22nd Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! We tell you 22nd anniversary meaning.

The copper wedding is the wedding anniversary that takes place when the couple turns twenty-two years of marriage. Throughout all these years, the couple will have gone through many happy moments but also through the occasional adversity. However, the balance is positive so it is a reason to celebrate.

If you want more about copper weddings and therefore, when you should celebrate them, keep reading this article where, in addition, we give you ideas and suggestions to turn this day into an occasion to remember for a long time.


If you’ve ever wondered how old a copper wedding is, the answer is twenty-two years . This number is considered as one of the master numbers. It brings patience and helps to overcome obstacles, something that the couple has already demonstrated in abundance during the years they have been married.

The material that represents this anniversary is copper, one of the metals that was indispensable in the development of Humanity and that even gives its name to a time in history, the Copper Age, also known as Chalcolithic.

22nd anniversary meaning

Copper represents beauty and durability, as well as prosperity, perfection and good luck , traits present in a married couple who have shared their lives for twenty-two years.

In addition to this metal, this anniversary is also associated with the color green, which represents growth, freshness, harmony and hope, with the precious stone known as spinel that promotes vitality, love, spirituality and intelligence according to the color of your choice.


Tradition dictates that the couple must exchange gifts in which the material that symbolizes the anniversary they celebrate predominates. On this occasion, the gifts have to have something copper, either the metal itself or the color.

Here we propose some ideas but, as always, it is the members of the couple themselves who best know what the other may like. Creativity, love and imagination have to come together to create a meaningful and special gift.

  • Copper cups . With its rustic and simple appearance but at the same time brilliant, a set of copper mugs with the names of the couple engraved can become the perfect gift to symbolize this anniversary. They can debut it that same day sharing a tea before a tray of cupcakes in an intimate snack for two.
  • Set of coffee pot and cups . This gift comes in conjunction with the previous one. There are sets of French coffee makers with matching cups with metallic details made of cobra, something special and not too seen that will make you remember with each breakfast the strength of your marriage that has already exceeded twenty-two years of journey.
  • Set of pens . If one or both of the members of the couple usually work with pens that should look elegant and sophisticated, nothing better than a pair of copper pens that will attract attention every time they have to sign a document and that will make a difference. They can be engraved with the wedding date or the names of the couple.
  • Whiskey bottle and glasses set . Coming home from work and sharing a glass of whiskey with ice can become quite a ritual if both the bottle and the glasses are decorated with copper appliques. Its brilliance and elegance will remind the couple of this curious and special anniversary.
  • Cups with copper feet . To commemorate not only copper weddings but also to celebrate any special occasion, glass goblets with the base made of copper are an elegant and special gift that can also be put to much use.
  • Jewelry . And of course, copper can be used in jewelry in the form of rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, cufflinks, tie pins, and more. You can even order custom pieces that combine this material with spinel, the gemstone associated with the twenty-second wedding anniversary.


Copper is a very useful material when it comes to decorating the table where the celebratory lunch or dinner will be held, whether intimate or in the company of friends and family. This elegant and sophisticated colored metal can appear in chandeliers, silverware, napkin rings (which can be personalized to commemorate the occasion), flower vases or coasters. In addition, glasses and plates with copper rims can be purchased for this day. The tablecloth could be decorated in copper and bouquets of flowers tied with ribbons of this color can also be added. It looks good with any type of flower you choose!

An original idea to celebrate copper weddings, especially if the couple like to work around the stove, is to cook some kind of cake, cake or any other sweet together and decorate it with the metallic tone of copper. Nowadays these pastry techniques allow making creations of this type that can be elegant, fun and original and also have a very good second part, eat it while watching a movie!

Something more adventurous is to visit a place that is known for its copper production. Chile is a great example as it has one of the largest copper reserves in the world. In addition, it is a country full of natural wonders that is worth visiting so a great way to celebrate this anniversary would be to organize a trip there, something that will undoubtedly be unforgettable.

Another way to celebrate this anniversary is simply … by staying in bed all day . There are couples who do not stop all day for work, children and other routine obligations. The idea is to get a day alone, get up to see the sunrise and have breakfast together and then go back to bed to continue sleeping, to chat between hugs, to frolic, for whatever they want to do but turning the conjugal bedroom around the world during at least one day. Relaxing will make your daily worries disappear for at least a few hours.

The night is a magical time to celebrate twenty-two years of love. The plan may be to go out to dinner in an intimate place that they do not usually go to, talk alone if possible on topics that do not have to do with their day-to-day obligations, and then walk under the stars in some little-traveled place to chat and simply enjoy the nightlife, silence and those perfect dream hours to remember the best moments of your marriage.

Finally, it may be worth making a significant outlay and pamper yourself by booking a suite in a five-star hotel and enjoying its massage and spa services. It can be a weekend dedicated to pampering and in fact, the hotel can be in the same city in which they live. The idea is not to leave there and dedicate only to themselves, enjoying relaxation and leaving out the day-to-day responsibilities to enjoy each other. They will leave there as new and with the strength to carry on for twenty-two more years.

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Sometimes, due to nerves or emotion, it is difficult to find the exact words that reflect what you want to convey to your partner, what you want to share, either alone or in front of a small group of friends and family.

Therefore, here we propose some romantic phrases that can help and inspire when expressing your feelings towards the person with whom you have been sharing so many years of marriage.

22nd anniversary meaning

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  • We have changed over the years but the sparkle in your eyes is brighter than ever and my love for you is even stronger than before.
  • If they gave me a flower every time I think of your eyes, right now I would have the largest garden in the world
  • I don’t know what souls are made of but yours and mine are identical
  • If staying together and in love is crazy, I no longer want to be sane
  • This anniversary deserves to celebrate the joys of the present, the memories of the past and the projects of the future
  • Even though we get older, we get older and our bodies change, my love for you will never change.
  • You may not be perfect, but precisely what I love about you is your imperfection
  • All love stories are pretty but ours is my favorite
  • I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have become, but for what you have made of me. I love you for the part of me that you bring out.
  • The first moment I laid my eyes on you, I knew that our hearts were meant to unite.

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