7 best and expert wedding photographers in Argentina

We invite you to meet the 6 best and expert wedding photographers. At your wedding you can see in advance the decoration of the room and flower arrangement but the photos can only be imagined. It is a challenging task to search for a talented professional. Remember ” an image speaks louder than a thousand wordsPhotos and videos last forever. The choice is so important because the result is seen in the end. They must interpret the bride and groom’s own style, master photographic art and have an innovative spirit.

Choose the best photographer that suits the bride and groom’s style:

Someone who can document all the happiness and capture the most important moments of family and friends. When researching the most suitable photographer for your wedding, remember that there are different styles of photos like these:

Portrait, traditional and classic:

Photos that have a planned and portrait style to reconstruct the event. Just as seen in the traditional album of our parents. Photos in front of the church, at the head table and with the guests. A way that prefers formality and avoids improvisation.

Photo journalism, spontaneous to capture emotions:

Let the photographer be careful not to invade the actors when documenting the event. You won’t find portraits here. The evidence and feelings of the first dance are photographed, of the men at the bar spontaneously taking drinks, the children of the party entertained, without poses but all the activity and movement of that day.

Artist and avant-garde photographer:

The gestures, preparations and wedding anecdotes are what matter in this style. They are highlighted through a performance simulating these moments. For example, the Bride preparing her makeup, the friends helping the groom with the shoes, the nervous groom waiting in front of the altar.

7 best wedding photographers in Argentina:

We introduce you to these select photographers who have a passion for their work, an obsession for excellence and use the latest technology. If you are in Spain visit our post 5 best wedding photographers in Spain.

1. DM photo and video of Daniel Maleplate:

Where is it:   Villa Urquiza, CABA, City of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Experience:  It places a high value on innovation and the quality of its services. Those of DM are photos and videos with novel proposals and experience in 2,400 wedding parties. During its more than 20 years in the market, it is important to highlight its activity in top-line social and business events. Its objective is to convey with an image the emotion of the protagonists of the wedding in a spontaneous, original and discreet way. 

6 Best And Expert Wedding Photographers – Daniel Maleplate

2. Ariel Haber :

Where is it: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Experience: Ariel Haber is one of the most internationally awarded Argentine wedding photographers. He was chosen on the Bodas Argentinas portal as the photographer of the year 2017.

He is a creative lover of art in its different forms of expression. In photography he found a way to convey emotions through his camera. On his website there are countless testimonies of his work done in wedding photojournalism. As a professional photographer, he spontaneously captures the best moments of a wedding and provides excellent images of the event. 

6 Best And Expert Wedding Photographers – Ariel Haber

3. Adriana Carolina:

Where is it: Buenos Aires , Argentina.

Experience: She is an enterprising photographer who puts together a wedding story told through photography. In November 2018, she was awarded the “Golden Lens 2018”. The spontaneity and personalization of your photos allow you to experience very special moments with great names in international photography.

The photographer adianacarolina uses the latest technologies to take her wonderful wedding photos. 

6 best and expert wedding photographers – Adriana Carolina

4. Lazaro Producciones:

Where is it:   CABA, City of Buenos Aires and Lujan Argentina.

Experience: After having gone through film school, its founder developed a passion for music. He interacts between the art of photography, filming and video editing to delight clients with his work.

Work alongside a team of professionals who love what they do.

If you wish to contact Lazaro Producciones, the person in charge of the commercial area is BelĂ©n Pinello. 

Lazaro Productions

5. Gustavo Taliz:

Where is it:   Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Experience: A photographer with a true passion for documentary wedding photography.

Live and enjoy each wedding with the greatest intensity. Empirical by nature. He lives in this beautiful city of Buenos Aires, that’s how the one who comes from Venezuela says. His extensive knowledge makes him a leader in the sector.

If the bride and groom need personalized advice, contact him through social networks. 

Gustavo Taliz placeholder image

6. Two Nails:

Where is it: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Experience: Her passion is finding the subtle sensations of marriage. Just as its slogan says “We are Light”

Their talent leads them to document weddings at the Sans Souci Palace and the Duhau Palace. They have also developed works to capture the feelings of a marriage in Estancias. Image professionals. 

Dos Clavos photographers from Argentina

7. Photo Feijoo:

Where is it: Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Experience: They are a team of photographers with many years of experience. They make photographic productions with great professionalism and good vibes. They portray the best moments of your civil wedding with spontaneous and colorful shots

They cover events and carry out projects delivering top quality photographs. 

Photo Feijoo

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