5 Adorable Ways to Keep the Romance Alive for Broke College Couples

When you are a college student with a broken heart and you want to keep the romance alive, it’s still possible to make your wings fly again as it’s always better to love and not to be loved than never love at all. While your heart may be hurting, there are still ways to survive through it all and even bring things back to normal. Remember that every relationship is like a river where you have all the possible streams and barriers that prevent the flow from running. It does take time and effort to heal your relationship as there may be some misunderstandings or words that have not been spoken. Sometimes we do say too much, which is another reason why we may feel broke as a couple, yet the most important is to seek ways to heal! 

5 Adorable Ways to Keep the Romance Alive for Broke College Couples 

1. Sorry Seems to Be The Hardest Word! 

It’s not about who has to say “sorry” first as long as you really mean it. It seems to be the hardest thing to do and some people just do not know how to start or when to say it. It does not have to sound dumb when it is all that you get to say. Combine it with what you feel and do not be afraid if you are the second person to apologize as your date starts. Even if you won’t be together again (as you suppose!), it’s always good to end on a major note. 

2. Do More Things Together! 

You have to think about doing things together that do not seem typical. For example, if you are struggling with an assignment, you can discuss it with each other and be there through the difficult times. Consider checking Top Writers Review as a great option by making a present for each other as an expert helps you out. Instead of limiting yourself to flowers or a digital subscription present, just be there for each other and do so without feeling or looking forced. The more natural it is, the better!

3. Write a Poem or Compose a Song! 

Even if you don’t have any prior experience in composing something, just give it a try. It does not have to rhyme or sound like the next big Billboard Chart hit because it should come straight from your heart. If you play a musical instrument, compose something meaningful. If you are good at web design, create something beautiful. Likewise, if you are a DJ, dedicate a show to your special one! 

4. Don’t Be Afraid to Do Something Crazy! 

Of course, it does not mean that you have to risk your life or violate the laws but think about going beyond the usual apologies. You can think about money management first and explore the possible unusual presents that will make your relationship even more meaningful. If you have always dreamt of it, purchase a giant teddy bear or even a guitar for your significant other. Let your imagination flow and think about what defines your relationship! 

5. Start Doing Something New! 

When nothing else works, consider starting to learn a foreign language or joining something together. It can be volunteering, community work, or even working with children. It will help you to overcome your struggles, work on your relationship, and show the best sides of your character! 

Treasure Every Moment of Your Relationship! 

Every relationship must be treasured even if there are some things that you would wish to forget. Remember those parts that make you feel cozy and happy! Take all the good parts and think about what it took to keep things where they are. Don’t try to hurt yourself even more by living through the pain but focus on what you have learned. The majority of broke college couples try to distract themselves by focusing on college sports, social work, or just spending time with the people they would rather avoid otherwise.

If you want to keep the romance alive, do not act like a victim, and never show your fragility. Do not fall for the narcissists but show that you are a person with dignity who can tell right from wrong. When you build your defenses and stay true to what you feel, you will make a strong call to action for your significant other, reminding each other that a relationship is a two-way road!