21 Year Wedding Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! Here, you will know about 21 year wedding anniversary meaning.

Oak weddings commemorate a couple’s twenty-one years of marriage. It is a very special anniversary since it means having passed two decades of life as a couple, something that symbolizes the love that exists between them.

In this article we tell you what oak weddings consist of, what are the most appropriate gifts for this date and also, we offer you celebration ideas so that this anniversary becomes a very special day for the couple.


Oak weddings are celebrated when a married couple has been married for twenty-one years . It is obvious that at this point there is a great solidity in the couple as well as a lot of resistance to adversity. In this time, both of them have gotten to know each other the best and have also learned a lot about marriage and life as a couple. For this reason, the oak symbolizes this anniversary since it has always been an emblem of strength, endurance and wisdom.

In addition to oak, there are other elements of nature that also serve to symbolize this anniversary. One of them is the olive flower as it transmits peace, something necessary in such a long-lived marriage. In addition, the precious stone known as the bull’s eye also serves as a symbol , which helps to increase the willpower and to admit the responsibilities that one acquires within the marriage.


Tradition says that the couple must exchange gifts in which the element that identifies the corresponding wedding anniversary predominates. Therefore, to celebrate its twenty-one anniversary, gifts should be made where oak predominates.

Here we leave some ideas but it will be the marriage itself who will best know how to please their partner by making use of the time they have been together, their creativity and their enthusiasm.

  • Rings in oak box . A simple, special and meaningful gift is to renew the engagement rings and present them in an oak box carved with the couple’s names and the wedding date. The rings can also be decorated with a bull’s eye, the precious stone that corresponds to this wedding anniversary.
  • Wine bottle holder . It’s useful, it’s classy, ​​and the perfect gift for wine lovers. There are many designs made of oak so the challenge is to find the right one and get personalized by means of a special engraving.
  • Desk organizer . Perhaps the members of the couple or at least one of them, spends a lot of time sitting in front of a desk, either for work reasons or because some hobby demands it. There are organizers made of oak of all models and if it is personalized with a special message, date or name, it can be a daily reminder of such a special anniversary.
21 Year Wedding Anniversary Meaning
  • Tables for the kitchen . This is perfect for couples who are fond of cooking and especially cooking together. Nowadays, beautiful models of cutting boards made of oak are made, but there are also special trays to present the sushi and others that serve to carry the food. And of course, we cannot forget the trivets. There are pages on the Internet where you can order personalized ones, how about ordering one with the couple’s names?
  • A frame for photos . It is the most classic and it may sound predictable but you can do special things with a photo frame if you put interest and creativity. Why buy the typical square frame? You can search in a fun or even meaningful way, with an engraving or drawing that makes sense for the couple, and finish off those details with a photo that evokes one of the most special memories that have been created in those twenty-one years of marriage.
  • Oak leaf shaped jewelry . The oak leaf is a simple and recognizable motif that can be adapted to almost any type of jewel. It can be used as earrings, pendant and also topping off a ring. There are very simple tiaras and tiaras formed by a line of oak leaves that give a romantic and simple look. In the case of men, two small oak leaves can act as cufflinks and this motif can also be used as a tie pin.


At this point and after having celebrated a score of anniversaries, it may be difficult to surprise or do something different. In any case, here are some ideas that can be recycled and modified to suit the tastes and preferences of the couple. The beauty is that everything is as personal as possible!

The first idea is to have a picnic at the foot of an oak tree , how could it be otherwise. If there is none in the town where the couple resides, it is the perfect excuse to make a getaway to a special place where there is an oak forest in which to enjoy a day alone, protected by resistance and wisdom that emanates from such impressive trees.

If it has not been done on one of the previous anniversaries, it may be the occasion to celebrate a second wedding . In fact, it does not even have to be a replica of the original but something different and surprising. Perhaps the couple can take advantage of it to fulfill some illusion that was pending regarding that issue or simply do something more modern and innovative. The important thing is that the couple have fun and with them, their friends and family.

Following the previous idea, you could also recreate some of the quotes or situations that you remember with love or fun. Perhaps return to some place where they had a good time and would have liked to stay more days, or return to that restaurant that they liked so much and to which they have not had the opportunity to return.

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Another idea is to celebrate a lunch or dinner at home in which the couple can be alone or be accompanied by the closest relatives and close friends. In this celebration, the oak can be present in many ways. For example, in the crockery, which can be decorated with oak leaves just like the tablecloths. If it is an informal gathering with snacking, even oak wood plates and glasses can be used.

In the textile field, oak can also be used to set the scene for this anniversary in the right way. Beyond the tablecloths mentioned above, the characteristic oak leaves can appear in curtains and cushion covers and also in the form of ashtrays, plates, photo frames, welcome sign, coasters and, finally, in everything that where the imagination and creativity of the couple arrive.

You can also do something daring, how about the idea of ​​getting a tattoo together that represents those twenty-one years that you have been together? The couple can look for a special symbol, something that characterizes their relationship, and mark it on their skin as a reminder of their marriage, perhaps a small, strong and resistant oak leaf like them? If they don’t want the tattoo to be permanent, they can do it with henna, which wears off over time.

If the couple are lovers of classical music, they can go together to a concert of wooden instruments in tribute to the oak weddings. Maybe a string quartet, an intimate concert that takes place in a special place that can be finished with a romantic dinner and a night walk through some evocative place where you can chat alone, putting aside the daily routine.

Another very fun option is to have a somewhat unusual photoshoot . Today there are many photography studios that prepare props and costumes to make unforgettable but also fun photographs. The couple can dress up as vampires, cowboys, 1920s style … And if they are daring, they can also do a private session with spicy photos just for the couple’s enjoyment.

A very simple plan is to stay home alone, prepare some good appetizers together and listen to a music list with all those songs that have marked the most special moments of the couple throughout their twenty-one years of marriage. Music has the power to convey emotions and surely that day of listening to and remembering songs can elicit laughter, tears and above all, a lot of love and tenderness.

21 Year Wedding Anniversary Meaning

And continuing in the same vein, the couple can reserve a weekend to see those movies that also have some special meaning for them. Maybe the first movie you saw together at the cinema or a movie that reflects your own love story or just one that made you laugh out loud. The important thing, always, is to share.

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