games: guess the words

The friends make a list of words related to the marriage. Alliances, bouquet and wedding dress. They write them by making a list and change the order of the letters.

They are divided into groups and the participants have to guess them and write the scrambled letters in order. For example, in the list you can see “lsiaansaz” and the winning word would be alliances. The group that completes the list in the shortest time wins a prize. This contest is one of the most entertaining for intellectual women.

Another option is to put the word together on the table or have the friends hold a letter in front of them so that the requested word is read correctly. 

bachelorette party games

In the style of putting the tail on the donkey, each contestant should be bandaged and given a couple of turns to make her dizzy. But instead of placing a tail, the game consists of kissing a giant poster of the bride’s favorite celebrity on the mouth.

The way to achieve this is to have a super strong red lipstick prepared that everyone must put on before going to kiss. I also advise that the poster material be white so that the lip prints are marked.

5) More urban girlfriend Where do girls elope?

Clothing sets are becoming more and more popular. Make the bride fulfill some garments that she must select from a bag to make her have an uncomfortable time and see if she cheers up. It could be that the friends are giggling as the costumed bride stops a bus and offers to clean it up.

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6) Fun games for bachelorette party

The path to the altar is full of decisions to be made, that is why the friends must make our friend’s bachelorette party an unforgettable moment.

If the bride likes dancing, the ideal is to bring her a professional dancer as a surprise on the day of the farewell.

funny Games

7) Dynamic games for bachelorette party

Arming a football match with the future bride on her bachelorette party. Choose the players in her inner circle to accompany her lovingly on those last stressful days before the wedding event.

bachelorette party games

8) Funny games for bachelorette parties

Organizing something special for the bridal shower takes time. It is recommended to do this celebration between a month and up to a week before the wedding.

To break the ice there are some games such as carrying a hot cucumber between the legs or passing an orange around the neck trying not to fall.

They can also create funny nicknames among the participants that must be guessed. These games are adapted for both salon activities or for an outdoor stag party. 

funny bachelorette party games

9) Outdoor bachelorette party games: don’t let the brooch fall off

The games for the bachelorette parties is a show of affection from the friends towards the bride. This game is great for the outdoors. Hold an object that does not fall with your legs and travel a distance to the finish line. This can be a brooch, ladle or kitchen utensils as well as a cloth. It’s in the style of the bagging race.

It is one of the activities, challenges and diversions that the bridesmaids prepare for the bride, while she does not even imagine it.

bachelorette party games

For the friends who organize the farewell: read our post organize a farewell

10) What’s in the bride’s purse?

Each guest should list on a sheet 5 items that she thinks the bride may have in her portfolio at that time. Then the bride must open her purse, backpack or purse and show what she has. The contest is that the winner is the one who has guessed the most elements.

11) Original bachelorette party games: prepare the bride

This is a game in which each friend must blindfold herself while the others will be her guide. Then, blindfolded, paint the bride’s lips while her groupmates give her directions. The girl who best painted the bride will be the winner.

Also daring friends to recreate the moment put other things  like curlers, light, high heels, lace underwear, false nails, wigs and mini skirt. 

bachelorette party games

12) Bachelorette party: photobooth game

What is the photobooth? Photobooth is a photo booth. Today with the fashion of selfies, being able to take group photos is more entertaining. On this occasion the friends assemble props with cardboard to take photos of themselves inside or outside the booth and upload them to the internet.

bachelorette party games

The idea of ​​this game is to have a creative contest and have everyone laugh and joke with the bride at her pre-wedding bachelorette party. 

13) Bachelorette party games: photocall

What is the photocall? The photocall was created to decorate corporate events. It is a panel that includes brands and sponsors in the case of cinema or the presentation of new products. For the event of a bachelor party the panel includes

  • The name of the bride and groom
  • The wedding date
  • Phrases and words of love
  • Allusive drawings

Separate the friends during the bachelorette party into two or three groups. Each side will receive an award for developing the most striking ideas such as decorating the photocall. Each team has a basket where they collect their points by team.

14) Bachelorette party activities

Classes are always activities that involve friends during the bachelorette party. They can be Yoga, self-help, spinning or “rent a chef”. Share new recipes and culinary experiences in the latter case. You must find a good cook and reserve the day in advance.


15) Games to do at a bachelorette party

The adventure in this world of emotions is sure to please the bride. Move the event to a place where you can make a balloon circuit and admire the landscape with the bride with her friends on the day of her bachelorette party.

bachelorette party game

16) Choose the most creative hashtag:

The purpose of this game is to group the photos of the friends during the bachelorette party. It is the opportunity to encourage creativity during the event.

Think of some characteristic that distinguishes the future wife and that is fun for her. It is a way of interaction between the participants and breaking the ice.

17) 2022 bachelorette party games

Something special is hiring a trip together to a fun destination. It can be a boat or limousine transfer as part of the celebration. Go to a dream place or perform a ceremony in the square or fifth with a pool.

18) Questions for a bachelorette party

These are some of the questions they can ask the bride to find out how much she knows about him.

At what point did you tell your boyfriend for the first time that you loved him?

What is it that attracts you the most to her boyfriend?

What things does she do that bothers him? 

What is your favorite food?

What is your favorite drink?

Write the answers on a board and pass these questions to when the groom is said goodbye. See if they agree on the answers. Spice up a friend’s bachelorette party to see if she knows her boyfriend well. 

19) Bachelorette party games: choose the best costume

This game is to keep friends competitive during the bachelorette party. Encourage groups to form and friends to dress up during the celebration.

Don’t forget to come up with a prize for the group with the best costume.

bachelorette party games
Photo: La Pineda Park 

Cakes for the party and a good decoration for the car of the bride and groom.

bachelorette party games