5 Year Anniversary Poems

There are unique 5 year anniversary poems.

For 5 years we have been building happiness with you,
And there is one soul for two,
You are a gift, treasure, wealth,
With you forever, forever.

Today is our anniversary,
We have a reason for pride,
I’ve already loved you for 5 years,
And I can’t live without you!

I wish us tolerance,
And to be always united,
You are my joy, inspiration,
I love you with all my heart!

Five years have passed, and we stayed, We
never parted with you.
We love each other sincerely,
We are not afraid of sadness and boredom.

5 Year Anniversary Poems

And, we share tears and smiles,
We forgive stupid mistakes, We
always go through life side by side,
You don’t need more for happiness!

How quickly time has passed –
Years, hours, minutes fly by.
Today is your couple’s holiday.
You’ve been together for five years, that’s cool!

I wish you a sea of ​​laughter,
Great love and hot passion,
Good luck, joy, success!
Let there be only happiness in life!

These years have
brought us joy and sadness.
But the
freshness of our first senses remained unchanged .

Reflected in our life
These past five years,
But you are dearer in the heart
There is no one in the world.

I love everything just as much,
Brightly, passionately and light,
And with you in the winter,
As if it’s warm on a summer day!

5 years ago I agreed to be yours, I
never regretted it for a moment,
You always take care of me,
Especially when I get sick sometimes.
I love you with all my soul,
And without you I will not be able to breathe,
I am very happy, my beloved,
And, believe me, I do not regret anything.
Maybe a couple of years will pass,
And the rings will be married in the registry office,
And there will be a ringing laugh in the nursery.
In the meantime, I’m
happy with our anniversary
, I congratulate you, my good,
I chose an excellent man,
Who can give joy!

We are together for
5 years, I live with you for 5 years,
Happy anniversary
I want to congratulate!

I wish us patience,
So that they do not know quarrels,
So that there is understanding,
And, so that the reproach does not sound.

To be loved forever,
To be near forever,
From now on in a man,
My soul lives.

From now on, only you,
I only breathe you,
I love you very much,
And, I speak openly!

For five years now with you
Hand in hand, eye to eye.
And in the same way I melt under the gaze
And the hearts are just as fiery.

May we never get bored of
each other sincerely appreciate
And even if life teaches
We will believe and love!

Although we met a long time ago,
Already five years ago,
I remember every moment of
That meeting that connected us.

Those kisses and
hugs seemed childish then.
All were common occupations,
It seemed – it will always be so.

As time went on, we became very attached to each other.
Now there can be no life without you.
I am happy that I became love, the best friend.
And the goal of all life is to live loving you.

Five years have passed, beautiful and happy,
Five years have passed since we are together with you.
We raise children, cheerful, very cute,
And everything for happiness is given to us by fate.

I congratulate you on your anniversary,
On a beautiful day in the calendar of love. We
will be able to celebrate it well,
We will remember all our past days.

5 years have passed since the moment,
How fate brought you two together,
How relationships began,
A little more family!

I wish you patience,
So that your passion does not fade away ,
So that love always reigns,
And do not shout at each other!

Happy 5th Anniversary!
This is our achievement
And a great reason to
Go in the same direction.

Hold tight my hand,
Believe that we will overcome everything,
Even in difficult times We
will be able to keep love.

I’m not scared with you at all,
I know you will always support,
Being together is wonderful,
You are my everything, as before.

Today we shine with happiness,
And one after another we are a mountain!
We celebrate the fifth anniversary –
Five years today we are with you!

Over the years, we have managed to
pick up the Keys from the Heart.
And the difficult cipher of charming love We
managed to unravel together!

We will not let go of our happiness,
we will keep love.
And we will
celebrate all our anniversaries all our lives !

On our fifth birthday, I congratulate
I send you a kiss in congratulations, I will hug you when I meet you , I will whisper
that I love you!

And I also wish us,
Divide everything in the world in half,
And always be indivisible,
Also tenderly, tenderly love!

Five years – not a lot and not a little,
And all they had happened.
But most importantly, for you and me
Love was brought on a saucer.

Since then we have fallen in love,
Blood boils in my veins.
And we know: it will always be like this,
And years is not a problem!

We celebrate the fifth anniversary,
We meet him with champagne.
And we understand
that the years will never interfere with us!

With you today, as five years of
Love, we meet the dawn.
With happiness, my head is spinning,
We want to continue to be always!

We have gone a lot, and we were able to
save Love from various troubles.
We will always appreciate her,
And she will make us happy!

We have been happy for five years.
And this is not the limit,
I believe that a
happy, joyful lot awaits us with you .

We love each other dearly, We are
always ready to support,
You are me, I am you,
What more could fate wish?

Today our couple are five!
Happy wonderful years.
Where every day and every hour
was warmed by Love.

We became very close to you,
sprouted into each other.
And if it’s bad alone,
And it hurts.

I wish you and me to live
All the days that God will give us.
As long as we love, he will never
part us.

We recently met you,
and became very close friends.
Over time, we fell in love with each other,
Best friends came to the wedding!

And today we are celebrating the date:
Five years have passed since then.
I can’t believe where they came from,
As if yesterday had just passed!

5 Year Anniversary Poems

Our union is strong, loving, sacred
And we will continue to protect.
And we will not even have time to look back,
How we will celebrate the anniversary again!

One thousand eight hundred and twenty-five days
There are you in my happy life!
We love sincerely and understand,
Pranks, insults, sometimes we forgive.

There is confidence that you are my man,
I can go with you for a whole century,
Dream and strive for the best , To
achieve everything I desire !

Five! This is the anniversary!
Hug me soon!
Kiss and caress!
Five years – this is paradise!
Years of joy and happiness,
And we don’t need bad weather!
You always love me,
And paying in return,
We will continue to live in love,
Catch you kisses!
Let us be together and love,
Let the blood always worry!

5 years today for your couple,
Such a solid anniversary,
I wish you good and happiness,
Wonderful, bright days for you!

So that dreams always come true,
And, so that your love bloomed,
So that soon, perhaps,
You also have a family!

Today we celebrate five years with you, The
head is spinning with joy!
Love still intoxicates us with itself,
And happiness will never leave!

We love each other even more,
And thoughts and words have become deeper.
How wonderful that in this dark world
Love has tied us to itself forever!

You and I are already five years old,
There is no better pair in the world!
Feelings are understanding,
respect and attention.

I know we will go a long way,
And the house will be happy,
Together we will bring up dreams
And we will give birth to children in love!

Five years have passed since we are together,
I congratulate you.
Five years brought us happiness, I
remember the past.

And joy awaits us ahead,
And happiness will last long.
Again I confess my love,
We will never be apart.

Five years passed over the earth,
And we did not notice them.
After all, the days of our strong love
Merged in one fabulous moment.

5 Year Anniversary Poems

Thank you that you are
And in my life, and in fate,
I will be for another hundred years
In love to confess to you!

Five years passed over the earth,
And we did not notice them.
After all, the days of our strong love
Merged in one fabulous moment.

Thank you that you are
And in my life, and in fate,
I will be for another hundred years
In love to confess to you!

When you are near, I am always warm,
And my soul is so clear and light.
I rush to you always faster,
And I give you more tender congratulations.

We spent five happy years together,
And weaved the right relationship.
They may never meet the end,
And you already know, you are definitely a fine fellow.

Today we meet the dawn,
How we met, we remember.
Not a year has passed, years have passed,
But together we are, as then.

We all managed to survive,
And forget all the bad.
We saved our love,
and now we live happily.

We have known you for five years,
But the dawn of love has not passed.
And we will
celebrate all anniversaries for many years in a row !

Today we are celebrating our anniversary. We are
celebrating five years in a relationship.
And together we remember how we
met you long ago.

It’s always fun together with you,
And we often walk in the rain.
And we love walks in the moonlight,
We are inseparable even in a dream.

And we will be glad to continue, to
strongly support each other.
And through the years, through the time To
celebrate other dates!

Five years already of our love,
Your thoughts and views are close to me,
Native eyes and pensive eyes,
Feelings of incomparable waterfall!

We are a couple, friends and loved ones,
You and I are unique!
Let our life be wonderful,
rich, interesting!

The number “five” means that everything is fine,
so much of our relationship is personal.
We have become loved ones, friends,
And there is trust between us.

We always rejoice in a new day,
Sincerely say to each other “I love”,
Together we strive and build happiness,
After all, each of us is worthy of it!

Day woke up. And you are all the same together.
5 long years breathing in unison.
And let another 200 years pass for you,
After all, your record is still so young.

We wish you to stay together
Prove that happiness is an ocean,
And paint a picture of your life.
And everyone will drink a whole vat of happiness.

Our relationship today is five years old,
And there is no better couple in the whole world,
We have kept our feelings warm,
After all, love is above all for us!

Let’s always make each other happy,
After all, heaven’s height,
enthusiasm and inspiration are available to us !
Let the moment of love be eternal!

Five years of joint relationships,
Five years of joint accomplishments.
You are the builders of your own happiness,
We wish you to enjoy it in sweetness.

May fate always be beautiful,
And good to you, and unusually generous.
Be faithful only to each other,
And do not let you just boredom.

We can dream that the world is beautiful for the fifth year in a row.
And they often dream of love,
And they call – sometimes.

We wish ourselves success.
Let the relationship flow.
And waves of joyful laughter
On the island of happiness will run.

Happy fifth anniversary,
Your couple is so beautiful, young,
Happy fifth, important anniversary,
Always be happy together!

I wish you endless love,
And at your wedding I want to walk,
May trust and honesty reign,
your relations only flourish!

Your relationship is only five,
We will still congratulate you.
By the hands, holding, you confidently walk,
And we wish you to find a path to happiness.

And let the flowers accompany you on it, Let the
stars on the way never fade away.
Love will melt in your own hearts,
It will help you in all your affairs.

Five years today for your couple,
I hasten to congratulate you on this,
I wish you well and happiness, I
wish you a family to create!

I wish you to live always in abundance,
I wish you to be together always,
Let everything be in order,
Happy anniversary to you, friends!

Here is the first anniversary day,
We have been together for many years –
Five long and short years
We were so happy: We
loved, we thought, we live …

There are no tears to see in the rain.
And do not rush away in the years gone by.
We wish you never fade.
We have such a wonderful relationship.

And, we wish you more happy meetings.
And let the sky turn blue with a pure world.
When the world is full of bright hopes,
we turn 5 years into life with ether.

Declaration of love let him say,
How much
5 years mean to me – it’s not even a year,
And again the drops are running, ringing.

And we will wait for new springs,
We will wait for new winters.
Let the world not be formidable to us,
And we will be together again.

Husband – Wife, both of you, together
How many years have you lived in honor!
How much fire and love you have,
What passion you are full of!

How much joy is in my soul, –
Alas, you cannot count everything.
You are together, God has given, for five years already,
You are not happier in the world!

Husband – Wife, both of you, together
How many years have you lived in honor!
How much fire and love you have,
What passion you are full of!

How much joy is in my soul, –
Alas, you cannot count everything.
You are together, God has given, for five years already,
You are not happier in the world!

We know that both of you are happy together,
You always walk the same road.
And this has been
going on for a long time, for five years, and therefore we are giving this bouquet here.

And with him our congratulations.
We wish you to move towards success without delay.
May all your plans come true, bright dreams,
And before troubles you will burn all bridges in time.

The first anniversary:
Together husband and wife for 5 years!
Together they chose their path,
To breathe life into their love.

Before us is a strong family,
And we wish you honestly:
you live together for ten years ….
Love, children and light!

Cover your eyes with your hand.
Imagine that you have been together for a long time.
5 years cannot be gray
Than loneliness on the way.

We congratulate you on this date.
It’s nice to wish you well.
Even if it is not easy for us at times.
Reality is not a game.

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