8th Wedding Anniversary Meaning

Bronze Wedding 8 years of marriage


To begin with, when are the bronze wedding anniversary celebrated?

There is controversy, since when the bronze wedding is celebrated it is when they have been married for eight years, but many people confuse it with the Azabache wedding. These types of weddings do not usually have a ceremony as such, but in some cases they do. As it is an event, an anniversary is usually celebrated that symbolizes loyalty and in which the most problematic ups and downs of a relationship have been overcome. At Deboda.eu we tell you in detail about the bronze weddings, which are celebrated after 8 years of marriage. 8th wedding anniversary meaning is unique.

What do the Bronze weddings mean?

We know that all anniversaries of a marriage are special and must be celebrated but there are some that are more celebrated by couples due to their meaning and this is the case of bronze weddings.

This anniversary is celebrated in the eighth year of marriage and symbolizes a strengthening in the couple giving this anniversary its name because in ancient times the union of two metals such as copper and tin forms bronze, giving rise to an almost unbreakable union and mixing as a single uniform material having a symbolism of the union of the couple as a single unit of love , that is why when the bronze wedding is celebrated, it refers to a strong, respectful, and brilliant marriage  .

Knowing then why this wedding anniversary is called that way, we will have some doubts about when bronze weddings are celebrated and how to organize a quality bronze wedding, here are some tips:

At the bronze wedding, banquet or casual meal?

We know that this issue raises some headaches since the wedding is relatively close and it would be another expense that probably is not for all budgets, so our recommendation is that an evening as a couple be organized and held in privacy to be able to invest that money in something very special and according to the importance of this celebration. 

If we opt for a celebration with renewal of vows, a menu according to this celebration with an informal touch would be a good barbecue with a variety of options of vegetables, fish and meat that will delight diners without losing that fresh and carefree touch that we believe that should govern this celebration. 

Bronze wedding dresses

This question is very personal and depends on the plans of the couple. If the idea is to renew the vows, our recommendation would be a suit for the groom with some bronze details and a short and casual suit for the bride, the tones that we would choose would be dark beige or earth tones with bronze ornaments like the groom.

This dress could be adorned with natural elements such as flowers and minimalist accessories to focus attention on the bronze details that will be the protagonists. For the bouquet in Weddings we would opt for a bouquet of wild flowers to give a touch of color and freshness to the whole.  All this will give cohesion to the celebration. If, on the other hand, you prefer to celebrate it in privacy and will follow our advice for the “banquet”, the outfits become more comfortable and informal without losing the touches of old gold or bronze. The flowers in a more informal case can not be missing either, so a floral touch adorning the hair or a flower tiara would be a special touch to a more formal outfit. 

What to give at the bronze wedding?

As a couple, if we are going to renew our vows on our eighth anniversary it could be an informal ceremony to reinforce your love and share it with the closest circle such as family members and very close friends, in this case the invitations for the bronze wedding should be personal. and close ones more like a celebration between friends than a formal wedding, in our opinion a theme around the beach or a place with a lot of nature will give our celebration that fresh and youthful touch that is perfect to connect with our family and partner without losing an iota of fun or comfort. 

Ideal gifts for bronze weddings:

  • Bronze keychains with your names engraved or with a photograph of both inside.
  • Frame with a photograph of when you started dating, obviously the bronze frame.
  • A pendant necklace or a jewelry box with details in bronze.
  • A small reversible mirror with a bronze frame
  • Beauty accessories:
    • Bronze combs
    • Bronze bracelet
    • Bronze hairpins
    • Handmade jewelery made of bronze

Alliances for the bronze wedding

This material is not widely used in jewelry so it will be more difficult for us to find bronze rings, at DeBodas we recommend you opt for another type of jewelry to immortalize this anniversary. Our proposal addressed to the groom would be unconventional for a young couple but with an inscription commemorating this anniversary it will become a memory that will last forever, this proposal is a bronze pocket watch.

Yes, we know that it sounds old-fashioned but these watches are becoming fashionable to wear to events accompanied by a good suit. On the back of the watch we can put a few words to give it that unique detail. Matching bracelets or necklaces is also a safe bet. For the bride, the classic to give her on this anniversary is a bracelet made with bronze or with an ornament that symbolizes this material.

Some earrings will also make our couple always remember this special anniversary. Here are some examples of the details that you can give to your couples for their bronze wedding.

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Best places to celebrate the bronze wedding

As we have mentioned previously, the best option to celebrate 8 years of marriage would be in a place with nature around us to increase the connection between the attendees and between the bride and groom, as this anniversary symbolizes.

  • A small ceremony on the beach gives an air of freedom and cohesion to this ceremony that also agrees with the meaning of the bronze wedding, in any of the chosen places our proposal would be:
  • An intimate ceremony in a farm in the middle of the mountains with the banquet or celebration in the same enclosure making this celebration a happy and family memory and thus direct the rest of the years married with the best wishes of our families and friends and with new ones vows having made an even stronger union forged over the years. Sounds like a good proposal doesn’t it?
8th wedding anniversary meaning

At the bronze wedding, is there a honeymoon?

Any occasion is perfect for a getaway or trip as a couple and if it is celebrating 8 years of love even more. For this special occasion we have recommended that both the ceremony and the banquet revolve around nature and our travel proposal was not going to be less: Switzerland. With its wonderful landscapes and its multiple views from the Swiss Alps, we will be able to connect in a more spiritual way with our partner and reinforce the love that unites like tin and copper, forming a strong couple with united goals and dreams.

From breakfast with spectacular views to adrenaline-pumping activities such as downhill or rapids, Switzerland is one of the best destinations to celebrate your bronze wedding anniversary. 

They are the first years of marriage and this celebration we catch run to meet the challenge of reaching all potential celebrate anniversaries with our partner, whether weddings of gold, of platinum. Having formed an inseparable union with our bronze wedding and all its symbolism.

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