8 tips to stop being jealous of your husband

A woman can cause jealous feelings for many reasons from which she suffers. Therefore, find out how to stop being jealous of your husband? What will help not to be jealous of your man without a reason for everyone or the past, for example, an ex-wife? How to recognize the signs of jealousy? The article discusses tips to help deal with common female fears and experiences.

Overcoming jealousy is not an easy task for a woman. This requires a lot of effort, especially when the reason for which jealousy does not dry out. Try to apply the tips from the article and see if it’s a doable task.

How to stop being jealous of a man

Find the cause of your jealousy

For example, you are jealous of your spouse for his ex. What then can be done? First, recognize that it can be difficult to stop being jealous of past relationships. Secondly, analyze why you are jealous? Because the husband was intimate with this woman? You are worried that you can resume the past connection. Finding the cause of your jealousy is the first step in dealing with it.

It’s better to ask than to speculate

Wives get jealous because they are often afraid to ask actual questions, preferring the unknown to the truth. Ever heard the phrase “no news is good news”? Many wives follow this principle. Maybe it’s just fear of the unknown. Admit it, it’s hard to stop being jealous when you don’t know how your husband treats other women.

Having more detailed information about the daily life of your chosen one, his relationships with colleagues (the fair sex) can reduce fears and feelings about betrayal. For example, knowing that a man will not allow himself any extra-work relationships with women, you will be less jealous.

Stop controlling your husband

It is impossible to completely control the behavior of your man. It must be understood that control is only an illusion. Is it possible to control another person 24 hours a day, seven days a week? An attempt to control will result in your exhaustion, shattered nerves, and the loss of a man who has gone to another female person.

You need to understand that no amount of jealousy will ever solve the situation. Regardless of whether you show it weakly or you are the most jealous wife on the planet, sooner or later the understanding will come that this feeling simply drains your strength, causes problems.

When a spouse stares at random women

It is worth knowing that men are more likely than women to stare at ladies who are considered attractive. But just because a husband biologically evaluates other women does not mean that he is looking for opportunities to deceive his spouse. Remember, female jealousy is driven by the fear of losing your partner, the fear that you are not good enough as a woman.

Therefore, try to be more than a wife for your husband, be his muse, lover, support, consolation. If you complement each other in your sexual life, not knowing any problems with this, then calm down, you have nothing to fear. If there are problems with your husband, then read the article on how to solve such difficulties.

Finding photos of his “former” love

Try not to panic. Think about it, maybe he sees it as part of his story when he lived a different life until he met you. At the same time, you should not be silent about your feelings about this. If the photo bothers you, tell him: “I saw this photo, it made me feel bad. I am tormented by the question, why do you keep it?

We are sure your man has a reasonable explanation for this. Probably just forgot about the existence of this photo. As you understand, to stop being jealous of your man, you need to look not only at his actions/deeds, you need to think about the motives behind them.

When other women stare at him, and he likes it

Then just be proud, saying “yes, they are staring, right, but he’s mine.” The male sex is so arranged that he always wants to look sexy in the eyes of women, without even intending to have any connections. Many ladies may object, saying that men will not be able to control themselves and, on occasion, will succumb to temptation.

Believe me, more often they are more interested in what impression they make on others than in sex itself. A husband may enjoy the attention to himself but is happy only with his wife. Stop looking for evidence for your suspicions.

When he says women at work compliment him

Like, well preserved, fit, looks like a man, and not his glamorous likeness. How in this case not be jealous of a man? After all, these words provoke jealousy, you say. This is true when viewed from the position that the man is a womanizer. But, try to look from a different angle to understand why the spouse says these words? After all, when they want to change, they don’t talk about other women.

Most likely, the words of the husband are his subtle way of hinting that he longs for more love from his soulmate and admiration for him. You may have begun to take your husband for granted. Let him feel that you appreciate him and value your relationship.

When he says that his friend is very lucky with his wife

These words should not be considered as evidence of a passion for this woman or a desire to hurt your feelings. Think:

  • surely he is just happy for his friend and expresses his emotions in this way;
  • this is probably a subtle hint: you, as women, should get to know each other in order to become friends in the future, communicating with families.

Watch this video for advice from a psychologist to help women deal with jealous feelings.

Having considered the tips on how not to be jealous of your husband, now you should pay attention to the signs of your jealousy.

To understand the signs, we want to ask a few questions about your relationship. It only takes a minute and doesn’t worry…

Your answers to yourself are your tool for self-testing jealousy. How much has she become a big problem in the relationship?

So take a deep breath, relax, answering yourself, openly and honestly, the following questions.

Signs of jealousy

  • Do you insist on accusing your man of having relations with another madam, even if he categorically denies it?
  • Have you broken off relationships with guys in the past because of your jealousy?
  • When a spouse is late from work, do you suspect him of cheating? Do you trust his explanations?
  • Did you have to “rummage” through your spouse’s pockets, look through your phone, e-mail, wallet or briefcase in his absence to find traces of your alleged rival?
  • You are tormented by questions, how else can you satisfy your suspicions about your husband?
  • Accused your man that he preens too much? They asked with suspicion, on what occasion is he trying to look so good? Are you always satisfied with his answers or suspicions creep in that he is disingenuous?
  • Have you accused your partner of flirting with your girlfriend, acquaintance, godfather? Have you spoken out in a categorical manner to the hubby’s excuses that you are outraged by his method of communicating with them?
  • Have you tried to analyze your suspicion, perhaps it is groundless, exaggerated? Have you thought about how to stop being jealous of your husband?
  • Did a man threaten to break up with you, divorce you because of your jealousy? Did you give an ultimatum, saying if you don’t stop pestering him with suspicions, will he break up with you?
  • Do you call your spouse, wanting to check where he is, with whom? When calling, try to listen to the background behind him, thus checking if there is a woman nearby?
  • Do you feel anxious when your spouse looks at an attractive woman? Are you following his gaze?
  • Have you tried to check the fidelity of your lover through familiar women, adjusting the temptation for him with them?
  • Did your spouse try to lie to you, where was he, what did he do, wanting to prevent another tantrum or scandal that you can throw at him?
  • Have you ever tried to calmly talk with your partner about your feelings, without nerves and scandals. True or not?
  • Do you consider yourself a victim, accusing or suspecting your husband of “romances on the side”?

If you answered “yes” to any three of the above questions, then you are experiencing unhealthy jealousy. Your relationship can burst like a soap bubble if you do not try to get rid of your jealousy.

Why is a woman jealous

She is afraid of betrayal

It is worth recognizing: the inalienable right of the female half of humanity is to expect the fidelity of a husband/man. They want to be sure that their husbands, like a rock, will stand firm in the face of women’s temptations. When there is no such confidence in men, jealousy appears, especially when the stronger sex gives a reason for this.

Of course, the spouse will do without the destruction of all applicants, but violent scenes of jealousy for a man are provided. Some more emotional persons are capable of inflicting physical injuries on males. Even if the lady suppresses jealous feelings in herself, the consequences will inevitably be felt. It’s like flushing a toilet, the “smell” will remain.

Fear of competition

Representatives of the weaker sex experience jealousy for their husband out of fear of losing love, the breadwinner of the family. Fear of the existence of something they still do not know. For example, there is another woman more beautiful than she, who can provide her man with something that she cannot do.

These fears can arouse seething rage, sometimes to the point of extreme self-destruction (paranoid, morbid jealousy). The wife does not know how to properly deal with her feelings, therefore, she becomes suspicious of everything, nervous, or stops looking after herself. She cannot allow the thought to stop being jealous of her lover.

Woman jealous because of possessiveness

By this, she shows that she is fighting for her love for a man and his reciprocal feelings for her. She fights for the preservation of the family hearth since she is his keeper. And female jealousy is a means of such a struggle. When used correctly, it gives results. For example, a man, wanting to avoid upsetting his wife, tries not to give rise to jealousy with his actions, words.

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