A script for a wedding with contests is ready – how to draw it up correctly?

A wedding is one of the most significant holidays in the life of every person. Therefore, I want to organize and hold a celebration that will be pleasant to remember both for the heroes of the occasion and the guests.

Regardless of the format of the planned wedding, it is necessary to prepare its script by carefully considering the planned ceremonies and developing an interesting entertainment program with fun contests. We looked at how cool wedding scenarios with contests are correctly composed.

How to choose the best wedding scenario?

Ready-made wedding script.

Before proceeding with the selection of ready-made wedding scenarios, you need to understand some of the intricacies of a successfully held event. Wedding professionals divide the banquet into the following stages: swing, fun, close, disco, or fireworks.

During the swing, the presenter needs to find an approach to all guests invited to the celebration and gain their trust. At the next stage, he captures the attention of all people present at the wedding and organizes contests, gradually increasing the degree of fun and positive emotions. At the stage of completion, a ceremony is held to ignite the heart of a young family.

During rituals and following traditions, the degree of fun decreases, and the main attention is paid to the soulfulness of the moments taking place. If a couple orders fireworks, then everyone’s spirits are uplifted again.

In the absence of fireworks, you can organize a disco and end the celebration at the peak of the fun, so as not to let the guests go home under the impression of the touching transfer of the hearth by the mothers of the newlyweds and the words of gratitude of the newlyweds to their parents.

A wedding is at the same time a touching and fun celebration of the birth of a new family, and it does not matter in what format a young couple organizes it. But, even having opted for a home wedding, you need to draw up a script for the event from its beginning to its end, thinking over all the little things. It is imperative to discuss with the heroes of the occasion what kind of wedding they dream of and what they do not want to see at it.

Home wedding

The script for the wedding should include the following points:

  1. Meeting of the newlyweds at the entrance to the apartment or private house in which the celebration will be held. Parents bless the newly-made spouses for a happy and prosperous family life with a loaf of salt. Guests shower them with sweets and coins to make their life sweet and rich.
  2. Merry wedding traditions are held. Parents offer the bride and groom to simultaneously break off a piece from the loaf, starting from the base. Whoever has the larger piece will be the head of the family. Newlyweds are advised to annoy each other for the last time. They should salt their piece of loaf well and feed their half with it. Then they are poured champagne into specially prepared glasses. After drinking champagne, you need to break the glasses for good luck, throwing it over your left shoulder.
  3. Parents bring the newlyweds to the wedding table, at which special places are prepared for them, and then invite all the guests to the table. The feast is accompanied by toasts. Parents are given the floor first, then godfathers, grandparents, other relatives, witnesses, friends and neighbors.
  4. After 5-6 toasts, the feast is interrupted by the first dance of the newlyweds. After that, a dance break is announced. In the subsequent feast, with approximately the same interval, breaks are made for competitions, other entertainments and dances.
  5. They carry out the rituals of removing the veil and lighting the hearth of the newly-made family.
  6. The bride throws her wedding bouquet to the unmarried girls, and the groom throws the garter to the unmarried guys.

At the very end of the celebration, the newlyweds are given the floor. They thank the parents and other people for the organized and conducted wedding and the guests for sharing the joy of the happiest day in their life.

Lush wedding contests for the bride and groom

Professionals are invited to organize and conduct a magnificent celebration. But you should not completely trust the preparation of your wedding to strangers. Take an active part in creating the concept of decorating the holiday and drawing up its script.

An important rule of lavish events is a carefully crafted script, which even prescribes the order of giving the floor to guests to make toasts.

Tell the presenter even before drafting the script what you dream of seeing your wedding and what moments and contests are undesirable. Then read the script and make your adjustments. Do not take the position that the script should be a surprise for the newlyweds. The best impromptu is the one that is prepared in advance.

Wedding script with contests.

The newlyweds, who are convinced that the script corresponds to their ideas about the ideal wedding, will calmly entrust the host to its conduct, and they will be able to enjoy the birthday of their family.

During the magnificent celebration, the first dance of the newlyweds is performed as the most important event of the wedding and the young couple should prepare well for it. To occupy such a large number of guests, you can make a film in advance about the history of acquaintance and the development of relations of a young couple.

For a magnificent wedding, they order not one videographer, but two or more. You can order a comic interview. While one cameraman is filming the walk of the young, the other, together with the presenter, interviews the guests.

Then express editing is done, during which the questions are replaced with comic ones, and the answers remain the same. The result is shown to guests. It evokes a lot of positive emotions.

Small wedding scenarios

The entire wedding script.

Nowadays, chamber weddings are gaining popularity, to which only the closest people are invited. A wedding for a small number of guests is held not only by couples with limited means but by newlyweds who do not want to spend an important day of their lives with unfamiliar people invited by their parents.

Such weddings are held in different places: a small cozy restaurant or cafe, in a country house or a country house, in an apartment, on a boat, etc. Regardless of the location of the celebration, it is imperative to develop a script for it, taking into account the age and hobbies of the guests.

For a wedding of up to 30 people, you can not invite a professional toastmaster, but entrust the conduct of the event according to a well-thought-out scenario to witnesses or one of your friends or relatives.

For the role of the leader, you should choose a person endowed with the ability to organize people into a company, ready to have fun and actively participate in competitions.

Celebrating newlyweds’ anniversaries fun

In the daily life of a married couple, there are quite a few worries, and with the advent of replenishment in the family, their number increases significantly. A wedding anniversary is a great excuse to take a break from worries and fully devote yourself to your loved one. But for the anniversary to be interesting and fun, and then remain in memory as a bright event, it is necessary to develop a script in advance.

If the financial capabilities of the couple allow, then the preparation of the script and the conduct of the event can be entrusted to a professional presenter, and you can enjoy the holiday.

But so that there are no unpleasant surprises, do not trust the organization of the anniversary completely to the master of ceremonies, but take an active part in its preparation, especially in coordinating the entertainment program of the script, to exclude, in your opinion, vulgar contests and ridiculous relay races. After all, you, unlike the host, know the hobbies and interests of the guests.

Not wanting to invite a toastmaster to your anniversary, compose a script yourself, starting from ready-made scripts posted on the Internet. You can connect friends to this exciting activity, who know how to unite guests into one company, ready to have fun and take an active part in the proposed entertainment. After drawing up the script, invite the co-authors to bring it to life.

Modern anniversary scenarios

You can start your anniversary scenario as follows. Guests gather at the appointed time at the appointed place, where they are met by the host. When everyone is gathered, the presenter will send an SMS to the heroes of the occasion, and then turn on the Mendelssohn’s march or another melody, to which they will solemnly enter the room with the table laid.

The presenter will give a short but vivid speech. It can be in prose or poetry, as in our example:

Our dear and beloved spouses, the surname is called, and then the names.

You have lived another year of married life.

Not only rejoicing, but being mistaken and jealous, they comprehended the science of love.

Studying this difficult subject, they did not always get an “excellent” grade,

But you passed the exam well. Your family hearth is not extinguished.

We have come to congratulate you on the year you lived together!

Wish to live together all your life, and celebrate the anniversary more than once.

The heroes of the occasion invite everyone to the table. The presenter gives the guests the floor to congratulate the couple and present a gift. The highlight of the feast will be the exchange of gifts between the spouses. Discuss this point in advance between yourself and the presenter.

Each anniversary has its name, and gifts are prepared based on it. It is important not only to prepare a presentation but to come up with a beautiful explanation of its purpose, in a joking manner.

For example, the first anniversary is called chintz, and the spouses present gifts from chintz or with its presence in things. A husband can give his wife a chintz apron with the words: Congratulations beloved! I want you to look bright and elegant even at the stove.

The wife, having prepared a set of chintz handkerchiefs as a reciprocal present, says: Congratulations, beloved, I wish you to wipe away only tears of happiness and delight with these handkerchiefs!

To create a fun holiday, you need to interrupt the feast after about 6 toasts for dancing and entertainment. Competitions should be varied.

Do not include three dance competitions in a row followed by two quizzes with questions. The alternation of activities brings a certain intrigue and makes the holiday interesting and memorable.


A wedding is a joyful celebration of joining two hearts in love. Therefore, it is the newlyweds who determine how they want to see their celebration, regardless of its format and budget. Whichever variant of the wedding celebration would not be chosen, it is imperative to prescribe a script.

We examined what constituent blocks make up a professionally composed wedding script and what you should pay special attention to when composing a script for a home, magnificent or small wedding, as well as the anniversary of the celebration.

We wish you a happy wedding and the same anniversaries!