30th Wedding Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! We will tell you about 30th wedding anniversary meaning.

Pearl weddings are celebrated when a married couple celebrates 30 years of marriage . It is one of those round numbers that make this anniversary something special and therefore, you have to know what it means and what things can be done to make this day unforgettable.

Here we offer several ideas such as, for example, what gifts are the most appropriate, what are the symbols of this anniversary or how it can be celebrated. You have to remember that, ultimately, it will always be the couple who make all this special by adding their personal touch.


If you want to know how old are pearl weddings, you’ve come to the right section: pearl weddings take place on the day a couple celebrates that they have been married for thirty years. At this time, it is clear that the relationship is on the right track and that the couple has reached an important point of maturity loving, understanding and enjoying all the experiences they have shared over the years.

This anniversary is identified with the pearl, the symbol of the hidden and precious beauty found within the oyster, whose appearance is not so beautiful at first glance. Surely, after thirty years the couple no longer have the same appearance as when they began their journey together, but the most important thing, that which is most beautiful, is found inside, in their feelings that are like that pearl that lies within the oyster.

Pearls are also associated with humility and purity and also symbolize longevity, something very appropriate for a couple who have been married for thirty years.

30th Wedding Anniversary Meaning

30 years old – what a wedding it is

If the spouses managed to live together for so much time, this is a clear sign that they are really made for each other, and their love is real, proven over three decades.

The wedding anniversary of 30 years has a beautiful name – pearl wedding . And this is no coincidence.

Pearls are pebbles found in the shells of some molluscs. Its cost is quite high, since the process of pearls “maturing” takes a long time.

It happens like this: a grain of sand accidentally falls into the shell, which overgrows with mother-of-pearl year after year. So it grows and gets stronger, turning into a valuable material used by people to create jewelry and bijouterie.

The larger such a pebble has, the longer it took for it to ripen, and the higher its value in the market. Drawing an analogy with marriage, we can say the following: the longer partners exist as a family, the more valuable and stronger their union.

For 30 years in a row, a husband and wife have been polishing their relationship, experiencing both joys and sorrows together, learning to make mutual compromises, to understand each other from half a glance, half a word, to solve problems together.

Their tandem, like the pearl, is overgrown with protection, strong boundaries that no one can destroy. The life of the spouses becomes as beautiful and valuable as a pearl stone.

30th Wedding Anniversary Meaning


Traditional gift – UKPearl
Traditional gift – USAPearl
Traditional gift – SpainPearl
Traditional gift – GermanyPearl
Traditional gift – RussiaPearl
Traditional gift – FrancePearl
Traditional gift – ItalyPearl
Flower giftLily
Gemstone giftPearl
Modern giftDiamond

Pearl wedding traditions

A 30-year-long wedding is being celebrated loudly and on a grand scale.

What is a wedding without tradition? Each anniversary has its own, personal conditions of celebration, which arose many centuries ago and are carefully passed down from generation to generation.

Our ancestors believed that certain rituals, performed at the right time and in the right place, would surely attract goodness (how is that?) And joy into the house, and protect them from intentional evil and accidental evil eye.

So, 30 years of the wedding – what traditions are customary to observe on the day of this anniversary:

  1. Many guests are invited to the holiday . Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren – without fail;
  2. In the early morning of a significant date, a husband and wife should go to any body of water (river, lake, fountain, sea, etc.) and throw one pearl pebble there, of course, stored in advance.The ancestors believed that this ceremony will give the spouses another 50 years of a happy marriage (the pearl that has been mined “lives” for about that long ”);
  3. Also, the husband and wife exchange pearls as a symbol of purity, love and harmony. This is a very romantic action: pebbles are placed on the bottom of two glasses of champagne, which the spouses are supposed to drink at the brotherhood. Then everyone gives the pearls from their glass to their other half.Thus, they once again swear to each other in their feelings and loyalty. There is a belief that if then a stone of one of the spouses cracks or turns pale, then the second (the one who gave it) has broken his promises;
  4. At the festive table must be present at least a few seafood dishes (pearls come from the sea);
  5. A trip to the church, where candles are lit for the health of relatives and friends, is another old tradition that believers observe to this day.


The souvenirs for pearl weddings, as the name suggests, must contain pearls so that they become an evocation of this special anniversary as tradition says. Here we offer some ideas but it will be the couple themselves who can make them more personal and meaningful because, without a doubt, they are the ones who know each other best and the ones who can get the gifts right.

  • Jewelry . Of course, jewelry is the simplest resource for these gifts, although they do not have to be something predictable and classic. They can be set on rings, earrings, brooches, necklaces, bracelets, and even men’s cufflinks or tie pins. The important thing is to find a design that is special for the couple, that reminds them of something special in their lives, something that unites them. The possibilities are endless and it is worth taking the time to find the perfect gem.
  • Complements . Pearls are so versatile that they can also be found in accessories such as bags, purses, scarves, gloves, shoes, headgear, hats and caps.
  • Flowers . The classic bouquet of flowers can become something much more meaningful if you find a florist or gift shop in which pearls are placed on the flowers of the bouquet or as a decoration for it. Finding those little pearls among the flowers and leaves will be a little surprise that will undoubtedly encourage more than one smile.
  • Dreamcatcher . Dreamcatchers are magical objects of the American Indians that serve to catch pleasant dreams and good ideas and also protect those who possess them. These pearls can be inserted in the mesh that makes up the dreamcatcher to make this object become a symbol of the good dreams and hopes that the couple has about their marriage on this 30th wedding anniversary.
  • Jewelry box made with pearls . A jewelery box made with pearls is already a symbolic gift in itself, but if messages of love are also placed inside it, a small special gift or simply some scented flower petals, it will become a personal and evocative object of marriage.
  • Photo frame . Again we are facing a classic gift that can be much more than that. In a pearl photo frame you can place a current photo of the marriage to remind you of how far your love has come and how happy you feel for it. You can also put a collage of photos that represent the most important moments of their lives throughout these thirty years or even just two photos, one from the wedding and one current, so that they can see how they have changed although their feelings remain unchanged.

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What to give for an anniversary

Gifts and congratulations for 30 years of a wedding, one way or another, should be associated with its main symbol – pearls. What can you give:

  1. For the spouse :
    1. jewelry with pearls (ring, earrings, bracelet, pearl necklace with thirty stones, brooch, etc.);
    2. chic floor vase or flowerpot decorated with pearl stones;
    3. antique souvenir;
    4. a bouquet of white flowers (lilies, lilies of the valley, roses);
    5. decorative mirror or growth mirror with a frame decorated with pearls;
    6. real shell with pearls;
    7. shell-shaped box;
    8. romantic trip to the sea.
  1. Gifts for a pearl wedding for a spouse :
    1. tie clip or pearl cufflinks;
    2. ring, pendant with pearls;
    3. themed cake;
    4. handmade sweater decorated with pearls;
    5. family portrait in a pearl frame;
    6. a set of tools, with handles in pearl shades;
    7. fishing tackle, hunting equipment in themed colors;
    8. mother-of-pearl checkers, backgammon, chess;
    9. smoker’s items decorated with precious stones (commemorative lighter, personalized cigarette case, pipe, ashtray, etc.).
  1. Gifts from guests for 30 years of wedding:
    1. family photo album with a cover decorated with pearls;
    2. figurines of angels, animals, bride and groom with a pearlescent hue;
    3. glasses decorated with pearls (preferably from children);
    4. textiles with a “pearl” theme (towel, bed linen, blankets, bedspreads, curtains, tulle, etc.);
    5. floor lamp, lamp, chandelier, decorated with pearls;
    6. sets, tableware sets with a thematic pattern;
    7. tree of happiness made of pearls.

It is believed that pearls are white stones with a pearlescent luster. This is not true. In fact, pearls come in many different colors, each of which carries its own meaning. This fact can also be used when choosing a gift – to give it even more meaning.

Possible pearl colors and their interpretations :

  1. White – wedding theme;
  2. Blue – fulfilled desires;
  3. Green – dreams and fantasies;
  4. Bronze – stability, confidence;
  5. Pink – lightness, dreaminess;
  6. Red – a feeling of passion, love;
  7. Orange – vital energy;
  8. Gray – years spent together;
  9. Brown – good rapport;
  10. Black – hope for a brighter future;
  11. Golden – admiration for the wife;
  12. Lilac is wisdom.

Thus, by choosing a gift with pearls of a specific color, you thereby invest additional value in it. And then the next life hack – tell about it at the table when you say a congratulatory toast.

Pearls are not cheap stones, and perhaps not every guest can afford to buy gift items decorated with them. In this case, you can restrict yourself to imitation of pearls.

The main thing is to give something from a pure heart and with sincere wishes.

This assumption does not apply to the spouses themselves – their gifts to each other must be “real”.

30th Wedding Anniversary Meaning


For a whole number as thirty, one of the first suggestions is to carry out a renewal of the wedding vows , an update of the promises that were made to each other so many years ago. Something intimate can be done but it is also possible to organize a small ceremony for the closest friends and family to act as witnesses. Invitations can even be designed for pearl weddings just like the marriage did thirty years ago when they got married.

The next option is to celebrate a romantic dinner for two, or if the couple prefers, organize an intimate dinner with the friends and family most dear to both of them. In this dinner, pearls can be present in many ways, always remembering the three decades that marriage has been together. There are several pearl wedding dresses that she can wear and that are characterized by wearing pearls in the neck area, on the sleeves or anywhere on the dress that may have that decoration. In addition, you can also wear earrings, necklaces or any jewelry that has pearls.

The decoration of pearl weddings is simple and discreet but at the same time, beauty and evocative. You can place candle holders made with pearls in which white candles shine and there are also centerpieces with flowers and pearls that will create a very pleasant atmosphere as well as napkin rings or small decorations on the plates. Also with pearls you can configure the initials of the couple’s names to welcome the guests or even the full names. Another very simple resource to decorate a table with pearls is to place crystal glasses or glasses filled with pearls between which a white flower stands out.

This dinner can be signed with a white cake decorated with dozens of edible pearls. The result will be a traditional and romantic dessert that will end up sweetening a moment as special as that.


In the event that the couple decides to celebrate a small ceremony in which they renew their wedding vows, it is important that both dedicate a few words in which they express everything they feel when commemorating their thirty years of marriage.

However, emotion or nerves can play a trick and stop words from coming out. Therefore, instead of improvising, it is best to bring a prepared and well thought-out text so that everything turns out perfect. To facilitate this task, here are some poems for pearl weddings that can serve as inspiration. It must be remembered that, in the end, it is the couple who can give this anniversary a personal touch, so these poems can be modified to suit the reality of marriage.

One more year … It passes without almost realizing it …
Life goes by little by little
and there comes a day when we remember the moment
when a long journey began:
in this case, marriage. A relationship as special and complicated as that between spouses
is not easy or simple . But every time that anniversary day arrives , it is like an athlete when he reaches his goal … Only at that very moment another challenge begins, each time higher. This is how each new anniversary should be: full of love and happiness because they are breaking records, reaching goals, breaking barriers … 

30th Wedding Anniversary Meaning


For being 
so special to me. 
For filling my existence with happiness. 
For teaching me that true love 
is made up of sadness and happiness. 
You are and will always be 
the true love of my life.


One more year, but not just any year
because next to you there is no date the same as another.
With you life is different
every day, each minute that passes is more intense.
One more year wanting to repeat this moment
for the rest of my days, always by your side
and sing to the four winds my eternal, enormous, healthy and haughty feeling.

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