34th wedding anniversary meaning

34 years of marriage: the amber wedding

The celebration of 34 years of marriage is called the amber wedding. This fossilized resin symbolizes the sun and eternity: a beautiful promise of happiness and love that lasts!

The amber wedding celebrates the thirty-fourth wedding anniversary. In Greek mythology, amber was one of the symbols of the god of beauty Apollo. It was said to have the power to transmit the energy of the sun and thus warm hearts. What could be more romantic to celebrate your nuptials this year?

Amber is a fossil resin secreted by certain conifers, and generally used in the manufacture of decorative and ornamental objects. Although it does not have the mineral properties of gems, it can be worked like these, especially in silversmith and jewelry.

Amber wedding: what does it mean?

34th wedding anniversary

After celebrating the porphyry nuptials, you will be celebrating your 34th wedding anniversary . Congratulations! You have come a long way since you came together for life. This anniversary is called amber wedding . This resin from a fossilized conifer is sometimes millions of years old! Its name is taken from the Arabic Anbar or Ambar which meant ” substance rejected by the sea which exhales a smell of musk”. In the Middle Ages, this term alluded to ambergris from the sperm whale, which has nothing to do with yellow amber so qualified because its reflections recall the rays of the divine star. Symbol of eternity since Antiquity, amber was associated with the god of beauty Apollo in mythology. The Greeks believed that amber could diffuse the energy of the sun and thus comfort the bruised hearts.

Amber wedding: how to celebrate your 31st wedding anniversary?

Often mistakenly considered a gem, amber is more or less translucent because it is often composed of air bubbles and animal fossils or plant debris. In lithotherapy, it strengthens self-confidence, teaches patience and brings clarity of mind. You can draw inspiration from its virtues! Because throughout your 34 years of marriage , you have had to adapt, but over the years, you have developed the wisdom and the perspective necessary to make the most of your marriage. To spoil your dear and tender this year, you can give her a real amber jewel like a necklace or a bracelet. Some art objects in yellow amber also bring a beautiful light in the interiors. You can also organize a romantic trip to countries where amber deposits are found such as Lithuania, Finland or Russia. If you need exoticism, think of Mexico or the Dominican Republic! 

Some gift ideas …

Are you looking for the perfect gift to celebrate your 34th wedding anniversary? Here is our original selection of gift ideas to offer to celebrate your amber wedding anniversary.

  • An amber pendant
  • An amber jewel
  • An amber keychain
  • An interior object in amber
  • An art object
  • A weekend in Gdansk in Poland ( the city of amber )
  • A trip to Lithuania
  • A visit to the amber museum gallery

These celebrities got married 34 years ago

The couple celebrating their amber wedding today got married on Saturday July 11, 1987 .
They also married in July 1987:

  • KRS-One and Ms. Melodie, in July 1987
  • Ian Rush and Tracey Rush, July 3, 1987
  • Linda Evangelista and Gérald Marie, July 4, 1987
  • Viggo Mortensen and Exene Cervenka, July 8, 1987
  • Geraldo Rivera and Cynthia Cruickshank, July 11, 1987
  • Antonio Banderas and Ana Leza, July 27, 1987