Avant Garde Poems

Avant-garde poems emerged as a way of escaping from traditional ways of making poetry, adopting a freer style that incorporated sounds and images that evoked impossible situations, such as dream landscapes or nightmares, temporal planes, and other aspects that we do not usually see in any way. conventional poems. Despite this, they are a good option to express yourself without restrictions and explore new forms of creativity.

Today we will share with you some 100% original avant-garde poems that you can use to impress your friends or inspire you to create your own. Once you read them you will realize that this current is very interesting to create beautiful poetry.

Night tears

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The salt of my tears is confused in the warm mantle of the night

I dreamed that you were by my side when the silence of the stars emerged

in the middle of a lush forest like the sunset

opening the doors of my deepest feeling

flooding my eyes with the bitterness of your memory.

Garden flowers turn red when midnight falls

the sun has gone down because it hates every one of my laments

the lights of the sky fell on me when your absence hurt me the most

and the reflection of your shadow etched red hot on my skin

on each plain of the geography of my body.

I dreamed that wings grew on my back

and they took me to the confines of a parallel world

where time stopped and you told me that you needed me

but the need is a concept that for you lost meaning

and for me, it was the loss of reason.

Nightly tears that not today is nothing more than the proof of your abandonment

the cold of winter runs through my veins and extinguishes the heat of my lips

like in a dream you come back to me once more

but I realize that the dawn is approaching, illuminating my loneliness once more

marking the infinite beginning of my anguish.

Ice swords

The ice swords are approaching

ready to download the accurate blow off the Aurora Borealis

that will illuminate each of my misadventures!

Do not commit the fault if you are not willing to pay the price

every mistake always has its fault and its penance

that’s something that I forced myself to discover over time.

The wolves tore my flesh as I wandered in the middle of the road

thorns dug softly against the soles of my feet

the clouds darkened the sky that covered my hopes.

The ice swords are closer

threaten to sink in the middle of the wasteland of my heart

they are just as devastating as when they clip the wings of spring!

I once wondered what my destiny would be

if I decided to face the consequence of my sins

putting aside fear and assuming the piece of misery that touched me.

Today I know and secretly rejoiced in my misery

the hours will be my best allies to reach the end

but not to help me find the answers I need.

The ice swords have cut the horizon

I can already hear the furious roar of his attack from here

and this time I’ll wait for them along with my punishment!

Nothing takes the spring

There’s nothing I can regret

while he watched as the color of the flowers began to fade

but deep inside I have the security

that my passion will triumph when the snow comes to carry away the song of the birds.

Look how she is willing to leave

he does not look back because he knows what awaits him

is the most eternal dilemma we have in the world

that time and time again it is freed from its permanence.

The last traces of the wisps of freshness are coming

that once decorated the meadows of your eyes

today we have to accept that spring takes nothing

Then you or I can condemn ourselves

Dream of a sunrise

Before getting up I dreamed of emptiness

darkness flooded every corner of my home

and I paled in the presence of intruding elements

that flickered briefly and then hid again

behind a veil of infinite blackness.

Then I looked out over the fields and the plains

that day after day they looked back at me with the green of their presence

but these, on the other hand, did not know me

as if they could not see anything but the dark cloak that surrounded them

 and again I shrunk in the most absolute loneliness.

The nightmare became more terrible when between the clouds

the clear glow of a pale-faced man appeared

who stared at me with ghoulish glee

He silently indicated that I was in his domain

and I was looking in vain for a door through which to escape.

Woke up deranged after running through mazes of smoke and stars

I could see with relief a scarlet-tinged sky haunting my ascent

and I was able to advance amid vapors painted pink, purple, and orange

while telling myself that it was just a dream

In which I would never sink again.

Ocean reflections

I was lucky to have an old fishing rod

I rode in the foam of a wave that galloped to meet me

and I let it take me beyond the shore

to the aquatic center from where all the currents emerge.

I attached a silver stele to the end of the line as a hook

and I threw it until it touched the deepest of the seven seas

sliding it in the middle of coral reefs

and monsters that perhaps eagerly awaited my downfall.

The raging waters warned me of the minutes I had left

before they could absorb me

and end my life in the middle of a sigh

when perhaps the creatures of the underwater world took in my remains.

But I wanted to anticipate an accident of my destiny

and I pulled my rod with the force that my yearning gave me

I got ocean reflections that I keep inside a glass jar

As I made the waves bring me back to dry land.

The sea had lost its opportunity to take me to its deepest abysses

and I had won until I could distinguish

that little opening that separates the passage from imagination to reality

knowing myself impenetrable before the separation between both worlds.

Today comes the time when sometimes you observed the sparkles that I have stored in that jar

the ocean gives me back a small part of its eyes from the inside

and I lost myself in the immensity of its reflection contained in a corner of my room

until the day comes when I inevitably become part of it.

What do you think about avant-garde poems? Many of them can be strange, as well as beautiful. We would love to read your comment, while you continue to enjoy all the material we have for you, so don’t forget to give us your opinions.

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