7 Tips for choosing your Bridal Bouquet

Choosing the bridal bouquet that you will bring to your wedding is one of the most advanced steps in organization.

Before reaching this point, you should already have defined:

  • the theme of your wedding
  • the flowers you want for decoration
  • how will your wedding dress be

The bouquet must be an extension and complement of these elements, so it is not recommended that you choose it before defining the above.

7 Tips for choosing your Bridal Bouquet

# 1.- Choose natural flowers:

Currently, the trend in bridal bouquets is to wear them made with natural flowers ; and they should not necessarily have expensive flowers, it can be a cloud bouquet or a simple bouquet. If the style of your wedding is rustic, minimalist or something like that, a bouquet of simple and small flowers is ideal. Another reason to choose natural flowers: they look much better in photos.

2.- Choose a specific design

It is preferable that you have a very clear idea  of what you want for that day. Try to have pictures to explain what you like, which will also serve as a sample for the person who designs the bouquet. You will avoid unpleasant surprises if it is perfectly explained and understood what you expect for your wedding day.

3.- Prefer an easy-to-handle bouquet

4.- Highlight your bouquet from the other flowers.

Although the bouquet should harmonize with the other flowers of the event,  you can add some flowers that stand out either for their color or their shape, so that it does not look like you took a centerpiece per bouquet.

5.- Take into account your height, your silhouette and the design of your dress.

The height, silhouette and design of the dress are important aspects that you should take into account when deciding on a bouquet, because each type of bouquet accentuates qualities or defects of your body .

On the other hand, the bouquet must balance the dress, that is:

loaded dress → simple bouquet simple

dress → eye-catching bouquet

6.- Choose professionals in this area. 

They will be able to give you a personalized orientation on the designs that go best with you, with the style of your wedding and the best season of the flowers that you like.

7.- Add an extra detail

A glitter, a butterfly, a photo or a hanging that has a special meaning for you, will give a special and different touch to your bridal bouquet. Carrying the photo of someone you want to be there or your lucky charm will give you security and peace of mind.

Don’t stress if at the last minute you couldn’t get the flowers exactly as you asked for them. With the issue of flowers you must be aware that there is a tiny probability that they have a variation in the tone or that at the last minute for some reason they do not have your flowers, especially if they are not very common flowers and have to be ordered under a special order.