A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings

Love love. That feeling that makes you fly to the one you love and dream of the moment of seeing it. That feeling that makes you a better person and that fills your heart with beautiful things. We have collected 9 best kind of a letter to my boyfriend about my feelings.

Letters of love and feelings

Hello my love:
I know it is a little late for you, I imagine that you will be asleep while I live here awake on this cold night thinking of you, of the love that clouds my senses, how much I would like to have you by my side to hit you to your body and feel the heat that I feel on your skin, to perceive the aroma that you give off and I would like to fill the senses….

Love letters,
You have no idea of ​​the enormous amount of feelings that my heart has for you, that it is this constant waiting that robs me of my hours of sleep, that I imagine fantasies in which only you exist, as a fundamental part of my dreams, your name travels my mind at all times, thinking, imagining what you will do in those moments when I don’t know about you…. yes, I know that it is difficult to know that I do not have you by my side … that you do not have me by your side … but look, our love was born like this, at a distance, between borders that separate us …

A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings

And although I know that everything is like that, I cannot help dreaming of you, dreaming that we are together and that my nights and yours are no longer alone … that shared loneliness in which sadness embraces my soul, my being and my heart, making that the dream escapes me and turns me into thoughts that only hurt me…. but also in memories of the moments in which we are together in the distance … listening to your warm voice on the phone when you call me, seeing your sweet and loving face through the monitor ….

And how beautiful it is to hear you say how much you love me and how much you miss me!
How beautiful it is to know that our love continues to grow day by day!

Good love … what else can I tell you if I have told you everything, if you fully know that my feelings revolve around you, that I love you more than anyone in life and that distance does not obscure this love that I feel, because it is so great and so deep that I need to shout it to the whole world, because it is impossible to silence what the heart feels, because you know that in the look the happiness of having someone by your side whom you love and who loves you is revealed.

I’m going to sleep peacefully, because I know that tomorrow when you open the computer you will find this letter impregnated with thousands of kisses and sighs in love with this heart that is only yours… that loves you and that only waits for the new day to hear from you…
Only one last thing, love … will you dream of me?

A Letter To My Boyfriend About My Feelings

Love and feelings letters 2

Every day that I spend by your side is a new surprise. You make me so happy with every smile, with every hug, with every kiss, with every “I love you.” I get up and I want to run to see you, send you a message and know how you are. You have become an important part of not saying the main thing about my day and not seeing you makes my days meaningless.

Sometimes I feel like I love you too much and I’m a little afraid that you don’t feel the same way about me. So that you do not feel the same love that I feel for you, I am happy that you are by my side and hug me as you know how.

I love you and I will never tire of repeating it. I love you and I hope you don’t get tired of listening to it. And I love you and I hope to make you happy with this love that escapes from my pores and that has only one owner: you. Thank you for being who you are, thank you for how happy you make me.

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Letters of love and feelings 3

As I hold your hand, I can’t believe how much I love you. I would like to hug you and have you close to my heart at all times. Take care of everything that can hurt you and do the impossible to see yourself happy. But I can’t, I can’t take you away from everything bad, I just have to love you. Loving you so much that every time you feel sad you know that in me you have someone to trust.

I not only want to be your lover or your boyfriend, I want to be your friend, your partner and the person who makes you happy and is always with you. What I’m writing may sound a bit corny to you, but it’s how my heart feels.

I know that sometimes I get a little cold and I don’t usually say how I feel, that’s why I decided to write you this letter. To show you all my love and all that I am willing to do for you. I love you, precious, never doubt it.

Letters of love and feelings 4

For a long time I waited for a girl like you. For many years I thought that love was very difficult to find, but now that you are here I feel very lucky. Because I finally found a person who understands the way I feel, who accepts me as I am, who loves me as I am and who is by my side when everyone turns their back on me. Everything seems so different now that I met you.

Thank you for being who you are, for being so sweet, for loving me so much and for showing me with kisses that love exists. I will return everything in full. You will have my unconditional love and I will always be there for you. Thank you for appearing in life, thank you for being my love.

Letters of love and feelings 5

I met you that sunny afternoon while enjoying the proximity of the sea waves, suddenly I saw your presence approaching me, while I was walking along the shore of the beach, unforgettable day in which that stupid feeling of love gushed from our souls, grateful for life to put you in my way.

Not every day I express to you what I feel for the shell of my heart but I know that together we have been in stormy wars that have hurt us, but there is no reason to stop loving each other, I want to be by your side for the rest of my life and that you are the reason for my joy.

The prince of my story and of this beautiful story, every minute and every moment knowing that you will be by my side, my heart beats twice as hard because I just want to see you, hug you and kiss you. I cannot deny that everything I have written seems unreal, but this feeling for you is so immense that I cannot express it in any other way than with these love letters.

The bite of your lips and the play of your tongue in my mouth make me lose my mental balance and people who criticize me call me “Crazy”.

Letters of love and feelings 6

You know something, I don’t know how to do this because it is my first letter and that is why this letter is a little shy but very sincere and I write it because I love you very much my love, I want to tell you how I feel since the day I met you but please do not you make fun of everything I write is from a heart that is damaged and all it seeks is understanding and lots of affection with its proper dose of love.

From the day I met you until today I have felt protected in all aspects and thank God for having put you in my path, you really make me feel like a great person and I ask that you please do not leave me without knowing what I would do if you did, and I love you very much.

and I really don’t want to miss you, I thank you for all the attention you have for me and all the love you give me every day, thank you for making my life happy and being a reason to live.

He sent you a hug and “I love you too much.”

Love and feelings letters 7

My beautiful girl I am writing these lines to tell you how much I love you and so wonderful that you read it I want you to know that since I saw you my head did not stop thinking about you it was something so unreal that I did not know how it all started but for me it is so beautiful And I do not regret it, you are my toy and I do not say it for you. 

The lack of respect is because when you are by my side I feel as happy as a child with its beautiful toy, and as such I promise to take care of you and have you in a trunk in which I will never forget you and you will always have it, that trunk is my heart and I don’t want you to leave there, thank you for all the beautiful things you have given me, I really love you.

Letters of love and feelings 8

It is so difficult to be angry with you that I cannot be angry with you that I cannot be angry with you and if I do I have to put up with my pride because you are my heaven and I really love you and it is so beautiful to love you that I do not even know what I am writing it is supposed to be a letter addressed by the rage I had, but remembering all the funny moments,

beautiful and great that we spent together it is so difficult to get angry, why will it be? I really don’t know but it’s great to be by your side, and well I’m writing you a letter that at first I was angry and now about how much I love you I want to tell you that you are my whole life and also my most precious treasure, I love you precious heaven I don’t you are going to forget because if you forget I will have to make you remember.

Letters of love and feelings 9

I want to tell you that every time I see you I want to hug you so much and tell you love phrases, when I see you cry I want to comfort you so much, when I don’t see you I want to look at you, when I go on a trip I am afraid of forgetting you but that is not going to happen. there are things to discover by your side and every time we have to say goodbye it makes me sad and instantly makes me want to caress you you came into my life, you did not knock on the door of my heart it seems that you had the key and you entered on your own, you do not know the joy and the fortune that it gives me to have you by my side,

I love you, I love you, I adore you, my heart, I hope to always be by your side and never leave you, because leaving you does not give me desire, I send you a kiss, a hug and a lot of love, I know that soon we will see each other again and here my heaven I will wait for you.

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