28th Wedding Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! You will know about 28th wedding anniversary meaning.

Amber weddings take place when a couple has been married for twenty-eight years and obviously they intend to move on! It is a number that is close to thirty and of course, it should not be underestimated as it shows the great love and affection that both profess.

In this article we are going to explain what amber weddings consist of, what details they can have with each other and the best ways to celebrate this wedding anniversary.


The meaning of amber weddings is that a marriage has been together for twenty-eight years . Amber, far from being a precious stone as many people believe, are fossilized remains of the resin of trees, specifically, of pines. For this reason, many times inside you can find insects, bubbles, dust particles or any other residue that the resin has dragged before being fossilized.

28th Wedding Anniversary Meaning

Amber is associated with both healing and protective properties since it is said to be able to ward off bad energies. For this reason, it is said that a married couple that is twenty-eight years old should be like amber, capable of removing from themselves any bad influence that could harm the path they have traveled.

Another version points out that the symbolism of amber for this wedding anniversary is that amber is characterized by being a powerful stabilizer and a marriage of twenty-eight years represents precisely the existence of a lot of stability.

28th Wedding Anniversary Meaning

This anniversary is considered a period of adjustment, a time in which the couple have been together for a long time and now have more time to dedicate to each other since, by now, the children are older and have surely started their own. lifetime.

In addition to amber, this anniversary is also identified with the orchid, which symbolizes love, luxury, beauty and strength.


Traditional gift – UKNo traditional gift
Traditional gift – USANo traditional gift
Traditional gift – SpainAmber
Traditional gift – GermanyCarnations
Traditional gift – RussiaNickel
Traditional gift – FranceNickel
Traditional gift – ItalyAmber
Flower giftOrchid
Gemstone giftAmethyst
Modern giftOrchid


At this stage of the marriage it can be difficult to find the perfect gift for the couple so we suggest, as always, to heed tradition and make gifts based on the symbol that represents the anniversary. In this case, the gifts must contain amber .

Here we propose some gifts with amber or inspired by amber to turn the gifts into something that symbolizes these twenty-eight years of marriage. However, the couple is the one who knows each other best, so you can always contribute any personal detail that evokes something important and special for both of you.

28th Wedding Anniversary Meaning
  • Perfume . There are perfumes for both men and women whose color is reminiscent of amber, as if they were practically liquid amber. In addition, some have amber essence among their components, a very recognizable woody and penetrating aroma.
  • Jewelry . Of course, amber is widely used in jewelry and costume jewelery. It is especially beautiful when combined with silver, although the tastes of the couple should always predominate. Amber can be set in rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, cufflinks and tie pins.
  • Beauty treatments . There are packs with bath gels, essential oils and body balms made with amber. A nice touch would be to make this gift with the idea of ​​spending some time pampering each other in the hot tub using these products.
  • Amber figure . Giving a sculpture carved in amber may seem something impersonal or little thought but everything changes if that sculpture represents something that is symbolic for both of you. That is why we insist that you always have to contribute something personal and creative to your wedding anniversary gifts.
  • Bags and wallets . There are stores that sell bags, wallets, etc. that are made with small pieces of amber joined by threads and twine. It is a practical and elegant gift and will always serve to remember this twenty-eighth anniversary.
  • Mouthpieces for cigarettes and pipe . This gift is special for smokers, of course. Although it may seem like something old-fashioned that is not used, the truth is that using a mouthpiece with a delicate style and made of amber can give a touch of distinction and elegance to the person who smokes.
  • Lucky trees . Lucky trees are small “bonsai” that, instead of being living trees, are representations made of other materials. You can find these trees whose leaves are made with small pieces of amber and give one to the other symbolizing the good luck that they have had so far and that, without a doubt, they will have in the future.

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We are going to start by proposing a classic plan but which can be given a special touch so that it perfectly represents this wedding anniversary. We refer to the romantic dinner for two , which can become a dinner with friends and family if the couple so wishes. In this dinner you can include amber in the cutlery, which can have the handle made of amber, or you can also buy a tablecloth with orange tones reminiscent of amber. Of course, to give a more special touch to this moment you can decorate the table with amber candles that will make everything more magical.

For something more ambitious, the couple can take a trip to some place where there are large deposits of amber as something symbolic. In addition, these places usually find beautiful crafts in which this material is used and where to buy souvenirs that will always remind you of this wedding anniversary. The most famous amber is that which comes from the Baltic Sea area, especially in Kaliningrad, Russia , a city where you can also visit its impressive 14th century cathedral or the Russian-Byzantine Church of Christ the Savior. In addition, there is the Amber Museum, more than 1,000 square meters in which to marvel about this material.

A little closer is the city of Gdansk, in Poland , considered the world capital of amber. In the center of the city there is a museum in which to observe such curious objects as an electric guitar made of amber. As a curiosity, this museum is located in an old prison whose ceilings are vaults that give the place a disturbing and evocative appearance. And even closer, in Cantabria, the most important amber deposit in Spain was found ten years ago in the Cave of El Soplao . There, you can take guided tours to get to know the place and, incidentally, get to know that beautiful area of ​​our geography.

Amber has a warm and welcoming color so another way to celebrate this wedding anniversary is to prepare a special intimate setting for the couple, a place where they can enjoy their privacy. You can put orange sheets on the bed, lighting of this color perhaps taking advantage of the amber candles that we have talked about above, or simply certain details such as underwear, some pillows or orange flowers scattered on the bed, orchids to be possible.

A very original idea is to organize an amber breakfast , that is, a breakfast for two inspired by this mineral. We refer to orange juice, orange, apricot or peach jam, golden toast, orange napkins, covered with amber handles and orange flowers. The warmth that the color orange conveys will help create a secluded atmosphere in which the couple can exchange jokes and confidences alone, feeling more comfortable than ever with each other.

28th Wedding Anniversary Meaning

And if it is not possible to share an amber breakfast, you can always make an amber lunch or dinner using orange ingredients: pumpkin, carrots, mango, oranges, tomatoes, peppers, peaches … How about a pumpkin and carrot cream, some roasted orange peppers and, for dessert, a peach tart? Even the couple can be encouraged to cook together thus creating another special moment between the two that they will surely remember for a long time.

The color orange, the color of amber, is also the color of fire, so the next proposal consists of a romantic dinner in front of a fireplace . It may be in a rural house where a small picnic is organized on a rug that is in front of a fireplace but if the couple has more rustic tastes, they may prefer to dine next to an open-air bonfire, in some natural setting that is of your liking and in which it is allowed to light fires. Fire always gives a certain magic to intimate moments and the fact of being outside your home, in a special place, will make the couple feel more free and at ease when leaving the routine.

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