A cool fairy tale by roles for a wedding as a congratulation

The organization of a wedding celebration is a complex and controversial process in which you will have to take into account many points at once. It is not only about a banquet and a wedding dress, but also a careful thought of the script.

At the celebration itself in the restaurant, there are an abundance of contests and entertainment events. Of course, it is simply impossible to hold contests all day long. Therefore, other ways to entertain guests are also used, namely, funny fairy tales for a wedding and contests.

Fairy-tale scenarios

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There are several possible options for carrying out a fairy tale at a wedding celebration. All of them take place with the participation of guests. They are the main characters. Nowadays, the newlyweds are well aware of the scenario of their wedding.

They discuss it long before the celebration with the host. The newlyweds can tell the host which of the guests is the most artistic and emotional. This will help to deliver the most funny scene.

The wedding script can develop in different ways, based on the semantic content of the text:

  1. The presenter pre-selects the participants in the scene, takes them aside and explains all the rules. According to the script, the guests should depict everything that their character does in the most ridiculous way. The host gives each guest a props or outfit that confirms belonging to a particular image.
  2. Several guests are called to the stage. Characters and phrases are given to each of them. As soon as the guest hears his character in the text, he will have to pronounce the prepared phrase.

It is quite easy to decide on a version of a fairy tale. It should be based on the guests present at the celebration. If several charismatic and artistic personalities are noticed, then it will be funnier and more interesting to carry out the first option with them.

The second version of the tale presupposes already quieter participants. They don’t have to do anything. Their main task is to pronounce prepared phrases on time. This will make everyone present funny.

Cool performances and contests

Several guests must be used to carry out a fairy tale. They will be the protagonists of the impromptu. It is necessary to find the Tsarevich, Horse, Matchmaker, Tsar-Father, Mother and Princess. All the remaining guests will play Wind and Birds. Each of the actors will have their own words.

Tsarevich: “Eh, I’m getting married!”

Horse: “Shut up, shut up!”

Matchmaker: “That’s nice!”

Father Tsar: “I won’t let you in!”

Matyushka: “Don’t hold it!”

Princess: “I’m ready!”

Once upon a time there was a handsome Tsarevich. He decided that it was time to get married. Then he listened and heard Tsarevna in the neighboring village. She clearly wanted to get married. The Tsarevich saddled the horse and rode to the beautiful chosen one. They jump and jump, you can only hear the wind rustling and the birds singing. The Tsarevich does not count.

Then he decided to call Matchmaker and again jumped on the Horse. They jump and jump, again the wind and the birds. So they galloped up to the Tsarevna’s house, from which the Tsar-Father comes out. But then his mother runs out after him. The Princess jumps on the Horse and the Tsarevich, Princess, Matchmaker and Horse run away.

Congratulations fairy tales

Funny and perky is the implementation of the theater scene by roles under the title “Nobody Marries”. For it, you need to call 7 participants:

  • oak;
  • Wolf;
  • Crow;
  • frog;
  • girl;
  • young man;
  • horse.

In a large field stood a lone oak tree. He actively waved his branches. A wolf sat next to an oak tree and howled, a crow flew and a frog croaked. Under the oak tree there was also a bench on which the girl grieved. She shed bitter tears and complained that no one would marry her.

Then the animals decided to console the beautiful maiden and began to approach her in turn. The wolf was the first to decide, he sang his signature song to her. The girl was still crying.

Then a crow flew in and began to croak loudly, dancing. But nothing pleased the girl. Third, the frog decided to try the happiness, which galloped, dancing break-dance.

The young man heard the cry of the girl, who jumped on the horse. And they galloped off so quickly. The horse whinnied all the way and snorted. As soon as the young man rode up, all the animals scattered in fear. The fellow decided to call a beautiful girl as his wife. The young lady agreed and stopped grieving.

This version of the tale can be carried out with the newlyweds. They won’t have to do anything difficult. But they will laugh when they see how the guests will try to entertain them.

The folk tale “The Turnip” has been successfully running for several years now. She is always popular due to the fact that she is known to everyone from childhood. In addition, each character in this scene looks funny and funny, and this is exactly what guests and newlyweds want.

Several guests take part in the fairy tale at once with their roles:

  • turnip «both-on!»;
  • grandfather “well, well!”;
  • grandma “oh, you!”;
  • granddaughter “I’m beautiful”;
  • dog “bark”;
  • cat “meow”;
  • mouse “pee-pee”.

Grandfather planted a turnip. The turnip has grown big, very large. The grandfather pulls the turnip, but he cannot pull it. The grandfather called the grandmother. The grandmother for the grandfather, the grandfather for the turnip will be pulled, but they cannot. Grandma called her granddaughter. The granddaughter for the grandmother, the grandmother for the grandfather, the grandfather for the turnip will be pulled, but they cannot. Granddaughter called Bug.

A bug for a granddaughter, a granddaughter for a grandmother, a grandmother for a grandfather, a grandfather pull for a turnip, but they cannot. Beetle called the cat. A cat for a bug, a bug for a granddaughter, a granddaughter for a grandmother, a grandmother for a grandfather, grandfather pulls for a turnip, but cannot.

The Cat called the mouse. The mouse for the cat, the cat for the bug, the bug for the granddaughter, the granddaughter for the grandmother, the grandmother for the grandfather, the grandfather for the turnip pull and pull the turnip.


In order for the fairy tale to look the most harmonious, you need to think about the availability of costumes and appropriate props. Be sure to take care of the musical compositions.

Sometimes, with their help, you can create a very special mood, when all guests will be funny just from one sound.

The choice of a fairy tale scene for a wedding should be approached with all responsibility. In order for it to turn out as funny as possible, it is necessary and competently to choose the actors.

You can ask the newlyweds in advance about which of their guests is the most artistic and open personalities.