26th Wedding Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! We tell you about 26th wedding anniversary meaning.

The wedding of roses have an evocative name and it is not for less since they are celebrated when a couple turns 26, overcoming the Silver Wedding and walking towards a united future. Nowadays it cannot be said that there are many couples who go so far, so you have to celebrate the wedding of roses and turn them into something special.

In this article we explain what rose weddings mean and we bring you some ideas for you to celebrate this wedding anniversary as they deserve.


Rose weddings take place when a couple has been married for twenty-six years… and they still want more! The symbol of this anniversary are the roses, an unequivocal symbol of love and the purest feelings . Its beauty, coupled with its fragility, have made this flower a highly coveted species that is always well received.

Roses are associated with this anniversary because, at this point in the relationship, the marriage has consolidated their love in a beautiful and stable way. However, roses are also fragile, so just as you have to continue taking care of them as always, the same happens with the love that the couple profess. They should never stop caring for it.

26th wedding anniversary meaning


It is tradition that, on each wedding anniversary, the couple exchange gifts related to the symbol that identifies this occasion. In this case, the gifts must include roses to express those pure feelings and love that the marriage has shared over the twenty-six years of their journey.

Here are some suggestions, although it will always be the couple who best knows how to choose their gifts, personalizing them and giving them the touch will make them really special and meaningful.

  • Bouquet of roses . Although surely on all, or almost all anniversaries, the couple have exchanged bouquets of roses, it will never be as significant as on this anniversary. It is important that the bouquet is made of pink roses, the ones that best express love and passion, and of course, that they are fresh. In the case of not being able to get red roses, there are roses preserved in boxes that do not spoil and that can serve as a paradigm of the marriage that the couple shares.
  • Jewelry . Of course, the rose is a motif adaptable to practically any piece of jewelry for both men and women. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings, tiaras and bracelets, but also cufflinks or tie pins are likely to be in the shape of a rose. In addition, some more sophisticated pieces even have dried rose petals decorating the metal in which the jewel was made.
  • Perfume . The smell of roses is unmistakable and there is no one who does not recognize it as it is perceptible in the air. Although normally the perfume of roses is associated with women, today there are many brands that manufacture essences for men that contain the scent of roses. It’s a great idea that both of you can wrap yourself in the magical scent of roses to celebrate your anniversary.
  • Sweet . Roses are very versatile in terms of shape, smell, and even taste! There are tartlets in the shape of rose flowers, rose-filled chocolates, rose ice creams, rose cupcakes … You just have to contact the appropriate bakery and order the sweetest gift for the couple … and it will be sweeter to share it! There are as many combinations as personal tastes may exist.
  • Bath set . Although a priori it may not seem very romantic, you have to think that a bath set with rose bath salts, rose soap and rose petals that float in the water is something that can be shared. And this plan becomes even more attractive if instead of being carried out in the bathtub at home, it is carried out in the bathtub of a hotel where the couple is staying for a weekend to enjoy their wedding anniversary alone.
  • Complements . Roses can appear on a neckerchief, purse or purse, even a fancy pen, or in the corner of the briefcase to go to work. If your imagination is put into action, it is possible to include the symbol of this anniversary in almost any gift that the couple want to exchange, indicating that it is a special gift or not one more.
  • Book with roses on the cover or title . Couples who are lovers of reading can see this gift as a challenge. It is about giving the other a book with roses on the cover or title. And if the argument can be made to relate to some important episode in your life or something that is special to both of you, success will be assured.


We are going to start with a romantic dinner , although perhaps some couples prefer to share the moment with family and friends. For this occasion, roses can be used to decorate the table, for example, building a path of roses that crosses the table from one side to the other, or simply placing one or more vases with a red rose. Although we believe that it is a too traditional flower and that it is very seen, some roses always evoke love and romance.

Roses can also be present in the embroidery of tablecloths and napkins , in the covers that cover the chairs and even in the form of filigree in the cutlery, plates and glasses. You can also put tangled roses in candle holders to create a unique and special decoration object or to make centerpieces in which roses predominate. Of course, you have to remember not to overdo it to preserve harmony and that the result is not too exaggerated.

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The rose ceremony is a beautiful way to commemorate the commitment the couple made 26 years ago. It is as simple as exchanging two roses at the moment in which some words specially written for the occasion are recited and in which the couple expresses the feelings they have for the other. A little further down we have left you some messages and phrases for the wedding anniversary that can be used as a starting point if inspiration fails.

Another way to celebrate the wedding of roses is to take a cultural and romantic trip at the same time, using the excuse of going to visit a museum or art gallery to spend a few days in such special cities as London, Paris, Florence or even New York. . The trip is sure to be very inspiring, so why not buy a poster with a painting that is meaningful to both of you? It will undoubtedly be a very special memory that you can have in your living room.

If the weather is good, another idea is to go for a walk through one of the huge rose gardens that are usually found in parks and gardens. It is about going slowly, walking hand in hand while discovering the different varieties of roses, chatting and conversing, even taking some photographs that later serve to remember this anniversary. To put the finishing touch to this trip, the couple can go to a tribute with a great snack in a romantic place.


All wedding anniversaries deserve to be celebrated and must be initialed with the expression of the love that has united the couple during the years that are fulfilled on each occasion. This love can be manifested through gifts, details, gestures and symbols but also, of course, through words.

Whether it’s a greeting card, an engraving on a special object, a wake-up note or a face-to-face conversation, sometimes it is not easy to find the right words to express what you feel . Excessive emotion or feelings on the surface can cause a lump in the throat or the mind to go blank. Therefore, here we propose some phrases that can be taken as a starting point to build what you want to say to the couple on such a special day as this wedding anniversary.

  • If I had to live my life again, next time I would find you sooner so I can love you longer.
  • A great marriage is not when a perfect couple comes together. It is when an imperfect partner learns to accept their differences. And you and I are perfectly different!
  • Marriage is choosing someone again and again to love, and enjoying each new dawn with that person.
26th wedding anniversary meaning
  • Anniversaries are resting points where you stop and admire all that you have achieved as a couple, you hold on to the promises you have kept and you prepare to fulfill the ones that are missing.
  • Thank you for deciding to stay even when you have every reason to leave. Thank you for making life easier when it is hardest.
  • Our wedding day symbolized the union of two roots that have become a beautiful plant over the years.

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