Autumn Fall Wedding Ideas

Taking advantage of the beautiful autumn days, more and more couples are choosing an autumn fall wedding ideas. There are several advantages to this: the availability of providers and reception venues out of season, an increasingly widespread summer offering sunny days. For those who love the shimmering colors of early fall, the choice of this theme is obvious. You can also choose this wedding theme even if your wedding does not take place in the fall. To help you prepare for your wedding, here are some ideas on this theme.

Fall wedding: share it

What characterizes autumn the most is undoubtedly the color of the leaves of the trees. In this idea, it is quite naturally that the leaf imposes itself as the common thread of the creation of an invitation. It will be available in all materials but also with several techniques. Here is an inventory of ideas to enhance your invitation.

Cutting : You can use the contours of a sheet that you will cut to give an autumnal touch to your invitation. You will be able to cut out 2 or 3 sheets of different colors and tie them around your invitation with raffia or a bakers twine cord. For more simplicity you can use a hole punch with an autumn leaf pattern. 

Hot embossing : So you can decorate your invitation with a simple leaf drawing made with a stamp. Give it more relief by hot embossing it with golden powder like this invitation surrounded by a large ribbon decorated with a square with the design of a leaf. 

The printed paper : to give a natural touch to your share, you can use printed paper in wood pattern or vegetable fiber on which print you or to use to make a pocket to your invitation.


Autumn Fall Wedding Ideas

Vegetable ornaments : And why not real leaves to adorn your invitation? you can use skeleton leaves to decorate your blanket. These are ultra thin leaves showing the veins. Glue them on a colored square and glue a mini self-adhesive bead on top for an elegant touch. You can also use artificial tree leaves to slip under a raffia ribbon, a cute way to announce the theme of your wedding.

Brooch or Pin : Hang a mini leaf brooch to create an elegant invitation. Like this cardboard surrounded by a large brown ribbon crossing and tied with a brooch.

The fabric pouch: The originality of an invitation sometimes resides in its envelope as evidenced by this invitation presented in a fabric pouch. If you have sewing skills, you will be able to make this creation. Choose fabrics printed in autumn colors or materials evoking autumn (felt, wool, velvet). 

The invitation box : If you want to surprise your guests, dare a 3D invitation presented in a box. You can then add original objects to give a taste of the wedding theme. To illustrate our point, here is a brown box where there is a piece of wood where a tree leaf is hung with a ribbon.

Sewing: As on this invitation from Isabella, you can sew your small cut leaves on the invitation. Play with colors and shapes for a harmonious result.

Herbarium : If you like walks in the forest, you can pick up various tree leaves during your walk. Keep them flat and let them dry. Create a different invitation for each guest by sticking a unique tree leaf for each invitation. Our advice: use mulberry paper to support the leaf which will accentuate the natural side. You can glue the leaves and decorate them with glitter.

Cold embossing : This technique consists in giving relief to the paper by the embossing method. You can use embossing stencils to make patterns on autumn (leaves, mushrooms …). Cut out your designs and use them as an ornament on your invitation. You will be able to discover these 2 white sheets on a red pocket cut out in wave.

The relief fabric card:  find fabric printed with the pattern of tree leaves that will serve as a pattern for your invitation. It is a matter of cutting them out and gluing their edge to be able to glitter them. This will create leaves that will serve as an ornament for your blanket.

Autumn Fall Wedding Ideas

The sisal pouch : the sisal fiber leaves will be ideal for an autumn wedding. You can use them to create a pocket or a base for you. Cut it out and fold it to form a pocket containing your invitation card. Close with a ribbon and you’re done!

The imprint : To adorn your invitation, you can use imprints of leaves. Dip your sheet into the paint and mark the imprint on the invitation. You can use skeleton leaves to reveal the veins of the leaf. 

The cork stopper : autumn is also harvest time. Wink at this time of year, you can use a cork as an ornament. It will slip into a box. Secure the stopper around the invitation card with string.

Fall wedding: the place card

To celebrate fall, the tree leaf will emerge as the common thread of your decoration. It will be available as a table decoration with place cards in the form of sheets of paper lace. You will find it in the form of easel cardboard in the form of leaves to put on the table but also in the form of cardboard boxes that hang on the edge of the glass. You can also make them yourself using leaf-shaped templates. 

In a more elaborate version, these name badges in gold metal adorned with orange rhinestones will make exceptional place cards. You will also find it in the form of a candle holder. Both a placeholder and a gift, this leaf motif candle holder will undoubtedly seduce your guests. 

If you like simplicity, these hijacked tree leaves in place mark will seduce you. You just have to write the first name of your guest on the sheet with a lacquer pen. Take a detour to the Oncewed site for explanations. These metal name badges topped with a maple leaf motif will perfectly illustrate your wedding theme. In another version, we offer you these name badges with colored resin leaves that will easily blend into your theme.

Other plants can symbolize autumn, such as the apple or the pear. For example, you can attach leaf-shaped labels to apples with a Parisian clip. These gourmet name badges will amuse young and old. You can also use ears of wheat tied with a ribbon to highlight the name card.

Nature will be a source of inspiration, as evidenced by these easel cartoons with the drawing of tree leaves, worthy of the sketches of naturalists. We will also underline the delicacy of these place markers showing the silhouette of tree branches. You can incorporate in the intertwining of these branches your boxes with the first name of the guests. The paper branches are held by metal place markers in the shape of tree leaves allowing the card to be inserted

The fruits and vegetables of the fall can be mobilized to serve as a door name. So a mini pumpkin to be used as a support once repainted with silver or gold paint. Then you just have to make an incision in the tail of the pumpkin to slip a card with the first name of your guest. You can also write the first name directly on the pumpkin with a lacquer pen.

The acorn can create an original place mark, you can make an incision in its shell to slip a cardboard name. Their shape can also inspire the silhouette of a place brand. Fairyfolk thus recovers the acorn roosters to create original place cards that she garnishes with wool and to which she attaches a ribbon with a leaf.

Wood will be the right material for an autumn theme. You can use it in various ways. Make wooden logs on which you will write the names of your guests on the inside. You can even burn the first name on the wood. The slice of wood can also be used to serve as a card holder. Create an incision with a saw and slide the cardboard with the first name of your guest into it. 

Also consider the pine cone to serve as a support for your name tag. Place the cardboard between the thorns of the apple. This inexpensive decoration will make your decoration more natural and original.

You can also make small bundles of wood , tied with a ribbon to which you will hang the cardboard with the first name. Another idea: tie the bundle with two ribbons located at each end. Then slide the cardboard between the pieces of wood. These wooden place cards will bring a natural touch to your table decoration. 

In a more elaborate version, this mini tree will be a remarkable name tag. To make it use a piece of wood that you will prick into a small pot. Make a ball of foam that you will attach to the top of the piece of wood. You can also use this mini name tree. 

If you find the wood too rustic, you can use imitation wood paper to make easel boards. Like this creation signed Martha Stewart, you can add a few sheets to embellish the presentation. 

Autumn is also the harvest season. A nod to reason and wine, you can use cork stoppers to make your name badges. Make an incision in the cap to secure your cardboard. You can also use a resin cap for a more noble version. The flowers of autumn inspired us this place mark representing an aster. Made with non-woven tulle and pearls, this refined name tag will recall the fibrous aspect of plants. 

Also fall for this place mark frame inspired by tree branches. This original placeholder can also serve as a gift for guests, which they can reuse as a photo frame.

Fall wedding: the menu 

At the bend of a walk in the forest let yourself be inspired to create your wedding menus. Sometimes a simple detail will suffice to bring a touch of originality to your presentation. This is how this simple cardboard box where the menu is written gains all its elegance, presented in a napkin folded pocket. The little extra: a twig of an autumn flower or a seasonal berry slipped into the fold of the napkin.

The faux wood imitation paper will once again be a perfect support for your wedding menus. You can simply print your menu on a printed paper card. For a more artisanal touch, you can write directly on the sheet with a white pencil. Another idea: make a tealight menu with imitation wood paper that will create the impression of a tree trunk as a table decoration. Print your menu on the sheet and wrap it around a glass candle holder. On each edge of the sheet where the ends of the tube meet, punch small holes. Then slip a ribbon or raffia in these holes to lace and close the candle holder.

Also consider using seasonal fruits and vegetables that can serve as a menu holder. With this in mind, this pumpkin in which we have pricked a sculpted metallic thread turns out to be a seasonal card holder. You can do it with other plants: colocynth, zucchini, pumpkin, mushroom.

You can also use seasonal fruits such as acorns or nuts to decorate your name tag. Stick a few hazelnuts on the base of your name tag to give it an autumnal aspect. Give relief to your decoration by using real wooden logs. You can, for example, transform it into a card holder. To do this, make an incision with a saw across the width of the log and insert your menu card. For a more refined result, you can opt for a menu engraved on a slice. One way to place the D-Day menu in eternity. 

If you are a lover of recycling, you will be seduced by this idea which consists of recovering wooden boards to write the menu. This very rustic presentation will add character to your wedding decoration. Write down your menu with paint using a stencil.

We will also appreciate the elegance of this vintage slate table which will give a friendly touch to your meal. It will also be a nod to school, autumn being of course the back-to-school period.

For couples who love good wine, cork stoppers can be used to create a menu holder. You can simply slit the cap horizontally and slide the menu card into it. If you have a larger menu card, we recommend that you use several corks. For example, group together 5 stoppers that you will tie together using a ribbon. This will create a plinth, and you can slide your menu card between the bottle caps.

Nature can also simply inspire you in its shapes and colors. This is how we imagined this menu taking the shape of a non-woven maple leaf onto which we sewed the menu card. 

Give your menu the look of a herbarium with tree leaves glued to its cover. Natural history drawings and sketches will find their place on a map of plant inspiration. You can even use fake tree leaves that you attach to your menu card with a piece of raffia.

Other stationery techniques can be used to enhance your menu. The fan technique will be adequate for a menu inspired by autumn. As a decorative feather, make several cardboard boxes in the shape of leaves, write a dish on each leaf. Punch the corner of each sheet with a hole punch. Then assemble these sheets together with a ribbon or a Parisian tie.

How about a pumpkin-shaped menu? In this Halloween season, this squash will find its place on your table. Using a scrapbooking technique, you can make a raised pumpkin. Cut out several circles resembling a pumpkin. Each circle must be identical. Write a dish on each circle. Fold each circle in half. Then glue each circle back to back to form the pumpkin. Add a cardboard rod and you’re done!

Fall wedding: the guest book

Satin fabrics and velvets will be perfect for illustrating an autumn theme, as these guest books with refined covers testify. The brown, green and ocher tones will recall the colors of autumn. So you can opt for a chocolate satin guest book. We will also fall for this green satin book adorned with a rhinestone brooch whose colors will perfectly match an autumn theme. To illustrate your theme a brooch in the shape of a tree leaf will be a daring nod to your wedding theme, like a guest book with a golden brooch.

You can cover an album with a cover decorated with leaves to create your wedding guest book. These albums of exotic inspiration at the base will find their place on an autumn theme thanks to the leaves stuck on the cover. 

You can also favor the inside of the book by decorating the pages with envelopes, drawings, tree leaves as in this example of Ornamesleft inspired by scrapbooking. Your guests will then take pleasure in writing their little note in these unusual pages.

To give style to your guestbook, you can opt for a wooden cover. What could be more appropriate than wood to symbolize autumn. Lazy lighting art offers you this very original guest book with an engraved wooden cover. A nice souvenir book to keep after the wedding … 

With this in mind, an engraved wooden log can be an original support for your guestbook. Have your initials engraved in the center and invite your guests to sign with an indelible marker all around. The fingerprint tree will also easily blend into a fall theme. This is a tree silhouette drawn on a frame. Rubber stamps and a pen are available to guests. The principle is that the guests put their fingerprints on the board after placing their finger on the ink pad. They can then sign above their imprint. As the evening progresses, the tree will fill up, the fingerprints acting as tree leaves.

Here is a nice nod to school with this guest book in the form of a table. Your guests will be able to give free rein to their imagination with this blackboard on which they can write with chalk. They will go back to the time of their childhood for a wedding evoking the start of the new school year.

A guest book in the form of a pumpkin ? Using scrapbooking techniques you will be able to create an embossed book depicting a pumpkin. The directory will prove to be a nice idea to liven up the guestbook. Your guests will have to go to the directory to the letter of their last name and write you a short message. Presented in a wooden box, this type of book can then be easily stored. 

If autumn is also the harvest season, it inspired this guestbook in the form of a bottle of wine . With a special glass pen, your guests can write their note directly on the bottle. Choose bottles whose wine improves over time. You can then enjoy them on your wedding anniversary by rereading the words of your guests.

Autumn Fall Wedding Ideas

This guest book in the form of a maple leaf book will surprise your guests. Nicely decorated with scrapbooking supplies (ribbon, Parisian tie, patterned paper) … It will make a unique guest book for your wedding. Also consider using leaves or other fall ornaments (walnut shell, fland) to decorate your blanket. This red guestbook provides us with a perfect example with its cover decorated with a square opening highlighting different elements.

Bring a rustic touch to your wedding by using a pumpkin as a stand for your guestbook. Using an indelible pen, your guests will be able to sign directly on this unusual medium. The patchwork will also be an original idea for your guest book. Invite each guest to write their message in a square of fabric, you can then assemble the squares to form a blanket.

Here is an idea of ​​original support: the wooden letter . Invite your guests to write their message in pen on the side of the letter. This pretty letter will find its place in decoration in your interior after the ceremony. You can even use several letters. The idea of ​​the calendar will also be an interesting alternative. The principle is to ask the guests to write their birthday on the calendar. It is also a way of bringing conviviality, the guests exchanging precisely on their respective dates of birth.

To make the guestbook exercise more fun, you can provide boxes cut out in the shape of different tree leaves. Your guests can write their little note and pin them on a cone covered with twig. You can also use a potted wish tree. Your guests will then dress the tree with leaves according to the day. 

Autumn Fall Wedding Ideas

If you are a wine lover, you will be won over by this guestbook idea of ​​hijacking wine bottles . Present empty wine bottles. Your guests will be able to slip in their messages written on rolled papers. We will also highlight the originality of this barrel transformed for the occasion into a signature support. A strong tribute to the world of vines that will seduce your guests. Also consider using corks as a support to collect messages from your guests. Each guest will write a wish on a cork and place it in a vase.

With the approach of autumn, board games and other indoor leisure activities regain their letters of nobility. With this in mind, we are offering you this guestbook in the form of a puzzle. Each guest can write their message on the back of the puzzle piece and place it on the board. 

Autumn Fall Wedding Ideas

Fall wedding: the table plan / escort cards

Small reminder for neophytes; the seating plan is a representation of the placement of your guests at the table. It is often a sign on which is written the list of guests at each table. The placard per table can then be presented in different ways. The escort card, on the other hand, is personal. It is a card on which is written the name of the guest and the number or name of the table where he is placed. C ach guest grabbed his escort card to get to the table where it is located. 

You will be able to choose simple easel boards with the motif of autumn as escort cards. So take care of the presentation in the arrangement of the cards. For example, choose a round table whose center you will decorate with a magnificent bouquet or a tree in the colors of autumn. You can also make an original composition like these stacked pumpkins decorated with flowers. 

And why not use pumpkins as escort cards? Tie the card with a ribbon or string to the tail of the pumpkin and invite each guest to take their pumpkin. Your guests will leave with this unusual gift.

We also offer this presentation flat. Place large ribbons on a table on which you will have placed escort cards in the shape of a tree leaf. Provide one ribbon per table. Then hang the name of the table on the end of the ribbon, letting it fall on the edge of the table. Little trick so that your ribbon does not move, poke needles in certain places between the ribbon and the tablecloth.

For a vintage touch, you can use frames with wire mesh (hutch door for example) to present your table signs. Then secure the signs with mini clothespins or tape on the fence. Decorated with some autumn ornaments (tree leaf, ivy, acorn …), this table plan will blend in perfectly with your wedding theme. 

You can also decorate the outline of your frame with a pine cone or cork stopper . Use a glue gun to place the pine cones on the frame. This will create an original frame that you can reuse as decoration. Sometimes a simple ornament is enough to make a table plan an original presentation, as evidenced by these tassels fixed on an easel board covered with burlap which brings all its originality to the table plan. A maple leaf-shaped escort card voila!

The wood is also a material of choice in the development of table plan. You can write the names of your guests on small slices of wood. Make a perforation and hang them with a string on a nail board. Your guests will appreciate this escort card that they will keep in memory of your wedding. You can also have your guest lists engraved on logs that you will display at the entrance to the room.

Another idea: use long logs that you cut lengthwise. Make several incisions on the rounded side in which you can place your escort cards. Each log will thus represent a table. These small frames imitating branches will find their place in your decoration on the theme of autumn. Slide each escort card into a frame and arrange them aligned on a table. 

The slate will nostalgically recall the school of our childhood. For an autumn theme, you can opt for a table plan presented on a chalk board. It will bring a vintage touch to the wedding decoration. It is natural that the idea of the tree is essential for your seating plan. Use a mini potted tree or manzanita branches. For example, you can hang your table signs on it. You can also make leaf-shaped escort cards that you hang on branches. Then plant the branches in a pot with artificial moss (Iceland).

If you have the soul of a handyman, you can make a wooden frame by assembling canisses or branches with cord. Create a grid on which you hang ribbons on which to hang name labels. A nod to the harvest season, you can use corks to present your escort cards. Give each table a wine name and arrange your corks in front of a bottle of wine from a famous vineyard. 

If fall is a period synonymous with indoor living, a table plan presented on a glass door will be very appropriate. Write the lists of your guests on the windows with a liquid pen, as in this presentation by Briar Carwell. Then present your glass door at the entrance to the room. You can also hang pictures of your guests on it. It will also be a nod to the identity photos at the start of the school year.

Also consider using apples as escort cards. You will be able to write the guest’s name and the table number directly on the apple. Another idea: make a label that you will prick with a Parisian tie in the apple. For a nice presentation, plan one basket per table and place the apples in the basket. You can even use artificial mini apples.

Fall wedding: the centerpiece

The first question for your table decoration is the choice of topping. We recommend shimmering fabrics such as satin or velvet for your table runner. You can even use a table runner imitating the bark of wood. Use a wood effect spatula to reproduce the effect on the fabric. Your table will be adorned with the colors of autumn with this customizable table runner with a tree leaf motif. You can place it at the wedding table. 

To adorn the centerpiece, the seasonal pumpkin will appear as an interesting support. You can dig it to make a candle holder by incorporating candles. You can also use it as a vase. Dig the inside of the pumpkin and arrange a bunch of flowers or branches. Decorate the rim with Icelandic moss. You can also create table candle holders with small pumpkins. Dig the inside and attach a tea light candle inside.

To decorate the centerpiece, you can also use rattan balls or rope balls that you will decorate with some seasonal flowers (dahlia, aster). Arrange in a tube vase or on a stemmed glass, they will do wonders for table decoration.

Seasonal plants will be an inexhaustible source of inspiration to decorate your table. So to bring an autumnal touch to your table candles you can surround them with tree leaves, artichoke heart leaves, corn cobs … Arrange them all around the candle and attach with a large ribbon. 

Another idea: you can make floral arrangements with different disparate elements. Pine cone, pumpkin, hazelnuts, logs, apples, acorn … will constitute a kind of pot pourri to be placed in wooden boxes with a large candle. Take care of your decoration down to the smallest detail with these personalized napkins adorned with a leaf motif. 

Here’s an easy-to-make centerpiece idea. Arrange branches in tube vases, high enough to give relief to your decoration. Fill the vase with colored sand. Hang small pumpkins from the branches for an autumn touch. Toast and table also offers you a leather napkin ring on which has been glued a cut out letter representing the first name of your guest.

On the occasion of a decoration in the fall, you can make decorative napkin rings. For example, you can glue acorns on a cardboard circle using a glue gun. 

Here is a chic and inexpensive idea. collect leaves from trees in the forest which will serve as decoration for your table. The little trick is to use transparent dishes and place the sheet under the plate. This will create a patterned plate inexpensively!

Do you like to surprise your guests? This idea of ​​transforming squash into vases will be a sensation on D-Day. To achieve it, it will be enough to pierce the center of the squash with a stem and cut one of the ends. Slip your flowers inside and you’re done! The main advantage of this idea is that it will be less expensive than classic vases. The downside is that you won’t be able to prepare your vases too far in advance. 

Add a forest touch to your wedding, by presenting table logs at the center of the table. You can use them as a base to showcase a candle accompanied by a few pine cones. You can stack different logs  that you cover with ivy to bring height to the centerpiece. 

Sometimes a few ingredients are enough for an astonishing result, as evidenced by these few pieces of wood tied with raffia around a bouquet that will make a surprising and so bucolic vase. 

How about pretty mushrooms at the center of the table? Under their polka-dot hats, these artificial mushrooms will make an exceptional centerpiece highlighted by pebbles of moss and artificial moss (Iceland moss). Arrange them in a stand and here is a centerpiece that will recall the undergrowth of the forests.

What could be more suitable as a table confetti than tree leaves. Using a decorative hole punch, you can make table confetti yourself. Choose colored papers or printed paper to give relief to your table decoration.

Bring a fresh touch to your table decoration with these oak shoots. Arrange in white jars they gain elegance to dress up your centerpiece. You can even give them as gifts to your guests and invite your guests to plant them in memory of your wedding. You can of course offer different varieties of trees: fir, maple, ash …

Your candle holders will take on the colors of autumn with these tree leaves arranged around the glass candle holder and fixed by a string. A simple idea to achieve that will have its effect on D-Day, especially once the candles are lit. We will also like these candles decorated with tree leaves. Incorporated in the wax, you can find this idea on Martha Stewart’s website. 

You can also decorate your candle holders with pine cones. Glue a ribbon all around the glass candle holder and glue the pine cone with a glue gun.

Apples will be the autumn fruit par excellence, these red or green fruits can inspire you in the decoration of your table. We offer you these apples which will serve as support for messages. Prick small dots in the flesh of the apple to form a letter. Make a letter on each and then recreate a word and why not the name of your table?

The apple can also be transformed into an unusual vase. Dig its interior and garnish with flowers and berries in autumn colors. you can then perch it on a tall vase to give it more relief. 

Fall wedding: the wedding urn

Both classic and practical, the box-shaped wedding urn will undoubtedly be the easiest solution to customize according to your decoration. Use different sized papier mache boxes that you stack. You can cover them with paper or fabric to decorate them. Use large ribbons and cut strass threads or self-adhesive beads that will highlight the contours of your boxes. Make a hole to slide the envelopes in on the top of the box or on the side.

At the initiative of Hands and Wonders, you will be able to divert a  hat box  into a wedding urn. Decorated in orange and chocolate color, this creation will blend perfectly into an autumn wedding theme.

 How about a  pumpkin as a wedding urn? Simple to achieve, this idea will appeal to DIY enthusiasts. Cut a circle under the underside of the pumpkin, which will allow you to remove the inside of the vegetable. In this way, we will not see the hole under the pumpkin once the urn is placed on the table. Make an incision in the top of the pumpkin to slip in guest gifts.

Consider hijacking objects to turn them into a wedding urn. So a  wooden chest  can be perfect for collecting your envelopes. You can even personalize the chest by sticking a sticker with the name of the bride and groom. Note that Nana Montana makes engraved chests in the design of your choice with the first names and the date of the bride and groom.

Autumn is also the harvest season. The  wine case  will be a nice nod at this time of year. Turn it into a box for your donations by pyrography for example the initials of the bride and groom in wood. If you are good at practical work, you will be able to make a pumpkin out of wicker stems. Your guests will just have to slip their envelopes between the rods.

A  basket  will be a perfect container to serve as a wedding urn. The little extra: hang a banner with the word cards or the first names of the bride and groom. Hang it at the handle for an original presentation.

If you are a wine lover, you will undoubtedly be seduced by this idea: make an urn with  cork stoppers . Use a medium such as papier-mâché boxes, cut the corks in half lengthwise and cover the box by gluing the pieces of corks together. This highly recycled initiative will result in an original and inexpensive wedding urn.

To stay in the theme of wine, we offer an urn in the form of a  barrel . A pretty wooden barrel will thus be able to collect your envelopes in all serenity. In a rustic version, this  glass jar  filled with moss has captured our full attention. For an autumn theme, a decoration of moss and leaves for the urn table will add a vegetal touch to your decoration. 

Once again, the birdcage can be converted back into a wedding piggy bank. Line its bottom with straw or moss and attach a  badge  to the first names of the bride and groom around the cage. Donations from your guests will go like envelopes in the mail with this personalized letterbox. Created by One hip chic sticker, this urn in the shape of an American letterbox will be illustrated in the colors of autumn with drawings of yellow and orange leaves.

The wedding urn  can also take the form of a  tree trunk. This creation imagined by Blue door events, will cause a sensation on D-Day. The top of the trunk has an incision to slip in donations. To complete the presentation, a large ribbon surrounds the trunk with a medallion with the first names of the bride and groom.

Diversion also found acclaim with this  birdhouse  for birds transformed for the occasion into piggy bank married. This idea can be adapted to others than autumn: spring, birds, the forest …

Fall wedding: table decoration

To transport your guests in autumn, bet on the patterns and elements representing this season: tree leaves, pumpkins, branches and other plants will be the allies of your decoration. Too often neglected the floor will also be a surface that you can decorate. Note in particular this giant personalized sticker to be placed on the dance floor or in the entrance. With these leaf patterns, this sticker will serve as a background for original photos where the guests will pose on the sticker. 

Also consider the carpet that can adorn the church or the entrance to your room. The must: the personalized carpet with your first names and the date of the D-day. Again, this carpet will serve as a decorative element for unforgettable photos and will give your guests the impression of being stars!

For the ceiling decoration, Martha Stewart imagined these paper lanterns transformed into a pumpkin. She added  tissue paper leaves and stems with green string to  orange paper lanterns. An idea that could also be suitable for a Halloween decoration …

The plants will really be the essential element for an autumn decoration, evidenced by these wreaths made with tree leaves. It was Martha Stewart who created these wreaths of leaves adorned with a green ribbon. You can use them in chair decoration but also on your doors or for the car of the bride and groom. You just need to prick your branches in an oasis foam crown.

Poppy petalsworks made these beautiful sprays of orange roses combining branches and moss. In a totally autumnal spirit, these floral arrangements are perfect for decorating church pews. We love this idea of ​​a forest that finds its place in the church. Shrubs with orange foliage have been placed along the path creating the impression of being in an undergrowth. 

Straw bales will be an inexpensive way to furnish your space. You can stack them and arrange them in the corners of the room to add a rustic touch to your decoration. Accompany them with lanterns, making sure that they do not catch fire.

The  pumpkin will  perfectly illustrate autumn, you can use it in a variety of ways. For example, engrave the initials of the bride and groom in the bark and arrange it as a decoration on the buffet table. You can also turn the pumpkin into a candle holder like Halloween pumpkins. Dig the inside of the pumpkin and make heart-shaped or initial holes in the wall. Place a candle inside and here is an original candle holder! 

Bet on abundance by arranging pumpkins, squash and other pumpkin as a decoration. On staircases, on window sills, in a wheelbarrow … These cucurbits will be the queens of your decoration. You can also paint them in gold or silver and even write directly with a marker on the bark of the pumpkin.

Seasonal flowers can also decorate your reception area: chrysanthemums, dahlia and aster will add a touch of color. Also bet on candle holders to create a warm atmosphere. We will underline the elegance of this glass candle holder suspended from an iron rod with hook. Arrange several hooks along the aisle for a sublime entrance.

To decorate the aisle, you can also hang small pumpkins suspended by a ribbon from the stem with a hook. Create an original entry by displaying a personalized banner with the first names of the bride and groom. This  banner  can also be used to indicate the way to the place of reception. 

Also consider using  branches  to decorate the reception hall. You can make bundles with flexible branches tied with a cord. These branches can adorn the candlestick feet or even create decorative wreaths.

Give a little nod to the harvest season by using  corks  to make your wedding decorations. For example, you can create initials with cork stoppers glued together with a glue gun. Crown, shape, vase … You can cover any bottle stopper support.

Perfect for an autumn theme, these carved wooden trunks will be exceptional candlesticks. Place them in decoration in the room. To decorate your ceiling, you can hang branches from the ceiling with nylon thread. The little extra: hang candle holders on the branches to create a warm atmosphere.

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If you like recycling, you will appreciate these  glass jars  diverted into a candle holder. To do this, simply make a handle with metal wire and slip a candle into the jar. For an autumnal touch, add acorns to the jar. 

The  balls of rattan  or rope will blend perfectly in a wedding decoration in the fall. You can use them as ceiling decoration or chair decoration. 

If you are a wine lover, you can use viticulture objects to decorate your room. Consider in particular diverting  barrels of wine  to furnish your space. You can, for example, use them as tables arranged for the reception. In particular, you can make a table by placing a board on two barrels. This will suit the buffet table or even the candy bar. 

If the weather is right, you can create an  outdoor decoration  by diverting furniture that you place outside. Create a corner for the guest book or the urn with a desk, a candy bar by diverting a kitchen buffet … You can even hang ribbons or curtains on the branches of trees to bring color to the reception. 

Play the diversion card by recycling  wine crates  into display shelves. In a rustic vintage style, these crates can be hung on the wall and will highlight trinkets related to autumn. This will create scenes illustrating your wedding theme. You can also create a relaxation area with large basins as a coffee table and  straw bales  to serve as a seat. Your guests will undoubtedly appreciate this unusual decoration. 

How about hanging wine glasses? Create a magical atmosphere by hanging wine glasses above your table  with nylon thread. This tribute to the harvest season will not fail to surprise your guests with this original table decoration. 

Fall wedding: the wedding ring holder

The wedding ring cushion will take on the orange and green hues of autumn, like this cushion adorned with a green satin flower. What could be more appropriate to illustrate a theme on autumn than a tree leaf. For a couple, two embroidered fabric leaves will adorn the wedding ring cushion. With its chocolate color and orange blossom, this wedding ring cushion will blend perfectly into an autumn decoration.

If you want a more original wedding ring cushion, consider playing with shapes. For an autumnal theme, the shape of a pumpkin will be a nice model for a wedding ring cushion. Add a ribbon so you can attach the wedding rings. You can also, like this creation from Bloomed to last, make a cushion in several stages. Make a round cushion bottom with leather and stuff the top with an orange fabric in the shape of a pumpkin.

If you are good with your hands, you can even make a pumpkin with  wicker stems.  Line the inside with straw and tie your wedding rings with a ribbon. You can even directly use a real  pumpkin  to serve as a support for the wedding ring holder. This adorable little pumpkin will announce your wedding theme right from the ceremony.

Fans of nature will appreciate this  cushion of plant alliances . It is an oasis foam cube covered with moss, which has been surrounded with a strip of burlap and decorated with fresh flowers. At the initiative of Bellenza, we will also underline the originality of this wood bark-based wedding ring holder. You just need to tie your wedding rings around the  piece of bark  with raffia. 

The pumpkin can be transformed into a wedding ring basket. To do this, you just have to dig it out and garnish it with moss or sisal fiber. Make a branch handle and here is a surprising wedding ring holder. The pumpkin will offer you many possibilities, you can dig the initials of the bride and groom or engrave on its bark the date of D-Day. 

With this pretty wooden basket signed My swedish farmhouse, you can put your wedding rings in complete safety. Decorated with moss and pine cones, it will bring a rustic touch to your wedding from the ceremony. Here is a nice nod to birds, with this  little nest that will wear your wedding rings with elegance. Garnish the inside with Icelandic moss and sew a ribbon to attach your wedding rings. You can also opt for a wedding ring holder in the form of a floral arrangement. Take again the autumn plants such as  acorns, apples, bundles of wood  to create a unique wedding ring holder. To inspire you, here is a composition with birds from Poppy’s petalworks.

Wood will be a material of choice in the realization of your wedding ring door. For example, you can burn   the first names of the bride and groom and the date of the day with a wood log. Make two holes to attach a ribbon with the wedding rings and here is an original wedding ring holder! Discover in our shop an engraved wooden log wedding ring holder.

You can also make various shapes in wood to create your wedding ring door. This heart-shaped piece of wood provides us with a perfect example. We also like this idea of ​​Muscari designs playing on stacking. Three wooden logs stacked on top of each other form a forest-style wedding ring.

The designer had the idea of ​​transforming the wood into a very charming box which will constitute a case for your perfect wedding rings. With its heart carved into the wood, this wedding ring holder can then be reused as a jewelry box after the ceremony.

Fall wedding: the mounted piece figurine

If the choice of the mounted piece figurine may seem trivial, it will be an extension of your wedding theme. For an autumn theme, you can use  wooden figurines . Just like this Lovely Bertie creation, you can represent the bride and groom with childish figurines. With a tree made next to it, this figurine will perfectly illustrate your theme.

Autumn also evokes the forest and the animals that inhabit it. In this idea, a  figurine in the form of birds  can adorn your wedding cake. Red Light Studio made these adorable little polymer clay birds. Perched on a tree trunk, they will make an exceptional showpiece subject. You can also opt for small birds made from felted wool. Dressed in a costume and a wedding dress, they will entertain your guests as soon as the wedding cake arrives. You can also choose in a more classic version a couple of entwined birds in white porcelain. 

If you do not like the characters, you will be seduced by the subjects of pieces mounted in the shape of a heart. These are wooden hearts engraved with the initials of the bride and groom and the date of the D-day. It will suffice to prick them into the cake. 

To illustrate fall, these adorable polymer clay  pumpkins will  make a surprising piece of cake topper. They are stamped with the words: “Mr & Mrs” which will evoke the marriage. We will also highlight the elegance of this  mini tree  perched at the top of the mounted piece. It will be the perfect illustration of a theme on autumn. 

Here is an alternative to the wedding figurine:  the monogram for mounted piece. These are metal letters that stick to the top of the cake. The initials of the bride and groom should generally be chosen. There are different types of monogram with different typographies and encrusted Swarowski beads. 

Here’s a new trend: the  miniature showpiece banner. Two wooden picks, thread and fabric will be enough to make such a banner. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can get started in making your own subject for a wedding cake. Use fabric reminiscent of your wedding colors. 

As the saying goes: rainy marriage, happy marriage … To allude to this proverb, you can choose this figurine featuring a couple in the rain. The bride wears rubber boots while the groom holds the umbrella. In porcelain, this figurine will also remind us that autumn is a rainy season.

The plexiglass figurine  will also be an alternative to the wedding figurine. Here it is a figurine on which we have stuck a sticker with the names of the bride and groom. Know that there are plexiglass figurines on which you can engrave the first names of the bride and groom. 

Wood will be a charming asset for a fall wedding theme. You can use a wooden disc on which you will have engraved the first names of the bride and groom to serve as the subject of a mounted piece. We will also like the simplicity of this wooden cake stick representing the slogan “just married” in 3D letter. Equally original, this heart-shaped figurine will give the illusion of assembled wooden logs. If you want a figurine in a more modern spirit, you can fall for this plexiglass square featuring the bark pattern.

Fall wedding: guest gifts

Food lovers will appreciate gifts with the flavors of autumn. If you have the soul of a pastry chef, you can make cakes in the shape of a tree leaf. Use a cookie cutter to give your petits fours a nice shape. Cookies, muffins and other cakes will also find their place in a fall wedding. You can present them in a transparent cellophane bag accompanied by a label with the first names of the bride and groom. We will especially love these  cardboard tart wrappers  that will make adorable gifts to guests. You can garnish them with an apple pie or a tarte tatin.

It is with delight that your guests will discover  small jars of honey or jam  as a guest gift. The little extra: label them with a sticker personalized with the names of the bride and groom and the date of D-Day.

Also consider the dried fruits that can be offered in transparent cellophane bags Hazelnuts, walnuts, raisins, prunes … will illustrate the fall season well.

You can even offer your guests fresh fruit. Toast and tables provides us with a perfect example with this orange wrapped in a knotted kraft paper and accompanied by a label in the shape of a leaf. You will be able to offer apples, grapes or pears very common in this season. With a little preparation, you can make candy apples stuck on a stick. Close with cellophane and tied with a  personalized ribbon. If we often think of offering a product that can be eaten, we can also give drinks as a gift. In this idea, bottles of cider or syrup will be an original gift for your guests. You just have to decorate them with personalized labels with the first names of the bride and groom. You can even offer bottles of wine.

If you have chosen to offer your guests sugared almonds, you will be spoiled for choice as to the containers. For example, you can use a take out box that you have decorated in autumn colors, for example stamp the side of the box with a leaf motif. Make a ribbon handle by making two holes on the sides of the box. Cut two pieces of ribbon that will allow you to tie the knot. Place the end of your ribbon over the hole and sew with a Parisian tie. Open the tabs of the Parisian clip in the inner wall of the box to secure.

Fall for these adorable dragee boxes with a  perforated lid. A design adorns the side of the box revealing a pretty maple leaf. Sometimes all it takes is a simple detail to make a candy box original, as evidenced by these boxes decorated with a strip of paper with a  cut out of a tree leaf. This easy-to-make idea will be perfect for a fall wedding. Make a paper strip to the dimensions of the outline of the box. At the ends of the strip, cut a pattern of half a tree leaf (tree leaf cut in half vertically). On one end, add a tab to the half sheet and on the other side an incision to slide the tab. You can then attach the band and write a first name on it, for example. For an autumnal atmosphere, we also recommend this cube candy box adorned with a personalized strip with the pattern of leaves. You can write your first names and the date of D-Day on the tape. 

Other materials can be used for your guest gifts. think in particular of the candy jar or the glass jar that can be garnished with hazelnuts or jam. Of  wicker baskets  also find their place in a decoration dedicated to the fall. 

The wood will prove particularly suitable for an autumn decoration. You can use small wooden chests to contain your dragees. In a more modern version, this wooden box illustrated with a drawing of a white tree will add a vegetal touch to your wedding decoration. 

The Coaster  : If you want to surprise your guests, go for a useful gift. For example, you can offer coasters with autumn motifs. Decorate the package with a ribbon personalized with the names of the bride and groom. You can even offer coasters with photos.

The bottle opener  : For men, we recommend this leaf-shaped bottle opener.

Stopper stopper  : Your guests will surely appreciate this stopper with an autumn motif. It will allow you to prevent bubbles from escaping from your champagne bottle. Every time your guests take out a bottle to celebrate an event, they will think of you!

The cup  : Small cups in the shape of a maple leaf will undoubtedly be appreciated by cooks.

The cookie cutter  : Decorative cookie cutters will appeal to pastry lovers.

The salt shaker  : And why not salt / pepper shakers? In the shape of a pear or a bird, a salt shaker will be a useful gift that will delight your guests.

The candle holder  : Give your guests an autumnal touch to put in their interior with this  leaf-shaped candle holder  or these  glass candle holders with leaf  pattern. In a more evocative form, this pine cone candle will be the perfect gift for a wedding in the fall. You can even use it as a table decoration.

The bookmark  : Lovers of reading will approve of this  bookmark  in the form of a leaf to slide between the pages. In its transparent packaging it will turn into a real little gift.

The key ring  : A key ring will also be a souvenir gift that your guests can use after the wedding.

Soap:  For women, we suggest these adorable fall leaf shaped soaps. Present in cardboard packaging, they will be an original gift. You will also find pear shaped soaps, perfect for an autumn theme.

Choose dragee boxes in a rustic style like this box whose lid imitates the appearance of bark. The cover has an openwork heart revealing the word love. You will also like this kraft-colored candy box with a lid featuring designs of golden maple leaves. With its matchbox shape, it will seduce your guests. Autumn is also the time of the harvest. Wink to wine lovers with this barrel-shaped dragee container. A stopper in the shape of a deer antler will remind you that autumn is also the period of the slab.

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