9 Alternatives to Wedding Rice

It is no longer popular to winnow rice to the bride and groom after the ceremony , as a sign of good omen . One of the main reasons is because most churches no longer allow it.

Another is because the bride and groom are looking for original ideas and better substitute the wedding rice for something different and novel , making it a fun challenge to find the best option.

What can be thrown at the bride and groom instead of the wedding rice?

Anything that is thrown at the bride and groom will be with the best wishes of prosperity for their marriage. If you are looking for alternatives to conventional wedding rice, I leave you 9 very creative ideas to substitute wedding rice :


It is super practical to throw confetti at the bride and groom as an alternative to wedding rice.

If you want to make it more original, you can play with the container in which you offer it or you can make different shapes with the papers and / or use metallic papers to make them shine.


For a long time it has been fashionable to prefer to throw bubbles at the bride instead of rice.

If you decide on this option, make sure that the place where they do it is not smooth, to prevent someone from slipping if the floor is soapy.


It would never have occurred to me, but lavender has become very popular as a replacement for wedding rice. It is the ideal size, smells delicious and is biodegradable 😉


Another option to substitute rice at the wedding are flowers. The tiny flowers will give a cheerful color and a very romantic touch.


Continuing with the organic, the dried or fresh petals are an excellent option to supplement the wedding rice .

You can replace the wedding rice with leaves. You can take advantage of the color of the fresh leaves or the color of the dried leaves. They both look great.


Another very fun option to substitute wedding rice is to throw balls at the bride and groom: D.

This idea is great for a beach wedding.


These little balls are very showy. They are like confetti but they look better in photos because of their size and are easily found in any haberdashery. Excellent alternative to wedding rice.

Colored Rice

Now that if your thing is yours is rice, I leave you this wonderful option: Arroz de Colores!

I love this idea because it is  very easy and inexpensive to do. Below the photos I leave you the links where they explain with images, the procedure to paint the rice and to make the bag that looks very cute.

So … do you stick with conventional rice or do you change it?