35 years anniversary meaning


You may have a surprise!

If a married couple turns 35, they are celebrating their coral wedding. Undoubtedly, this couple has already come a long way overcoming obstacles and sharing joys and sorrows, always helped by affection, love and respect. The time has come to celebrate it in the best possible way since this day has to become something unforgettable for both of you.


Coral weddings take place when a couple has been married for 35 years. As is tradition, each wedding anniversary is represented by an element and in this case, as the name suggests, it is coral. Coral has always had magical attributions related to protection against disease and danger.

35 years anniversary meaning

Corals are characterized by living in community to spread and form large colonies in order to survive through coexistence. For this reason, they are the ideal paradigm of a marriage that has formed its own family and that lives and floats together through firmness, compassion and love.


Traditional gift – UKCoral and jade
Traditional gift – USACoral
Traditional gift – SpainCoral
Traditional gift – GermanyCoral
Traditional gift – RussiaCoral
Traditional gift – FranceRuby
Traditional gift – ItalyCoral
Flower giftCoral bouquet
Gemstone giftCoral
Modern giftJade


As tradition dictates, on each wedding anniversary the couple must exchange gifts that largely contain the element that identifies them. In this case, you have to find presents that are made with coral or where it is represented in some way. Here we are going to offer some ideas but we must remember that it is always the couple who know each other best, so personalization, enthusiasm and affection to make these gifts even more special runs on their part.

  • Coral corsage . This simple gift can become a pure and magical symbol of the thirty-five years that the couple have been walking side by side. The corsage can be placed in the bedroom as if it were an amulet to bring happiness, love and protection against any evil. Of course, the corsage can be accompanied by any other detail such as a letter.
  • Complements . Coral can be present in clothing and also in accessories such as scarves, handkerchiefs, gloves, bags, purses, ties, etc. … either because it contains the color of coral or because they present an image of it. On the Internet there are websites where you can choose personalized gifts so it is a good option to be able to show a coral practically in anything that comes to mind. It can be accompanied by the date of the wedding or the anniversary itself.
  • Photo frame . There are photo frames made with coral that can be used to put together a collage of images that best reflects what these thirty-five years of marriage have been. You can also put a wedding photo and another current photo. Everything is a matter of the personal preferences of the couple and what they want to see reflected in these images.
  • Sculptures . Coral can be used to sculpt so it is easy to find a statuette or figure made with this element and that is meaningful for the couple. Maybe it could be something that represents where you met or where you decided to get married.
  • Decoration . This element is used in different home decoration objects that, although they do not seem to be suitable gifts for a wedding anniversary, can become symbols of it just by adding a date or a detail that is special for the marriage. Some of these objects can be lamps, chandeliers, bookends, vases, trays, bowls, boxes, and so on.
  • Picture . Although we do not remember them, there are still painters who work on canvas, leaving digital advances aside. A precious and very appropriate gift for this wedding anniversary would be to order a painting that shows coral reefs and other elements that can symbolize the couple.
  • Chess . This gift is only suitable for couples who enjoy playing chess as there are some really beautiful games made with coral stone. However, they are so beautiful that they can be purchased anyway even if they are not played with as they turn out to be very decorative. And who knows, maybe the couple will be encouraged to learn to play …


Of course, it is a real merit to celebrate 35 years of marriage and, therefore, we have thought of some original ways to celebrate this wedding anniversary . These ideas can be taken as is or simply be a starting point for something more special and personal. The last word is always the partner.

The first suggestion is to celebrate the coral wedding with a romantic seafood dinner in which everything revolves around the element that represents this anniversary. The decoration for coral weddings should make the color of this material predominate in the tablecloths, in the flowers that decorate the table and even in the candles that shed light on both of you while you enjoy dinner. In addition, coral branches can also be used for decoration. Finally, the couple could use shades of coral color in their clothes as a particular tribute to this anniversary. However, you have to be careful not to overdo it so that the environment is not overloaded.

Another option is to organize a solo trip to visit a coral reef , one of the most beautiful ecosystems in the world thanks to its shapes and colors. Some exotic places to see them are in Australia, where the largest coral reef in the world is, in the Maldives Islands, in Brazil or in the Seychelles Islands. However, you can also visit corals in Spain, for example in the Canary Islands, Galicia or in the Menorca Channel.

If this trip is perhaps too ambitious, it can always be replaced by a day in an aquarium close to home or simply a getaway to a coastal city that has a special meaning for the couple. The sea should always be present at the coral wedding celebration as a reminder of this exotic and magical element.

There is a precious tradition in world related to this wedding anniversary. It consists of the couple writing down the secrets of the happiness of the marriage on a paper and keeping it in a box that they will give to their grandchildren. These, in turn, will only be able to read that note on their own wedding day as a transmission of the couple’s wisdom and how they have come so far in their marriage.


Perhaps a couple wishes to celebrate the anniversary of the coral wedding with a lunch or dinner with the closest family and friends, surely with those who were witnesses at their wedding thirty-five years ago but also with those who have been added to the family over time.

At this time, the couple may want to take the opportunity to dedicate a few phrases or a short text in which they demonstrate to their loved ones that there is still love between them. Here we offer some phrases that can serve as inspiration for those special words.

We celebrate another year without borders
between my body and yours,
celebrating that your gaze is mine
that my thought is always on you.
We celebrate another year without barriers
that avoid this love so pure
, overcoming difficulties, overcoming
any problem and obstacle.
We are celebrating another year, not just any other,
because every moment is special with you.
Because without you life loses meaning
and you feed each of my steps.


Today I have woken up next
to you just like I have been doing it all year
but I have told myself, it is our anniversary
and the sun has entered through our window.
Harp music sounded
generating a smile on your face
that has made me feel lucky
and wanting to shout to the world,
I am the happiest being, I am in love. 


One more year, but not just any year
because next to you there is no date the same as another.
With you life is different
every day, each minute that passes is more intense.
One more year wanting to repeat this moment
for the rest of my days, always by your side
and sing to the four winds my eternal, enormous, healthy and haughty feeling


My love, today is a date that I will always keep in mind in our relationship
because on a day like today 35 years ago
we decided to get engaged to be a couple.
I renew my feelings of love
and my wish that we continue
with all the plans we have to get married.
Happy Anniversary