Anniversary Poem For Boyfriend

poem for my boyfriend anniversary

We will explain the best anniversary poem for boyfriend.

Memories of that day I shall never forget.
Unforgettable the hours that I have spent by your side
living day by day eternally in love.

You are the love of my life, I have never denied it
too, you love me, you have always shown it to me.
Together we have grown, together we have matured.
Meeting each other was the best thing that ever happened to us.

Our union has reached the fullness of its dreams.
We got everything, what we had longed for.
Shared emotions, mixed feelings, we
enjoy life and being in love.

It is our anniversary, that is why we are toasting,
The most beautiful things I have lived by your side.
Here is my gift, I have it in my hand
My heart is yours, take it … I give it to you!

Anniversary Poem For Boyfriend


I love you
because you have opened hidden windows behind the blinds,
because you have cleaned my eyes
and sown colors that my landscapes did not know,
because my heart has new passages
that your hands have carved,
because my mind has unexplored borders
that your words have awakened.

I love you
because I am not the same man
that you found yesterday in your bed,
because I have been freeing my soul
and I feel the breeze on my chest,
how your hands feel when they hug me,
how your eyes feel when they look for me,
and, how your kisses feel
on my mouth
and my silence.

I love you
because one more year has come
and you are with me,
because love continues to bring us closer
and despite everything,
because I have found the narrow space
that separates your laughter from the blue of the sky
that separates your skin from the universe

anniversary wishes poem for boyfriend


Between white sheets embroidered in silk
every morning our love is reborn.
Your kisses and caresses make it happen,
I give myself ecstatic to your desires without fear.

With beautiful eyes the color of the sky
your seductive gaze runs through my body.
I turn on slowly and you melt my ice.
I imagine a thousand things, but I don’t say anything.

And, I lose my senses, my heart is not wrong,
they gently caress me and run your hands.
At that moment my mouth seeks your mouth,
and like wild beasts we surrender to love.

Our linked bodies end up embraced,
your serene face reflects calm.
A maximum joy our bodies reached,
being united forever in body and soul.

After loving each other, we share the pillow.
Faint sunlight is already streaming through the window.
We look into each other’s eyes without saying anything,
we have loved each other again, as we do every morning.


On this our new anniversary
I offer you a treasure of great value,
I give you a poem as a gift,
And, I give you what comes from my heart.

I deliver my lyrics full of emotion,
together with the aroma of the most beautiful flower,
I offer you my caresses and my passion,
and the melody of a chorus of stars.

I also give my beautiful smile
I ask you in exchange for your sweet caresses,
So, I give you the keys to my soul
in exchange I will not ask you for anything.

On the tables the lit candles
remembering our wedding night,
the sheets with rose petals,
and on the bed a bottle and two glasses.

Like that day we got married
in heaven on a full moon night,
to remember that moment let’s go back,
uncork the champagne, let’s toast her.

The years have made words
not necessary to understand each other,
so many years together could never
destroy the love that we both have.

A story like few of us live,
a happy home we build, let’s
celebrate that lasts over time, let’s
join the glasses, now let’s toast!

anniversary poems or sayings


Today I will be twenty years old. Nameless bitterness
of stopping being a child and starting to be a man;
to reason with logic and proceed according to
the Sanchos, teachers of common sense.

My years are hard for me and they are barely twenty –
now one ages so prematurely;
you live so fast, you soon go so far
that suddenly we find ourselves old
in front of the shadows, with our backs to the dawn
and alone with the always questioning sphinx.

Oh pink early mornings, smelling of the countryside
and the virgin flower; then there was the girl soul
and the song of the mouth flowed suddenly
and laughing for no reason was a common thing!

I went to school the longest way
after leaving the linen sheet drowsy
and the very warm bed, the memory of which flatters
only when you think about it now; that San Luis Gonzaga
with blue eyes and blond hair
who watched over dreams from the bedside.

Although we were going slowly, at last the alley
ended and we were in front of the school
with the “Mantilla” well hidden under our arms
and making our steps much slower on the threshold,
and then it was to see the prettiest street, the
most golden. sun, cooler the cheerful morning.

And later, in the classroom, with what uneasy gaze
the red footprints of the palm tree were observed
, smiling, not without a certain fearful shudder,
of the bald head of the domine and his gloomy frown.

Anniversary Poem For Boyfriend

But who listened to the explanations?
There is so much to observe in the black corners
and, in addition, it is better to contemplate the sparrows
in the nests, follow the golden path
of a ray of sunlight or the noisy turn
of an insect dressed in blond silk or a
fly with golden hair and wings. moon-colored.

The sun is the best friend of childhood;
So many beautiful things lie to us in the distance, it
has such a beautiful shine of new ounce! He distributes
his gold so well that no one is left without his share;
and for him we did not listen to explanations.

That sorcerer Aladdin evoked visions
of the thousand and one nights -of the thousand
wonders- and drowsy our simple souls with sleep
without thinking, they extended their supplicating hands
like someone groping for handfuls of diamonds.

Oh, the lyrical times of the cap and blouse
and the rebellious hair that refuses
the harmony of those maternal hairstyles,
when we were dressed in new clothes to
Sunday Mass , and despite the serious rituals,
when we saw the altar boy we would burst out laughing.

boyfriend anniversary poem

Oh, the games with gown-to-knee brides,
the innocent kisses being sneaked up
on the loving ten- or twelve-year-old baby,
and the sedate brushing of brown curls
and first rhymes and first letters
that encourage insomnia and produce dark circles.

My adolescence! you take so many things,
I doubt if youth will give me more roses!
And I feel like never the sadness without a name,
of stopping being a child and starting to be a man!

Today it is not the adolescent look and frank laugh
but the tired gesture of precocious bitterness,
and there is the soul, that it was a white dove,
sad with so many dreams and so much reading…!


My soul feels you, as it touches the Universe,
my eyes shine like a star in the sky,
today we met again, as a while ago
to reaffirm our noble sentiment.

And if you look up at the sky, there is the Moon
who was a witness to what was born inside,
which began that night with a starry sky
where only the sound of the wind was heard.

The butterflies went to sleep in silence,
the birds watched us from their nests
, just the two of us, we were awake
to profess eternal feelings.

The clouds sang like a choir in the sky,
the stars played in the universe,
the moon spoke with that star,
and something beautiful began between us.

I remember that day, you told me “I love you”,
that you would never leave me, even if time passes,
and you would protect me from hurricanes and thunders,
that for us there would only be stars in the sky.

And we went back to remembering the moment
when, in that lake you told me “I love you”,
again the moon is shining in the sky
and the stars twinkle happy to see us.

The breezes rise in your voice that names me,
the promises renew our eternal love,
and although storms, stones and thunders come,
you will be with me in enduring flight.

With caresses and kisses we sealed the meeting,
the mute lilies watched in silence,
with the kiss the promise of eternal love
and of being together wherever the wind takes us.

one year anniversary poem for boyfriend

Anniversary Poem For Boyfriend


In these 5 autumns that passed very lightly
since that day I told you “I love you”
we lived a love story like few
others accepting our triumphs and also defeats.

In these 5 winters that you and I survived
enduring storms and cold storms,
we bravely faced the challenges of destiny by
turning on the heating to the maximum with affection.

In these 5 springs that delighted our lives
enjoying the beauty of being reborn every day,
blessings rained down that renew hope,
greening our alliance more and more each year.

In these 5 summers that we live together
and the heat of passion bathed our affairs,
I think you were for me, I have no doubts,
and these words that I tell you are very timely.

These stations … were a lifetime
living very close together night and day.
We are going to celebrate
our wooden weddings, honoring love and our beautiful home.


Twenty-one rose petals, I will
spread on your bed,
I have discovered that these things
excite you and you love them
accompanied by some candles
and the melody of a guitar
sweet perfume that accompanies
the brown skin of your back.

Twenty-one steps and a fourth,
to get to your shore,
wearing shoes is not necessary
because I know well that it amazes you,
if you do not walk when you are
always flying on tiptoe
and in your meadow you go barefoot,
you are free and without nightmares.

Twenty-one days by your side,
without a doubt it is a blessing,
knowing that I have always loved you,
I am so full of illusion, it
gives strength to the lover,
It also fills me with excitement, I will
achieve my goals
when I get your attention.

Twenty-one sighs that remember,
a life full of love,
watering it on the earth
like a rain that fell,
dreams so full of beauty,
flowers that mark the heart
without a drop that is lost
because they give away my emotion.

They are not twenty-two, nor twenty,
the twenty-one kisses that I gave you
because I multiplied by seven
and their sum made you smile
seven times three is medicine
if its drops you know how to regulate it
on your face are fine water
and fill it with happiness.


“… uncomfortable not feeling the weight of the years.”

They are
still strangely beautiful,
these lips from now three years ago
the gesture of your kiss seems unprecedented to me ,
this coming here more and more calm,
with the serenity
of one who has life
and its routine as an accomplice .

Today we know that then,
when your twenty years and my first hug,
we began to be
especially indecisive: the timid clumsiness
of the first night
and the difficulty
with which we leave our hands
in the unfaithful habit of our vices.

strangely beautiful to be here,
too often and determined,
of not feeling the weight of the years
learning premeditation with you
and writing my treachery on your skin.

Because there are usually banks where you always wait,
sidewalks that you prefer out of habit
or bus lines at noon.

And yet you
reappear unpublished in your gesture
to tell me today
to answer the time and your questions
the practical knowledge that you have of my body.


This story tells a poet
accompanied by a serenade
under this scarlet moon
that our love reveals.

The songs begin to sound,
“Love of my life” is the first,
that just by listening to the beginning
the tears begin to flow.

“In good times and in bad” is the following,
each word is a latent truth,
because they have been visited by sadness
and their crying eyes have gotten tired

but at every moment they have
also enjoyed the joyful moments
drawing on their faces smiles
reflecting the joy of your soul.

“For this love that you give me” the songs continue,
and my congratulations now accompany them
and my eyes are also blurred
by this joy that has clothed them.

This is the story that the poet tells
accompanied by a serenade,
also accompanied by a flower,
celebrated by our eternal love.

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