8 Alternative Ways to Wear a Wedding Ring

Not everyone is a big fan of rings. Fair enough. Like any piece of jewelry, taste is subjective. However, if you’re looking to get married but don’t love the standard left hand ring thing, there are certainly some options in front of you. Whether you want something different stylistically or just don’t love wearing rings, there are plenty of choices you can make when it comes to women’s and men’s wedding band alternatives.

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Who Would Want an Alternative?

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Well, most of us won’t need or want one, but that doesn’t mean no one will. The biggest factors are going to be style choices and lifestyle needs. Some people just don’t love the look of a ring and want to go elsewhere with their symbol of commitment. The other big one is lifestyle, specifically work. If you’re in the trades or the medical field, for example, a ring just isn’t feasible, and you need to get creative to find a safe and efficacious alternative.

Alternative Ways to Wear a Wedding Ring

  1. On a Chain

Wearing a ring on a necklace is probably the most popular alternative way to wear your wedding ring. It stays close to you, fairly protected, but isn’t on your hand. There are plenty of reasons someone might opt to wear a wedding ring on a chain, ranging from utility to sentimentality. If nothing else, it’s a good secondary option if your fingers swell throughout the day or you work with your hands routinely.

One thing to note here is that you want to choose an appropriate chain length for your lifestyle and the heft of your ring. You may not want a really short chain since that’ll put your ring up near your collarbone. Of course, you don’t want to go too long either, so figure out a good chain length for you.

  1. In a Stack

This is going to be more popular among women, though you could stack men’s wedding bands if you’re fashion-forward. It’s not the most out-there alternative when it comes to wedding rings, but if you’re just trying to spice up the look a bit, this could be for you. Add in a couple of bands, maybe even a band or two on your other hand. If you surround your wedding ring with other rings, you can create some really interesting looks.

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  1. Non-Traditional Bands

Maybe the wearing of the ring isn’t the issue, but you just want a unique look that you won’t see everyone else wearing. There are tons of choices for this! Wood, carbon fiber, tungsten, antler, you name it. It’s easier than ever to find a signature look for you that you won’t often see among your friends or in your everyday life. Get creative!

  1. On Your Other Hand

Again, not the most out-there option, but this one is certainly going to be more unique. While some cultures traditionally wear wedding rings on the right hand, it’s broadly uncommon in the Western world – particularly in North America. If nothing else, it’ll prevent you from getting a gnarly ring tan on your left hand. Granted, that’ll mean switching back and forth to keep things even, but it’s an option.

  1. On a Bracelet

Every once in a while, you’ll see someone wearing a ring on a fabric bracelet. Basically, the ring sits on top of your wrist, tied to the fabric on each end. The tension of the fabric holds the bracelet together and the ring in place. You can experiment with different materials and colors for the bracelet as well to get the look you’re going for. 

Wedding Ring Alternatives

  1. Silicone Rings

Silicone rings are just good to have in general, honestly. They’re inexpensive, can hold up to basically anything and come in plenty of colors and styles. If you want to show your commitment but find traditional rings uncomfortable, silicone rings are much more forgiving and easier to wear. 

  1. Tattoos

Hey, nothing says lifetime commitment to each other like matching wedding ring tattoos. You never have to worry about losing your wedding ring when it’s literally attached to you 24/7. Sure, it’s not the most comfortable ring fitting you’ll ever have, but it’s a neat look and really convenient. You can’t try to take it off to get free drinks at the bar, though, so choose wisely.

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  1. Any Jewelry, Really

Rings are the most common, of course. However, it’s not unheard of to use a watch, bracelet or any other piece of jewelry to symbolize the same thing. Of course, it will be less standard and less understood by the outside world broadly, so take that into account. Otherwise, you can select any piece of jewelry you find more comfortable and equally meaningful to a ring and call it good.

Wedding rings really are just a convention anyway. Of course, that’s certainly not a bad thing. Sometimes conventions are great and allow you to participate in something much bigger than yourself. However, there’s no rule stating you have to have a ring or wear it in a certain way to be married. If wearing a ring just isn’t your style or doesn’t make sense for your life, you’ve got plenty of alternatives to consider.