3 Month Anniversary Quotes

3 month anniversary

We have collected the best 3 month anniversary quotes for you and your loved ones to share.

Three months that I just want you to take my hand and never let go.

I wish us still full of happiness, that our love continues again and again. Happy third month my love.

Let’s continue to love each other like every day is the last, it’s been working pretty well for three months.

Everywhere I am, you are present in my mind and I admit that this feeling pleases me for three months.

For three months all I want is to be by your side, I don’t want to be with anyone else.

Although it seems a short time, for me it has been a beautiful journey these three months that I have shared my love with you. I hope that this time together multiplies and allows us to live a lifetime of love. I love you, honey!

They say that time passes quickly when you are happy, this is a phrase full of truth. Today that we celebrate our third month as a couple, I remember the first day and it seems to me that it was yesterday. If time flies by being next to you, I hope it never slows down. Happy dating month!

3 Month Anniversary Quotes

A triple of months that have seemed little to me to be able to share all the love that you have unleashed in my heart. I wish with all my soul that we can continue to celebrate our love together, and enjoy a lifetime of joy. Happy three months of love!

A rose for each month seems little to me to show what these three months with you have meant. He had never known such a powerful passion, such a strong love, and such a beautiful woman. It’s a joy to be your boyfriend. Happy waiter! I love you

3 Month Anniversary Quotes

Only three months have passed since I knew what it was like to truly love, and I owe that to you! Happy third month of boyfriends my love!

I hope I have more time to become the prince that a princess like you deserves. In these three months I have tried to live up to your love, and I hope to have a lifetime by your side to achieve it. I love you my princess! Happy third month of boyfriends!

Three months ago I had the joy of becoming the boyfriend of the most beautiful woman on planet earth. Woman who has managed to captivate my soul and heart, with only her smile and a charming look. You are everything my soul longs for and my heart needs to beat. I love you my dear!

3 month anniversary quotes

These 3 months with you have been of love, happiness and magic. My love, I have learned to love you in an inexplicable way. I feel very happy to share life with you, I am a very lucky person.

Sharing these 3 months with you has been a true blessing. My love, in such a short time I have learned to love you with my soul. I can’t imagine life without you. You are splendid. Please never change.

It has been 3 months since we decided to be together and express our love to each other on a daily basis. I feel full and happy that you are by my side. I love you deeply, my princess. You are my greatest love.

During these 3 months that I have been by your side I have felt the most loved and loved woman on the planet. You have made me a better person, I adore that you are in my life and that we can plan our future hand in hand. Thank you for your love, darling.

In just 3 months you have taught me that time is relative. I feel like I’ve known you forever, because these 90 days feel like 100 years. I love you with all my heart, you are an exceptional human being.

Meeting you has been a very great blessing. You are what I love the most in this world and we only have 3 months holding hands. Can you imagine what we will build in the next few years? We will be unstoppable. Thank you for being by my side, my love.

Did you know that no one looks like you since I love you? These 3 months have been of love, happiness and joy. Blessed is the day you crossed my path to love and respect us for many years. I love you so much, my love.

3 months have passed since we decided to start our love story. They have been magical and unforgettable days. In a short time you have shown me that love has no time or date on the calendar. Honey, you are admirable. I love you with the soul.

Three months full of endless experiences that do not make me see more than how much I love you is real and justified. Because your caresses, your worries, your looks, your anger and your laughter … is the only thing I want in this life.

I never imagined that a 3-month relationship would give so much, the truth.- I hope you never lose that illusion that you feel with this relationship and that love takes us as a flag.

If I had to stay with one person and one moment in my life, it would undoubtedly be the day of our first kiss. In these three months I have known you more and more and now I can no longer live without you.

You are so sweet that sometimes I think that it is going to give me a diabetes of pure love. Outside of jokes, 3 months by your side are nothing compared to all the love I feel for you. Let’s go for more, I love you.

You are that person who delights my heart, who moves my soul with virtue and who makes me fly as if I were as free as a spirit. I love you very much and I want to see you now.

Three months of full moments, full of fantasy, tense moments, suffering and so much love that in the end all that remains and all that is remembered is that, the good thing.

Right now I see you as everything, as my present and as my future. I hope I can never say that you are part of the past because I love you more and more every day.

Three and you and only you … It makes me want to sing about the happiness that I have to have reached the wonderful figure of 90 days together, three months sharing love equally.

Today, we are married for 3 months… It is 3 months when I leave the house, thinking about the time when I will return, to give you a kiss and a tight hug.
It is 3 months, of which I am delighted. 3 months where I am more certain every day that I live for you, and for our family.

90 days when I put your smile as priority 1 in my existence.
2160 hours of love, companionship and mutual dedication…
129,600 minutes of HAPPINESS are completed, which I find on each walk beside you.
And finally, it is 7,776,000 seconds that testify to all the affection and affection that exists in my chest.

My wedding, 3 months ago, was the biggest and best choice OF ALL MY LIFE.
I love you, my love, with all my strength and all the tears of emotion. You are my big dream, the best person for my future …

We are to be congratulated, my love! Our courtship celebrates three months of existence.
I have never felt so happy in my entire life as since we fell in love and assumed this powerful feeling. You are the reason for all my moments of happiness.
In fact, being happy has become too constant and strong.
I like you very much, what we have and what we are going to build.
I adore you, baby!

Congratulations, Dating, for 3 Months of Life

We are to be congratulated, my love! Our courtship celebrates three months of existence.
I have never felt so happy in my entire life as since we fell in love and assumed this powerful feeling.

You are the reason for all my moments of happiness.
In fact, being happy has become too constant and strong.
I like you very much, what we have and what we are going to build.
I adore you, baby!

All I ever dreamed of quotes

I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world! Having you by my side gives me the security I need and I have always looked for it.
I know we are still at the beginning of our relationship, but I will never be assailed by the doubt that you are my soul mate.
I promise to give you all the love you deserve, all the affection.
And, I promise to love you forever! I love you, my dear.

Three special months at your side

Counting to three has a very special flavor when this counting is done with love.
And it was of love that these three months have passed, three months of a courtship that I celebrate with you with the greatest happiness.

You came to change my life, and all I feel now is that we are still in the beginning.
I want you to know that I grabbed your hand to never let go.
I love you, today, and forever.

Memories of our three months of dating

It is wonderful to remember our first most passionate look, our first kiss, and reflect on how, in the meantime, three months of our courtship have passed that have become one of the most wonderful passages of my life.

I can only thank you for having found the perfect person, someone who knows how to love me the way I like it.
I want to be by your side forever, my love, because living without you doesn’t make any sense to me.

Love is Salvation quotes

A new love story is emerging, baby.
Hopefully our courtship is a long and happy journey.
May it never end! May it remain until eternity.
It won’t be easy – we know.

A distance relationship is always complicated, but if we overcome this trial of fire I believe that nothing or anyone will separate us! Cross your fingers, cross your fingers, love and allow love to save us.
Love you!

Blessed three months for having you with me

My love, today we have completed three months of dating! Three intense months where the exchange of affections and complicity strengthened our relationship, which is why I say with all the conviction that, in fact, it seems that three years have passed.

You are the height of perfection and very special feelings reside in your heart.
For that, I thank God every day for putting you in my path, and I ask Him to bless our love now and for eternity.

A Cotton Candy Love

Congratulations my love! Today we celebrate a very special date.
Happy cotton candy wedding.
I am very happy that we have reached this very important date.
I like both of us very much.
And, I love you!
It was a very interesting three months of dating where there was no lack of affection, attention and respect.
And so love is completed.
You are the person who warms my heart and by your side everything is magical.

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Three months of infinite love

There are those who count to three before a departure signal, but with us it was different.
The feeling that brought us together ended up involving us in such a way that everything started naturally, almost without us realizing it.
Now we count the third of three months of dating that started to fly, a race for a union that is getting stronger, the beginning of a path that we don’t want to end.

There are few words that can properly qualify everything we have lived.
You came at the right time, turned my world upside down in the best of senses, and believe me it would not change anything that was left behind, although not everything is perfect, even with our imperfections that lead us and will often lead us to fail.

I love you very much, in a convinced way, with a certainty that does not fade and strengthens with each passing day.
It is a blessing to have someone like that by my side.
May our love be infinite!

Those 3 months passed quickly, my love

It doesn’t even seem like we’ve been dating for 3 months.
I think time is running out when I’m in your company, my love.
I am so happy by your side that everything seems to go faster.

Happy 3 months
of dating! I know this is just the beginning and we still have a lot of road ahead.
Every day at your side is an adventure and I hope to continue adventuring with you for a long time! Love you!

Happiness with 3 Months of Eternal Love

Today I am especially happy, my love.
Our dating is to be congratulated for celebrating three months of dating.
You are the great love of my life and beside you I feel happy and at peace.
Happy Birthday to us!
I wish that this feeling that unites us never ends.
I promise that I will love and care for your heart forever.
Especially because I feel like a complete and full of life.
I love you and always will.

The Happiest 3 Months of My Life

Three months ago I met the person who brought the most happiness to my life.
You, my love, are everything to me and without your presence I am dust, I am emptiness.
Happy cotton candy wedding!
May our story be just the beginning of something memorable and full of wonderful surprises.
It is beside you that I feel at peace, joyful and full of spirit.
I love you, the two of us and everything we create.
I love you!

Three months of love that knows no limits

It’s been three months, my love.
Do you still remember that special day when our feelings spoke louder and we took over our courtship? It was wonderful to realize what was already our desire, but at that very moment everything was just beginning.

At your side I have enjoyed the best experiences in life, which makes me more and more dependent on you.
The love I feel needs no explanation.
I want you forever by my side.

Three months with someone very special

Three months that represent a love that involves two lives that project a future side by side.
And, Three months of dating that means everything I dreamed of.
Three months that are not enough for the time I hope to be in your life.

There are no words that accurately describe how my heart beats when I think of how lucky I am to have you with me.
I love all the moments we live together.
Only you know how to make me happy!

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