27th Wedding Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! Here, you will know about 27th wedding anniversary meaning.

Jet weddings take place when a couple turns twenty-seven years of marriage . The path that one day they decided to undertake together is approaching the third decade, so this day must be celebrated in the most special way. It is clear that the love that the couple promised each other before their loved ones is still just as pure and strong.

In this article we will explain what jet weddings mean and how you can celebrate them in the most special way so that this day becomes unforgettable for both of you.


When a married couple turns twenty-seven years of marriage, they celebrate their jet-set weddings. This anniversary is identified with jet, a mineral with an origin anchored in hundreds of thousands of years ago and that, traditionally, has been considered as a protector against any evil .

The intense and brilliant color of jet is related to intensity and purity.

27th wedding anniversary meaning

A marriage that has been together for twenty-seven years is already more than consolidated, so his priorities at this moment are focused on protecting his family: that is why jet has been chosen to represent him. The black color of this stone, in addition, is identified with mystery, elegance, formality and power . Along with jet, the plant that identifies this wedding anniversary is mint, a symbol of virtue.


As is already known, on each wedding anniversary it is traditional for the couple to exchange gifts made with the material that represents them, or at least that contain it or identify with it. In this case, the gifts have to be related to jet, the stone that gives this celebration its name.

Here we offer some ideas to give at jet weddings, although it will always be the couple themselves who know best how to surprise and make the other happy. These gifts that we propose can become the basis for the perfect gift.

  • Jewelry . It is the most obvious gift when it comes to a precious stone but it does not have to stop being something original and surprising. There are several websites and jewelry stores where you can design a personalized jewel so it is the occasion to think of something that is really special for the couple. Jet can be set into rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants, bangles, cufflinks, and tie pins. You just have to find the perfect design and unleash your creativity.
  • Amulet . As we have commented, jet is a stone that is awarded the power to protect, so a show of love and care would be to give the other an amulet made with this material. The choice of the amulet is at the discretion of the couple based on their tastes and beliefs: a figa, a crucifix, a Celtic cross, a lucky owl, a four-leaf clover, an elephant, a horseshoe.
  • Technology . A computer, a console, a mobile, a tablet … Yes, they are not made of jet, but these types of gifts are usually black and have elegant and strong lines, characteristics that also identify this precious stone. In addition, there are currently so many electronic devices for day to day that it will not be difficult to find one that is useful and that adapts to the economy of each one.
  • Azabache wine . Wine lovers will enjoy this magnificent wine from La Rioja that has its own wineries and has been recognized with multiple awards and accolades. If we accompany a good red wine (the closest thing to jet black) with a good cheese, the gift will lead to a romantic and elegant evening between the couple who will enjoy the flavors of the good products of the country.
  • Box with surprise . Jet is a very versatile material when it comes to carving and, of course, jet boxes are made. However, this gift can become something very special if it is filled with … 365 different messages of love. It is quite a challenge! But it will be worth it to see how each day the couple opens that box to take out one of those messages and read it together, thus reminding themselves how much they love each other and how strong they have been to get there.


After twenty-seven years celebrating wedding anniversaries, perhaps the time has come when ideas run out or simply routine and day-to-day life have not even allowed the couple to feel calmly deciding what to do at their jet-set weddings. Here we are going to propose some ideas that can serve as a starting point for other plans that they prefer.

The first proposal is closely related to the symbol of this anniversary and consists of doing the Azabache Route in Asturias. It consists of a walk of about five kilometers in which the couple can learn about the artisan tradition that exists in the area around jet and its extraction in the mines. The jet extracted in this area is considered the best in the world along with that of Whitby, in England, another place that can also be visited if the couple prefers to transcend borders to go a little further.

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And we continue with the trips through the north of Spain. The next suggestion is that the couple make the Camino de Santiago . Jet is considered one of the protective stones that pilgrims carry to make their way safely. In fact, in ancient times the pilgrims found raw jet as they passed through Asturias and such they found it, they took it with them to Santiago de Compostela. For this reason, in this city the couple will be able to find numerous shops in which to get beautiful pieces carved out of jet, among which the famous figa, a traditional protective amulet, stands out.

If you are not in the mood to travel or the economy and circumstances do not allow it, you can always organize an intimate and romantic dinner at home or a meeting with family and closest friends. Jet can be present in many ways in this dinner. The dishes can be black or have details in this color, either a line or a pattern, just like the cutlery. The tablecloth could be black, or if it is excessive, show embroidery in this color. Regarding the decorations for the table, you can choose jet candle holders or candle holders with white candles and flowers.

We can’t leave out the classic breakfast in bed . It is about choosing a day in which there is no rush to get up, in which to prepare a hearty breakfast to take to bed and enjoy it while chatting, laughing, talking and remembering. Something so simple can make the day better, that the couple is in a good mood and that they are aware of the love that has brought them up to that moment and of the strength they still have to continue celebrating wedding anniversaries.

Continuing in the bedroom, the color black can give a lot of play and help create an intimate and sensual atmosphere. It can be in a sexy lingerie set or maybe on the satin sheets that cover the bed. You can also light up the moment with black candles or even black rose petals. You have to lose your fear of that color and begin to associate it with more pleasant, magical, sensual and mysterious moments. After twenty-seven years of marriage, sure that a night of passion with stimuli related to the senses turns into something unforgettable.

27th wedding anniversary meaning

In the event that you decide to hold a celebration with more people, you can introduce special details that provide something new and different but at the same time evoke nostalgia. An example is that the couple may appear in a suit and a dress reminiscent of those they wore at the wedding and that those who were invited to it can recognize. That will take them all twenty-seven years ago, to that happy day when the couple decided they wanted to walk together for the rest of their lives. In addition, a good detail for this celebration would be to invite those family and friends who have joined the world of the couple and who were not at the wedding. It is a way of making them part of something so special and that will make the couple feel that everything is more complete now.

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