365 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

Those of us who are living this beautiful stage of life, we find ourselves completely drugged with love and we have plenty of reasons to want to get married. In spite of that, there are 365 reasons why I love my wife

Let’s see what are 365 reasons why I love my wife!

Because I can’t stop thinking about you.

Because I love that you look me in the eye.

Because despite everything, you love me unconditionally.

Because I love to walk hand in hand.

For the times you stick your tongue out at me.

Because I love your kisses.

Also your kisses on the forehead.

Because I love seeing you wake up next to me.

Because you always worry about me.

Because you pamper me and pamper me as if I were little.

365 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

Because you are able to bear my tricks.

For putting up with my absurd anger.

For the tickle fights you always win.

For those times you look at me without saying anything but actually you say everything.

For those love on the couch.

For that night we celebrate our first “anniversary.”

For making what you and I know was so special.

For those hugs that give me so much strength.

For all: Well, I smash you!

For being faithful to me.
reasons to love your partner 2

For helping me trust someone 100%.

For taking a little off the complexes.

For telling me that I look good when I wake up.

For the thumb wars you let me win.

For painting my nails, believe it or not, you did it well hahaha.

For each day is special.

For putting up with my drunkenness and taking care of myself like no one else.

For understanding me like no one else.

For putting up with me when we go shopping.

For the smiles that you make me just by seeing you.

For those 5 hour phone conversations.

For listening to me, understanding me and giving me advice whenever I need it.

For supporting me in the good and correcting me in the bad.

For calming me down when I get “nervous breakdowns.”

For giving me the best moments of my life.

For all the memories we have created together.

Because you are unique in many ways.

Because I wouldn’t trade you for anything in the world.

For those nerdy messages.

For our nonsense in the subway.
reasons to love your partner 4

For being so extremely cloying.

Because you always want to see me happy.

For those nights.

For the songs that remind you of me.

For our song.

​​Because we are connected.

Because you make me extremely happy.

Because you have taught me what it is to really love someone.

Because you put up with me every day, even from a distance.

Because no km separates us.

For forgiving all my mistakes, which have not been few.

For sleeping next to me when we can.

Because you know me better than anyone.

Because you are by my side every day.

For drying my tears.

For always reminding me that you love me.

For your patience.

Because we complement each other perfectly, and keep fighting to communicate.

Because you gave me our pets.

For our house …
reasons to love your partner 4

For our secret place.

For the days of travel.

For wanting and helping me achieve my goals.

For worrying about me studying.

For making me dream of you.

For when I wake you up because I’ve had a nightmare and you give me a hug.

For the sweet dreams and the kisses you give me when I’m sleeping.

Because every moment by your side is worth it.

For all the good times and bad times together.

Because of our fights, usually silly.

Because despite not being perfect, you make me feel that I am.

Because I always rely on you when they ask me to write something about love.

Because you came when I needed you most.

Because the smallest detail that would have been different at the beginning of our history would have made everything different.

For every caress you give me.

For loving me as no one has done and never will.

For our outings with the car … “where the road takes us.”

365 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

Because I love the way you drive.

For our outings for a walk, lunch, dinner, …

For visiting me.
reasons to love your partner 5

For doing the impossible to come when I went on a trip.

For all the resumes we’ve given.

Because for you I do these nerds.

For teaching me new things.

For reassuring me when my cell phone was stolen.

For those nights at the beginning of our relationship.

For being a bore at first.

At the night we met.

Because with you I have ended up being something that I would never have imagined.

Because I have done things for you that I had always said I would not do.

For changing so much for me.

For putting up with my stupid stripes.

For putting up with things that I have said to you and they have hurt you.

For being honest.

For always telling me what you think, whether I like it or not.

Because you make my tears turn into smiles.

For all the stupid things you can do to make me laugh.

Because you never go into the river because the water is cold.

For when you take me and kiss me.

For the times you screw me up before going to sleep.
reasons to love your partner 8

For all the pieces of mortadella you had to cut me.

For our first weekly shopping together.

For teaching me to sand a car.

For making me spend those great days with Chopo.

For doing everything possible not to end up in a kennel.

For our day in the bunkers.

For those days at the beach.

For those meals in the Wok.

For those romantic dinners at a McDonald’s

For making me wear the dresses that are parked in the closet.

For teaching me to be a little more orderly.

For teaching me what is really important in life.

For making me a little less capricious.

Because every day I’m more in love with you.

Because you always make me go to sleep with a smile.

For those affectionate “nicknames” (princess, darling, and all those things that the couple say …)

For being my future husband.

That afternoon in Foncebadón.

Because of our promises.

Because one cannot be without the other.
reasons to love your partner 9

Because we can spend hours talking, and even then we don’t run out of topics.

For looking into my eyes when you already know.

Because you are more than I ever imagined I could have.

Because I never imagined having someone as special as you by my side.

Because I love the way you are, even though some things get on my nerves.

Why don’t you get out of my head.

For being only mine, MY silly.

Because I will never forget our first kiss.

For making me touch the sky when we are together.

For your smile.

For your little eyes.

For those eyelashes that one day I will fill with mascara.

For that perfect body.

Because I love everything about you, even your last mole.

Because every day you give me more reasons to smile.

Because I am more excited today that we are one year old than any of my birthdays.

For all the trips we have left to do.

For being so detailed.

For your surprises.

For all the “I love you” messages that you wrote to me on paper and showed me through the window.

Because of our position on the couch.

For those nights seeing 3 meters above the sky.

For the times you have swallowed the video of my musical.

Because I love looking at your photo album from when you were little.

And I love the picture of your communion in your living room.

For all the duties and jobs you have helped me do.

Because I love having you by my side.

Because I can’t imagine a life without you.

Because you make me laugh out loud.

For giving me the opportunity to have known you like nobody else has.

For opening up 100% with me, I know it costs you.

Because you listen to me even in the worst moments.

For putting myself in front of everything, even in front of you.

Because you treat me like a princess, or rather, like a queen.

Because I know that when faced with a problem you would NEVER leave me alone.

Because I know I can trust you.

Because although we believed that we had nothing in common, we have many things.

For making me learn my DNI number.

Because your love is not interested at all.

Because even your imperfections are perfect.
reasons to love your partner 10

Because you know I’m bipolar and you still put up with me and love me.

Because you’ve seen everything around me do… And you haven’t run away.

For removing the knot when I have it.

For all the knuckles you’ve had to make on my T-shirt straps.

Because nothing about me disgusts you, or you about me, we both know it perfectly hehehee …

Because even if you say otherwise, you are one of the smartest people I know.

Because you never give up until you get what you want.

For helping me not to throw in the towel more than once.

For telling me that I can achieve what I propose, and helping me to achieve it.

Because I love your smell, and especially your fabric softener.

For all the t-shirts you have given me.

For always waiting for me.

For respecting my decisions.

Because you have seen me in the most horrible ways that you can see me, and yet you have told me that I am beautiful.

For all those times you try to imitate me even though it never comes out because I’m not like that jupe.

For letting me be part of your life and asking me to never leave it, and it will be.

For being the best friend you can have.

Because I love you more than anything and than anyone, regardless of who it weighs.

For loving me as I am.

For making me feel super comfortable next to you.
reasons to love your partner 12

For having fought for us to be together.

For wanting to see me always, even if we can’t.

For being available to me at any time of the day.

Because when we part ways, I always want more.

Because your mother makes the best Spanish omelette I’ve ever had.

For choosing me.

For being so loving to me.

For continuing with the same enthusiasm as the first day, even though we are many miles away.

Because when I’m with you, time flies by.

For swallowing women and men and vice versa for me.

Because I love your yawns.

Because I love to smell your sighs.

For that day at the zoo.

Because you make me cry with happiness.

For all those secrets.

Because calling us gossip is not enough.

Because you look at me I feel more attached to you with anyone.

For all the things we have to do.

Because I love to sting you.
reasons to love your partner 11

Because we understand each other with a glance, in addition to the truth.

For not starting on this until you were 100% sure.

Because there is nothing capable of separating us.

Because with you I am myself.

Because you really are unique.

Because I am only yours.

Because you have made me change for the better.

Because you are my motivation every day, no matter how bad they are.

For all the kisses on the feet.

Because for me, we are the perfect couple.

Because I love to see ourselves reflected in a mirror when we are embraced.

Because I love that we look into each other’s eyes even when we look in the mirror.

For combing my hair so delicately.

For stroking my hair while you sleep.

Because we don’t care what people say.

Because as you are not two, you are irreplaceable.

Because we are made for each other.

Because of the “I love you” that you told me for the first time that day you went to San Vicente.

Because you want me to be the last person in your life, without people in the middle.

For taking care of me when I’m sick.
reasons to love your partner 15

For the Nesquiks you prepare for me at night.

For being the best pancake cook there is.

For covering me as I like.

For the first time we slept together.

For that day at the movies… hee hee

Why convince me to want an abarth.

Because I will do everything possible so that one day you will get your beloved Evo X.

Because this year I will be able to celebrate your birthday!

Because the countdown, although it gets heavy, is worth it.

For taking me to my first rally.

Because I know you love me the same way I love you.

For our first phone call.

For those walks in the woods.

For spending so many levels of Candy Crush.

For all your romantic texts.

For all your “princess”.

For helping me clean my house more than once.

For all our showers.

Because you’ve endured disgusting things from me.

Because we have never had a strong strong anger.

For letting me lean on your shoulder when I’m sick.
reasons to love your partner 16

For all the times you touch my leg while driving.

For teaching me to drive.

For asking me to change gears when I’m sad.

For every afternoon at the “Bar de las bravas”.

Because we’ve only been together a year, and I feel like we’ve been together all our lives.

Because I know that our future will be together.

For all our goodbyes.

For all our reunions, you know, when I run up to you and we give each other a mega hug.

For that little kiss that we gave each other through the glass at the station and that everyone laughed at us.

For all I love you.

For swallowing your pride and asking me for forgiveness when you’ve done something wrong.

For having so much personality.

Because I have passed you this mega flu that you have had this week and you still love me.

Because you make me enjoy every moment we spend together.

Because even though I sometimes say I’m bored, I never do it when I’m with you.

By February 1.

For betting on this relationship.

For taking care of doing things well.

Because when one of the two is wrong, the other is worse.

For all our Catalonia-Spain «discussions».

Because it makes me funny that you put flags of Spain everywhere.

Because I love your car.

Because I know about you until your registration, your address and your everything.

Because you are the first one I would go to with a serious problem.

Because since the day we met we have not been a single day without talking, and we do it at all hours.

For all your good morning.

For all the good night.

For all your “good trip.”

365 Reasons Why I Love My Wife

For wishing me luck whenever I have an exam and always remembering to ask me how I was doing.

For checking that all my appointments, medical tests, etc. go well.

Because we are both A +.

Because if our children look like you they will be precious.

Because when people when they hear us talk about these things they must think that we are a couple of excited fools, but we both know that all our plans for the future will come true, and if they are not all, at least we know that we have the future together insured.

Because you are the most precious little thing in this world.

Because every day I see you more perfect.

For all the kisses on the nose.

Because if something hurts, you always give it kisses to make it heal.

For taking me to the doctor when I’m sick.

Because the years with you have passed quickly.
reasons to love your partner 9

For trying to fulfill my whims.

For carrying me into the room.

Because the two of us when we are living alone we are fucking messy lol …

Because we have been able to see each other more than we thought, and even if we hadn’t, you know that we would be here.

Because I am very lucky to have you by my side.

For the times we have imagined our wedding day.

And the day our little ones will be born.

On that day we went in search of a waterfall I think it was, and I complained because we had been walking all afternoon and you told me: I won’t take you out of the house anymore! And I couldn’t stop laughing, well, we couldn’t… We looked like yayos!

For every night watching La que se Avecina.

For all those car shows you’ve made me watch.

Because thanks to you I have met great people.

For the times you’ve sung to me, even if they aren’t too many.

For taking away my stupid embarrassments.

Because with you I can sing, dance and be silly all I want.

Because even if they say that you are expressionless, I know that in reality you are not, since with me you express everything.

Because you can’t be more in love than I am with you.

For the photo sessions.

For taking care that I don’t fall when I’m wearing heels and I can’t even with my feet.

Because you’ve been able to take me out to party in a tracksuit.

At night on the seafront.

because you make me feel special just being by my side.

For overflowing my life, my day to day with your love.

Because of your way of being and loving.

for loving me as I am.

For cheering me up when I’m bad.

Because you know more than I do about myself.

Because I can’t imagine a life without you

For knowing every detail of me.

For making me know what LOVE is.

because I don’t count the hours with you because I know it will be forever.

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For having that laugh that I want to hear every day of my life.

For letting me be myself at all times.

By the way you laugh at your own jokes.

For those eyes full of hope.

for how you say you love me

For making me laugh when my mood is on the ground and my days are gray.

For showing me parts of myself that I didn’t know.

For being so loving the days I deserve it and the days I don’t.

For always being that I need you.

For being that someone I can always trust.

for knowing exactly what I feel.

For being the joy that encourages me to wake up every morning.

For not being afraid of commitment.

For drying yesterday and today all the tears that I shed.

For always worrying about me.

because when I’m with you I feel complete.

Because you deserve it.

For trusting me with your secrets and keeping mine.

For helping me get up every time I have fallen.

For filling my life with joys and illusions.

For all the words you have left in my heart.

For having the ability to make me happy without CHEATS or consequences.

For opening your heart and your life and sharing them with me my love.

For supporting and helping me every day.

For finding the right word at the right time.

For making my desire to live and share life with you overflow.

For all your virtues, and your defects when I find them, because for me you are perfect.

For being the first thing I think about when I wake up and the last thing I remember dreaming.

Because I don’t want you to ever forget me because I won’t forget you.

Because when I met you it was the happiest day of my life.

For making me feel so immensely HAPPY being together and not being.

Because when you hug me you make me feel unique.

For being My Sun in the middle of the storm.

Because you are special and unique in everything you do.

For your surprises.

By the way you look at me

For loving me above all things.

Because every day I have one more reason to LOVE YOU.

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