29th Wedding Anniversary Meaning

Velvet wedding

29th wedding anniversary meaning is very unique. The 29th anniversary is popularly called a velvet wedding.

A wedding anniversary is an important moment for every family. Surely, many of you know that:

  • the silver wedding is celebrated after 25 years together;
  • gold – after 50;
  • brilliant – after 60.

29 years of married life was named Velvet Wedding due to the extensive metaphorical similarities of the married couple’s relationship with Velvet

29th Wedding Anniversary Meaning

Probably everyone knows that the velvet season is the most favorable time of the year for recreation. The same is true in the family – it has gone through so many scandals, obstacles, tragic misunderstandings and disappointments that made the union only stronger. Children were brought up. Peace, warm and close relationships, stability and peace have finally come to the place – it’s time to rest and evaluate the scale of the work done.

Velvet is a fabric based on silk threads that are intertwined into a single fabric in a special way, so that its surface has an incredibly delicate and pleasant to the touch texture . It belongs to rather luxurious and solemn fabric materials.

The same trends have been outlined for 29 years in our family tandem – the relationship, despite the respectable duration, still gives each other love, tenderness and affection. The blind passion that governs marriage at the very beginning of the journey has evolved into a magnificent and solemn union. All disagreements have long faded away and the couple can finally boast of the unity of souls, which are intertwined like Velvet into a homogeneous, warm and dear canvas.

Velvet season – psychology of relationships

A married couple, who have lived together for 29 years, is worthy of praise: the most difficult times have been experienced, passions have subsided and gave way to warm and tender feelings. Children and grandchildren have grown up, and it’s time to be alone again. And then comes the real velvet season in relationships, which is celebrated by poets and musicians. Hence the name of the anniversary – velvet wedding.


Traditional gift – UKNo traditional gift
Traditional gift – USANo traditional gift
Traditional gift – SpainGarnet
Traditional gift – GermanySatin
Traditional gift – RussiaVelvet
Traditional gift – FranceVelvet
Traditional gift – ItalyQuartz
Flower giftLattice
Gemstone giftGarnet
Modern giftPiece of furniture

The value of the 29th anniversary

The 29th anniversary is also called a velvet wedding, as a strong and tender relationship of a married couple is associated with velvet, soft and durable at the same time. This is an expensive and exquisite material. You can find many images of titled and royal persons in chic velvet outfits. This fabric is a symbol of prosperity, luxury and continuity of generations.

The meaning of the number 29 can be interpreted in different ways:

  1. Numerology. The 29th wedding year is favorable for the development and strengthening of spiritual relationships between spouses.
  2. Feng Shui. The number 2 is considered a symbol of unity and mutual trust, and 9 is associated with perfection and constancy.
  3. Mystic. The mystical meaning of the number 29 is selflessness, loyalty and spiritual awakening.

The 29th wedding anniversary presupposes the following traditions:

  • A velvet wedding should not go without kisses, and there should be as many of them as the couple lived together for years, namely 29.
  • Spouses need to sew a small velvet heart, which will become a talisman for their marriage.
  • It is not customary to celebrate too loudly. Set aside a massive feast for a pearl or coral wedding. It is better to spend a velvet anniversary in a narrow circle of the closest people.
  • The decor, clothing and gifts should contain the symbol of the anniversary – velvet.
29th Wedding Anniversary Meaning

Why is the 29th wedding anniversary called velvet?

Connoisseurs claim that the 29th anniversary of the wedding day is called velvet due to the historical significance of this fabric . Outfits were made of velvet for the most worthy representatives of society: for members of royal families and people from the upper classes. Both husband and wife, celebrating twenty-nine years of family life, are worthy of luxurious gifts made of noble fabric. After all, not everyone manages to maintain love and tenderness for such a long time.

Velvet is the main symbol of the celebration

Moreover, velvet is a symbol of luxury and festivity. This means that the twenty-ninth anniversary is best celebrated.

The mystery of the number 29

The meaning of the number 29 in terms of the energy of the subtle plane:

  • 29 is a representative of a new, subtle world, which means soulfulness and lofty dreams.
  • Number 29 is the dawn of a new facet and a karmic level that divides the everydayness of desires, replacing them with more subtle, true dreams and goals.
  • If on the 29th you are going to a social event, then it is better to refuse it and devote the day to spiritual practice – meditation, thinking over personal plans.

Very often, 29 is a signal that the bad times have come to an end, and now everything will improve and form. If a loss befell you in the recent past, then it will be reimbursed, and the replacement will be a real reward. To attract even more luck, it is recommended to practice gratitude. It is also the message that good deeds will be rewarded.

Velvet wedding traditions

Velvet is a special material. It is different from any other fabric, it cannot be confused with anything. Velvet attracts the eye with its beauty and grace, it looks expensive and solid. Likewise, the relationship of the spouses should be soft and beautiful, gentle and delicate.

Velvet is easy to ruin if not properly cared for. Likewise, the relationship of the spouses needs careful care and caution – so as not to deteriorate, so that the spouses do not disperse along different paths of fate. If disputes arise, you need to remember about velvet – and the conflict will go out at the very beginning. Tenderness and delicacy in a relationship is the motto of the 29th wedding anniversary.

Esotericists advise spouses to sew a velvet heart with their own hands and embroider their initials on it. This heart will keep and protect the marriage bond from negativity, damage and evil eye. Where to put the talisman? Only not in a prominent place. Better to hide away from prying eyes.

Celebration ideas

How to celebrate an anniversary to be remembered for a long time? This is not an anniversary date, so there are no special traditions for the celebration. Spouses can celebrate a holiday at home, or they can go out into nature with guests or have fun in a restaurant. The main thing is that the clothes are velvet or accessories to it.

The interior of the room where the celebration will be held should also be decorated with velvet. These can be chair covers, tablecloths, or bows. But besides the interior, you also need to think about the entertainment program. These can be various contests or quizzes. For example, arrange a competition between married couples – who will be able to compliment their soul mate the most. If there is karaoke at the party, then no one will be bored for sure.

On a note! Create a dance program. The first dance is for the heroes of the occasion. It should be a waltz to some romantic music. After the end of the dance, the husband gives his betrothed 29 kisses to the guests’ shouts “bitter!”. 

If you do not want to invite guests to the anniversary, you can spend this day together. Think over the wedding plan: view the photo album and video, visit the places of the wedding photo session, order a table for two at the same restaurant. The main thing is to spend this day together, not to forget about its existence. And so every year. Couples who celebrate their wedding day annually are unlikely to part ways . If a couple got married in a church, it is imperative to go to the temple and put candles on the icon of Peter and Fevronia – the patrons of marriage.

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Velvet Wedding Gifts

To choose a gift, you can go in two ways: either pay attention to the symbolism of the anniversary and give silk gifts, or find your own way and, relying on your intuition and knowledge of the husband and wife, give what they have long dreamed of. We will try to help you with this and list the possible gifts for this holiday:

  • Velvet textiles (Curtains, pillows, bedspreads, dresses, clothes, etc.);
  • Interior items containing this material (it can be a figurine, Upholstered chairs);
  • Jewelry, as well as jewelry boxes with a “delicate” texture;
  • Accessories for outerwear, but alas, they are relevant only for the fair half – a handbag, gloves, etc.;
  • Rest, have you forgotten that you have a velvet season in your relationship? Vouchers to the sea, tickets to a cinema or a theater, or a trip to a restaurant are suitable;
  • If you want to move away from the “symbol” of the anniversary, you can give something arbitrary by wrapping the gift in velvet wrapping paper;
  • Household appliances to add relaxation to the family tandem (TV, iron, multicooker, vacuum cleaner, hairdryer, etc.);
  • A book, although a rather archaic gift in our time, will be the best gift for reading lovers (you can take a closer look at e-books);
  • You can also give a bouquet of 29 flowers, or an original set containing these symbolic numbers;
  • A picture, clothes or dishes on which photographs of the newlyweds are applied. It’s great to spice up these photos with hilarious captions;
  • “Plush” pets, on a well-deserved rest, spouses will surely be impressed by new “friends”.

That’s probably all, but this list is far from complete, everyone will have their own personal gift. But the basic element on this day should be the given attention and love to each other. It is more common to celebrate this date with parents, children, grandparents, and close friends. Although 29 years old is a solid anniversary, few celebrate it pompously, only those who want to shout to the whole world how happy they are. You can do as your heart tells you. But already next year, your thirtieth anniversary, the Pearl Wedding, you must celebrate in full.

Wedding anniversary 29 years – how to congratulate

There are a few general rules that will help you out at any event. It doesn’t matter on the wedding or on the anniversary, you congratulate, your words will surely touch the heroes of the occasion, if you heed a few of our tips:

  • Keep calm. Try to speak clearly and moderately loudly so that everyone can hear and understand you.
  • Be sincere. Feel free to be emotional. Tell us how happy you are to congratulate the people you love on your 29th wedding anniversary.
  • Don’t sight-read. Even if you chose a congratulation in verse, try to learn it. This will make you listen more attentively
  • Be short and concise. Otherwise, the guests will get bored, and they will not grasp the essence of what was said.

An example of a wish for a wedding anniversary in verse

29 years

have passed since the wedding – A lot has been passed and lived,

Although it seems that we were

shouting “Bitter!” to you under the clink of glasses.

And you have already managed to raise children,

And even managed to become a grandfather and a woman.

Feelings like velvet, strong and tender.

And love is in the hearts, and in the soul is hope.

We wish you not to grow old and smile more often.

Enjoy life and each other for a long time.

An example of congratulations in prose

29 years of marriage have passed, and you are as loving and happy as you were on your wedding day! Your friendly and strong family has become an excellent example for all of us. We wish you peace and prosperity, comfort and warmth, many smiles and unquenchable love.

On the wedding portal www.svadebka.ws you can find many anniversary greetings for every taste.

As a congratulation, you can prepare an original and interesting video or slideshow. It could be a retrospective of family photos. For 29 years from the date of the wedding, the couple should have accumulated a large number of pictures that can recall the funny and touching moments of their family life.

A wedding anniversary is a light and sincere celebration that should take place in a warm and positive atmosphere, like every day of loving spouses shared together.

What kind of surprise can you prepare for your husband on your wedding anniversary? We have collected for you the coolest ideas on how to surprise your man: expensive and budget, extreme and romantic.

Do all wedding dates need to be celebrated? We offer a calendar of anniversaries, which contains dates that are sure to be celebrated in families. Some – in a narrow circle, others – on a grand scale. What anniversaries are usually celebrated in your family circle?

What does velvet mean?

Velvet is a very expensive, soft and durable fabric and is highly prized for its elegant look and soft feel.

… During the royal hours, altars and thrones, royal halls and bedchambers were decorated with material. By the way, velvet curtains are used in many theaters.

The symbolism of velvet lies in the softness and warmth of a relationship.

At the time of the 29th anniversary of their life together, the spouses understand that their youth is already far behind. However, they are still dear and sweet to each other. The married couple still values ​​their marriage and appreciates the warmth that has remained between them to this day.

29th Wedding Anniversary Meaning

What to present for a velvet wedding

If you are invited to a velvet wedding with friends or parents, you are undoubtedly asking the question: “What to give?” We offer you the following gift options:

  • Textile products. Velvet products, such as curtains, tablecloths or decorative pillows, will become not only a symbolic gift, but also perfectly complement the interior in a classic style. A husband can give his wife a velvet dress.
  • Gifts of the same name. You can give a whiskey called “Black Velvet” or an amazing plant “Amur Velvet”, which is highly resistant and useful properties. These options will fit perfectly into the theme of the celebration. You can surprise your mother or wife with a bouquet of charming velvet roses.
  • British cat. If the heroes of the occasion dream of a pet, then a cute kitten with soft, velvety hair is a wonderful gift for a velvet wedding.
  • Products with engraving. It can be paired mugs or glasses with the number 29.
  • Velvet packaging. You can pick up absolutely any gifts for the anniversary, and use velvet for packaging.
  • Voucher. It can be either a trip to the sea or to a health resort. But before buying, you should make sure that the spouses have no other plans for the booked date.
  • Holiday. Children can organize a celebration for their parents. They will definitely appreciate such a gift and will be able to get rid of unnecessary hassle on the day of the anniversary.
  • Certificate. If you don’t know what to give for a velvet wedding, then you can pick up a gift certificate for a store, spa, for a massage course or a romantic photo session.

Gift to husband

When choosing a gift for your spouse for the 29th anniversary of life together, focus on his character and interests. A sentimental man will appreciate a large photo album with heavy pages and a velvet cover. It will become a real symbol of the family, as it will keep the most pleasant moments. For a romantic, the best gift would be a quiet tete-a-tete dinner, a trip to the theater or to a concert of your favorite musical group.

Considering the tradition of a velvet wedding, a good present would be:

  • Plaid: will create coziness on a winter evening. It can be large or small, plush, woolen or knitted. If desired, make a personalized embroidery on it.
  • Bathrobe made of microfiber or velor. Choose a scarlet or burgundy product. These colors symbolize love and passion, excite fiery, quivering feelings.
  • Household shoes: a good addition to a previous gift.
  • Bath set: hats, sheets, towels, brooms.

Also, things that are not related to this date are presented for the celebration. For example, an expensive alcoholic drink aged 29 years, fishing supplies, wallets, car seat covers.

Where is better to celebrate

A velvet wedding is still a family holiday, so you shouldn’t invite many guests . Only the closest people for the spouses should be present at this event. Your best bet would be to go to a restaurant and celebrate with a sumptuous dinner.

Gift to wife

You can give your wife anything for 29 years from the date of the wedding, as long as the present is consistent with the theme of the celebration.

  • Any woman will appreciate  jewelry  in a velvet case. An equally advantageous option is cosmetic products or perfume in velvet packaging.
  • A set of bed linen  is also a necessary and pleasant gift. Give preference to products of unusual colors (burgundy or red to match the velvet). Choose products from well-known manufacturers.
  • Velvet box. In it, a woman can store jewelry, money, photographs, sewing supplies and much more.
  • Household items . We are talking about wall panels, paintings, home textiles, table sets, vases. Household appliances will not be superfluous.
  • Subscription to the beauty salon . Send your spouse for a course of massage, manicure, pedicure, solarium. Wellness activities are also useful: a visit to the fitness center and the pool. Give a subscription for a month, half a year or a year.

What to give

When a husband and wife have been living together for about 30 years, it is already difficult to surprise their partner with something. Therefore, the question arises – “what do they give for a 29-year wedding?” It is customary to give various velvet products. A husband can afford to buy a velvet dress for his companion. And the spouse can, for example, give a shirt or a vest made of the same velvet.

What to give guests for a 29th wedding anniversary? It’s simple. It can be as various decorations, for example, in the shape of hearts (must be presented in velvet boxes), and interior details (such as curtains, blankets, decorative pillows). Of course, they should be made of velvet, because the heroes of the day should not forget what kind of wedding after 29 years of marriage.

29th Wedding Anniversary Meaning


What a wedding anniversary can do without congratulations, it is so nice to congratulate people who have been able to keep their happiness for so many years.

Your marriage is already 29 –

Not so much, but not too little.

A wonderful time passed so quickly

And it seems like yesterday they just played a wedding.

And what to wish on a tender, velvet holiday?

May life together be forever beautiful

Let all dreams come true, as in a fairy tale,

And a full glass of happiness will be filled!


Our beloved (names). Now your twenty-ninth wedding anniversary has arrived. For all these years, the boat of your love has survived storms and storms, but has never suffered a shipwreck. And now she moored to the velvet shore! So let this little island become your saving happiness for many years!


Let them say – not an anniversary!

And there is no need to celebrate.

Do not invite guests to the house

Celebrate the holiday together.

Sit down together quietly –

Already twenty nine years have passed

Now there are children and grandchildren,

And happiness is still alive.

Let life be like soft velvet –

Shiny, durable and holy.

And the boat of life is irrevocable

Will drown in the tenderness of the saint.


Dear newlyweds! Today you are sitting as beautiful and in love as 29 years ago. And even if the storms of passions and emotions have subsided long ago, a real period of tenderness and understanding has come. We wish that your velvet season never ends, and the winter cold does not penetrate your loving hearts! *** Our precious ones! In an age of unstable family relationships, you did not hesitate to sweep away all obstacles from your path that hinder the joint happiness of two loving hearts. We sincerely wish that your trademark secret of the strength and steadfastness of the family hearth will be inherited, establishing a great dynasty. Let all wedding anniversaries become the most desired and permanent holidays, where your couple will be an example for the younger generations how to love and honor each other! Happy Anniversary! *** Looking at your inspired faces, you can be convinced with your own eyes that a happy marriage is not a fantasy, but a fabulous dream come to life. It may be exceptional, but still it is. Your relationship is a picture that cannot be taken apart like a jigsaw puzzle. You have been writing it for many years and only you know its secret. I wish you to continue to prosper, love each other and pass more than one wedding anniversary. *** Each wedding anniversary is a big event in family life. It does not matter how many years have passed and whether the anniversary date. The main thing is that the spouses still love each other, maintain spiritual closeness and warmth, and their relationship serves as a living example of mutual understanding and loyalty. Then not only the wedding day will become a holiday, but also every moment lived together.

Other wedding anniversaries

3rd wedding anniversary – celebrated after 3 years from the date of the wedding and is called a leather wedding. Leather is a more durable material than paper or chintz and is not easily torn, although it is possible. The skin is elastic, it can stretch or dry out, changing its shape. So the spouses learned in 3 years to be more flexible, to control their ambitions and to measure their own desires with the needs of the other half. The third wedding anniversary is an occasion to return to your feelings a spark that may already fade away.

A silver wedding – 25 years old – is also a kind of jewel. The spouses who have lived together for a whole quarter of a century will never part, their love has been tempered over the years, they value, respect and love each other. it is also a jewel in some way. The spouses who have lived together for a whole quarter of a century will never part, their love has been tempered over the years, they value, respect and love each other. And how much was passed together, how many events, changes and adventures happened, how much was understood and discovered during this long period.

What speech to give and is it worth doing

Anniversary at 29 years old is a good reason to gather family and friends at the same table. And of course, one cannot do without congratulatory words. Of course, it is worth preparing for congratulations in advance. The guideline should be made on the colorfulness and brevity of speech. You should express your joy that the couple are still together. We should wish them to continue to support and love each other, so that the strength between them is preserved for many years.

It will be quite useful to celebrate the date of 29 years in your speech more often, because the spouses have gone all this thorny path for family happiness together. Wish them to celebrate their golden wedding in the same warm family circle.


Let all troubles remain in the past and only good things are remembered . Continue to treat each other warmly. No scandals, quarrels should ruin the family. When married, the newlyweds should understand that they are giving a piece of themselves to their soul mate. Each spouse must take into account the wishes and needs of their partner. And in the most difficult situations, you must always be together. Only then can you live together for 29 years without a single regret. You and only you are the blacksmith of your own happiness. Live, love and be loved.

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