No Beard, No Problem: Why Asians Can’t Grow Beards

Once you’ve worked in the industry of beards for a time and then you begin to notice the disturbing trend that there are less Asian males sporting full beards. This is an amazing look to behold.

As compared to men from other areas, males from Asian origin, especially people of China, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines and others tend to have smaller beards and generally possess fewer. Because beard growth and testosterone levels for males as well as DHT have been proven to be linked scientifically, it is a common belief that Asian men have lower levels of testosterone.

A majority of males think of the growing of a beard as be a sign of maturation and a way to become an adult man. Due to this, the most popular topic of discussion has been the question of whether Asians have beards.

What is the reason it’s so difficult for Asian Men To Grow Beards?

As compared in comparison to Caucasians or Melanesians Asian males often struggle to grow facial beards. This is because of the genetic makeup of their ancestors. But, it’s a common misconception to think that all Asians do not have the ability to grow beards.

Research from around the world suggests that there’s no significant difference in the amount of testosterone total and free observed among Caucasian and Asian men , which could account for the former group’s lack in facial hair. In fact, some studies have shown that Asian Men are more highly in the area of testosterone levels. Group of Asian men.

5 alpha-reductase however, an enzyme that converts testosterone into DHT the type that is that is more well-known for its capacity to boost the development of facial and body hair has been found to be significantly less common in Asian males.

Furthermore, Asian men’s bodies (and faces, too) are believed to have more copies of human androgen receptors. these copies can reduce their sensitivity. You might be thinking about what is an androgen receptor. Think of the hormone as an important factor to the process of regaining androgens as a device that opens the door.

How Asian Men Can Invigorate Beard Growth

Genetics is the main element in the growth of beards. It’s a fact. But, there are actions we can take to increase the growth of beards to a certain point.

While your androgen receptors have less sensitivity to arousal and DHT level is lower you have a number of things you can alter your genes and allow fresh beard growth happen.

3 Strategies Asians Can Grow More Beard

1. Minoxidil

It was originally developed to treat ulcers but later, researchers realized the fact that it had impacts in blood circulation. Then it was studied more and given a different name, a drug that was developed to lower blood pressure.

Hair growth on the face and body was significantly increased, however it was a powerful adverse effect.

Researchers have developed “Rogaine” an oil that can apply on the scalp of males who are losing hair after discovering the hair growth stimulating effect of minoxidil. Following a myriad of research studies, minoxidil is widely recognized as a reliable and effective method to boost hair growth and prevent hair loss. Asian man worry about hair loss.

A large number of men use minoxidil for the growth of their beards and have attributed their remarkable growth due to their frequent use of the drug.

2. Beard Roller

Over the last 10 or so minoxidil is without doubt the most dramatic beard growth accelerator that we’ve experienced, but microneedling is definitely the second most popular.

It is the Beard Roller, a tiny handle that can hold a few needles, is the device you require. Though different rollers can have different diameter needles, a variance of 0.25-0.75mm is often used to increase the growth of your beard.

What precisely does microneedling help Asian men in enhancing, strengthening and speeding up development and development of their hair? In short the Derma Roller creates tiny micro-tears that are able to be seen on the face’s skin’s surface. They’re painless and secure however, they can be enough to trick your body into pumping in new nutrients, hormones and blood into the skin area you’ve have just rolled. Young man using a derma roller to promote beard growth.

Furthermore, micro-needling will boost the natural collagen production in the skin and stimulate specific stem-cell expansion factors.

Imagine that the following scenario: You’re an Asian man who wants to start using this device along with minoxidil to encourage the growth of the hair on your face:

  • Start with 5 percent minoxidil or via Kirkland or Rogaine.
  • Then , purchase the beard roller. We recommend beginning at 0.25mm needles.
  • Apply the recommended amount of 1 – 2 milliliters of minoxidil to your beard twice per day.
  • Use a Derma Roller over your face at least a handful of times per week.
  • After microneedling be sure to give minoxidil at least a 24 hour break.

This method will yield amazing results in just a few months (the average time between barely noticeable hairs to fully-pledged beards within 9 months).

It doesn’t matter what race you’re from–black, white, Hispanic, or Asian–after having done that your beard’s growth will be accelerated and you’ll see new hairs growing on your cheeks each day.

3. Mucuna Pruriens

Ayurveda is an Indian method of healing with herbs frequently makes use of the Mucuna Pruriens herb. Also called velvet bean. Its main uses are to increase testosterone levels for males stopping infertility and increasing the sexual power of men. Sexy couple in bed.

Based on studies so to date, mucuna

  • increase the quantity and quality of sperm from males who are infertile.
  • reduce cortisol and oxidative damage levels. This helps to reduce oxidative damage and cortisol.
  • boost libido and increase the production of dopamine.

We talked at our first article about Asians having lower hormone receptor sensitivity because of their greater androgen receptor copy number.

It has been shown two times that mucuna pruriens activate androgen receptors. L-Dopa, the active component is believed to act as a protein that acts as a cooperative activation on receptors.


Why are Asian men not able to grow facial hair effectively? They usually are less able to produce DHT and are less responsive to the facial receptors for androgens. However, there are a few actions we can take to assist in making the beard to grow to a certain extent.

It is still possible to influence your genes and trigger the development of a new beard despite your androgen receptors aren’t as sensitive to testosterone and DHT level is lower.