All the signs and traditions associated with a wedding bouquet

The brightest and most exciting events in people’s lives are surrounded by a large number of signs, customs and traditions. It is not surprising, because a person associates the most exciting moments with them. Someone will say that it is absurd in the age of modern technologies and innovations to believe in omens, but in fact there is nothing strange about it.

To believe in them or not is a purely personal affair of each person. There is no unequivocal opinion on this matter. At the very least, you can find out what signs there are regarding the wedding bouquet. Who knows, maybe later you will be able to comply with them and thereby ensure yourself a happy family life.

Ancient traditions and signs

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Wedding bouquet omens and traditions.

In ancient times, there was a custom according to which the bride walked with the bouquet throughout the wedding day. This was necessary in order to save yourself from evil spirits. At that time, poor families collected flower arrangements on their own, leaving early in the morning to an open field.

The bride, together with her trusted bridesmaids, made the bouquet herself and decorated it beautifully. The plants were not chosen anyhow, but based on the symbolism of each flower. In wealthy families, there was also a tradition of having a bouquet at a wedding, but it was colored a little differently.

So, the flower arrangement consisted of more noble plants, which were collected by florists. It was they who decorated the entire wedding accessory, and then presented it to the bride.

Nowadays, much of the old times has been preserved. Each bouquet has a specific symbolism. Some plant attracts wealth, some denotes eternal love and passion.

Consider whether you can give the bouquet or throw it to your friends:

  1. Throughout the wedding day, the bride should not let go of the bouquet. It is permissible to give it only to mom, groom or godmother. The rest of the people shouldn’t touch him at all. Understand that this is a powerful amulet that absolutely everyone is forbidden to touch.
  2. If the composition falls to the floor, then this may mean imminent trouble. Therefore, the bride must carefully ensure that the bouquet retains its original appearance throughout the evening.
  3. There is also a sign according to which the bride cannot throw the bouquet.

Recently, however, many weddings have denied this sign. At the end of the celebration, the girls throw the composition to their friends. You should not do this, because you simply throw away your talisman and amulet.

What should be a wedding bouquet?

Is it possible to give the bridal bouquet.

What should be the bridal bouquet, signs? There is no unambiguous idea of ​​a wedding bouquet, and there was not. Among the variety of plants, the girl will have to choose one or more flowers.

As a rule, such a choice is based on the values ​​\ u200b \ u200bof the flowering plants. It is not difficult to recognize them. To do this, it is enough to use the well-known language of flowers.

  • rose – passion, love and unsolved secrets;
  • tulips – hot nature and temperamental spirit;
  • lilac – tender and sincere feelings;
  • lily – grace and grandeur;
  • chrysanthemum – warmth, tranquility and homeliness;
  • carnation – determination.

In addition to the varieties of flowers themselves, color shades can also tell a lot about them. Of course, the determining criterion in their choice will be stylistic compliance with the general organizational background. However, it is equally important to choose in such a way that the color itself reflects the inner world and the state of the girl.

  • red – love and passion;
  • pink – tenderness and warmth;
  • yellow – charm;
  • green – calmness and friendship;
  • blue – complete mutual understanding;
  • white – innocence and simplicity;
  • orange is a positive attitude.

Favorable bouquet color

Color of the bride’s bouquet omens.

Remember that your choice of color should be based not only on personal preference, but also on how you would like to build a relationship. They can be completely different: from calm to passionate and violent.

Many make the mistake and build their relationships based on passion. And for this, a rich scarlet color is often chosen. In fact, in doing so, they make a fatal mistake, because passion will sooner or later fade away, and, unfortunately, nothing will remain behind it.

The ideal favorable color for the bouquet will be white. He emphasizes the image of the bride, thereby speaking of her innocence and purity. It is the white shade that is considered a symbol of the image of a beautiful girl and is most often used as the main tone for many decorative elements at a wedding celebration.

In addition to white, it will be useful to use pastel colors. They will look even more interesting. On the one hand, pastel shades are not much different from the classic white version. On the other hand, it is these tones that look modern and stylish. For example, champagne, cream, ivory can act as such options.

Florists advise using the red tint as little as possible. It symbolizes only passion, especially roses in the meaning of which there are also undisclosed secrets.

It is believed that such a family will only feel jealous and suspect each other of something. In order to avoid such remarks, one should refuse excessive redness in the wedding bouquet. If you want to maintain a clean, respectful and open relationship for a long time, then be sure to opt for light pastel colors.


There are many signs associated with a wedding bouquet. Although it is not difficult to comply with them. Since the flower arrangement is considered one of the most important amulets, the girl should still approach her with all responsibility.

To do this, try to correctly place accents, choose the desired colors and varieties of plants. In addition, note that a man is currently giving flowers, so he should also be involved in the direct composition of the composition.

Give him a similar responsibility. Together, you can make the right decision by deciding what is considered more important for your future family.