A Good Father: 16 Signs How to Be a Good Father

One of the duties of a father is to be the standard of a man for his children. A good father is a model of strength, support, and discipline. His work in raising children is endless, and sometimes even thankless. But this work is visible in the children he raises to their feet.

Usually, words of gratitude are said to fathers several times a year on holidays. But, is it worth waiting for some dates to show your gratitude and admiration for your father? Wouldn’t it be better to take the time to reflect on the best parts of him, the special things that make your dad different from other fathers?

In reflecting on what it means to be a good father, I have compiled 16 signs of why my brother and I think our father is a good person. We hope that our readers will also reflect on the best aspects of their fathers. To try to see in them not only strict and serious men but kind, caring parents.

A good father: 16 signs of what he should be

He has golden hands

Who do you always resort to and resort to when you need help? The bicycle broke down, the toy is faulty, you need to make a birdhouse, or the motor in the car “jumps” – everything is OH! For example, we looked with hidden delight at my father’s toolbox.

When he took them, we had confidence that everything we had broken would be fixed. In his hands, any wrench is a lifesaver, as well as a solution to any of our malfunctions or breakdowns.

He is understanding and adaptable.

Dad understands that the world is changing. Therefore, he avoids insisting that children live by the views or fashion of the 80s or 90s. On the contrary, he tries to adapt himself to the relevant modern views of children on life. For example, he learns to use social media, various IT innovations, as he understands that the view of children differs from his view of many things.

Our father did not rush to the conclusion that this is bad. On the contrary, he tried to figure everything out and understand why we think or act this way, even if he did not like it. But he always thought about how to be a good father.

Anyone can become a father, but only a man with a good heart will become a good dad for his children.

He has a proper sense of humor

Father knows how to joke and have fun. He is never bored with him because he manages to defuse an oppressive atmosphere or an awkward situation with an appropriate joke. Even in difficult life situations or difficulties, he does not lose his healthy sense of humor.

His wife is his friend

Dad respects family values ​​and highly appreciates his wife. Maybe he doesn’t know how to show his wife his love in everyday life, but when she was sick, we saw how her father worries, sometimes crying bitterly. Thanks to his example, we learned about true love. That these are not only compliments but thoughts, as well as feelings for a loved one.

believes in you

A good father has always believed and believes in the abilities of his children. Even if they have not yet achieved success, he continues to believe in them. It is unlikely that he tells them about this, but quietly and silently continues to believe that one day the children will become successful in their chosen paths of life.

And when they reach it, the father shows how pleased he is. When we were fond of some idea, hobby, section, study, my father was ready to invest money in this. At the same time, he avoided dissuading or convincing, saying that this was a waste of money or a waste of money.

Knows how to discipline

He does this not only with threats, shouts, or a belt but with the power of his words or actions. Father never tried to prove his case or bend his line by causing humiliation to anyone. To teach him a lesson calmly enough, but strictly speaking with the children so that they understand everything. Therefore, we were always sure that dad would not let us go astray.

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He is your best friend

The father is one of the first to know about all the changes that have taken place in your life, that is, what new has happened, is happening, or will happen to you shortly. It is always interesting to walk, relax, communicate with him. You can talk to your father about everything that interests or worries your mind. In his stories, paternal care and wisdom are always visible. Therefore, for my brother and me, there is no better friend than dad, with whom it is always a pleasure to spend time.

Father is always reserved

When you did something, for example, got drunk, the police detained, hit the car. Then naturally you expect punishment from your father “I don’t want to”, but instead he discreetly finds out what happened.

We noticed after such cases his sympathy for us, the mute reproach, and the pain that we caused him. Agree, such a lesson will teach you more than any screams or threats. Therefore, you are unlikely to ever want to upset him again.

Reliable person

You can always count on him – he will not let you down in any business. His words do not diverge from deeds: he promised, he did. If you can rely on your father in any difficulties, then he is the best.

Father likes our society

He is always interested in talking to his children. Or, for example, to be among the most active fans, watching your sports competitions. As well as providing support in sports games.

He liked and likes to just walk with you. Or as a child, he loved to read books to you, told fictitious interesting stories, fairy tales. Doesn’t that prove that you have the best dad in the world?

He is a role model

The father lives by the principle – the deeds speak for themselves! For example, even having a difficult character, he tried to overcome himself, to break, so as not to “go too far”, raising his children as worthy people. At the same time, he did not just tell how they should live or go through life but showed this by personal example.

He has good qualities, which he does not specifically try to demonstrate to impress others. One of his rules is that children have the right to embody their ideas.

Selflessness is his creed

The father always does everything in the interests and needs of his family. As a rule, the interests of those who are close to him are higher for him than his own. When rendering a service or helping someone, one never expects anything in return. Sometimes we wondered how other people abused it, but my father continued to do it.

It taught us that not everything in life is measured by money. Does your dad help others? This is a clear sign that he is a selfless person. That’s why my brother and I proudly say my dad is the best!

He gives good advice

You can go to him for advice when problems arise. At the same time, the father keeps “ears and heart open” to delve into the very essence. Only having penetrated, understood, and considered everything, offers possible solutions to the problem. His words always help to see your mistakes or strengths.

They helped my brother and me become mature (adult) people. Father’s advice is relevant, always on topic, reliable, proven by personal experience and knowledge. So dad by his example taught us what it means to be men.

Everyone respects him

When the father does not take part or is not present at some events, everyone is interested in him: what happened to him, where can he be? He is a pleasant person, so many people like his company. Even our friends are interested in being in his company or spending time together.

Ready to protect family at all costs

Dad is the man in the house! He is hardworking, works hard so that his family has everything they need. When something threatens his wife, children, he will always come to the rescue and protection. We never doubted that it would.

Whatever happens, the father will protect, help, and will not look at how terrible the threat or the big opponent is. Dad will protect us with all his might. This is another reason why we believe that he is the best dad in the world.

We can’t be without our father

With exact words, one actor sang about his father, we suggest watching it. The words of this song are in tune with our feelings and we are sure you will join us.

Why is there a need to write this article?

Sometimes we notice how young people are ashamed of their fathers. Why? And think about how often the film industry today presents the ideal father? Tall man, handsome, snow-white smile. Beautiful white teeth, trained body, cool car. It is not clear where he works, but the money flows like a river. Slightly arrogant, casual condescension towards other people, and unprecedented generosity to his children.

On the other hand, young people look at their fathers. Most of them are tired men who work hard for meager wages. Maybe they are already walking around with a tummy in a shabby cap, a worn raincoat, or an inexpensive Chinese windbreaker. At the same time, they dream of making a new house on credit or buying a used car.

In such comparisons, real fathers are inferior to ideal movie heroes. This may affect the attitude of young people towards their fathers.

But what is the reality?

These characters are a product of the film industry. The reality is that many of them are mired in drugs, alcoholism, homosexuality, infidelity. They have many illegitimate children from different women. And if you ask their children or women, are they happy that their dad, lover, the husband is an idealized product of the film industry? What will be their answer? Most likely they are unhappy.

Then you must admit that with the right look at your fathers, you can notice how they are a thousand times better than far-fetched movie heroes! Pay attention to some of the statements of children and adults who once looked at their fathers from the right angle.

Sayings of children or good words about dad

  1. “My father is amazing! He gave me life, education, taught me, hugged me, dressed me, punished me, and most importantly, my dad loves me unconditionally.”
  2. “My dad is a hero! It took me many years to realize how much he did for me. I am very grateful to him.”
  3. “I sincerely believe that my father is an amazing person. Possessing certain qualities that make him outstanding.”
  4. “My dad was such a powerful and impressive force in my life that I can’t imagine where I would be without him. I just want to say thank you to him!”

Can you say the same about your father? Perhaps your dad is an amazing and amazing person. You just haven’t thought about it. Think about what qualities make him stand out from the rest, and share them by writing to us.