20th Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! We tell you 20th anniversary meaning.

The porcelain wedding anniversary is one of those dates that become essential for any marriage. If you do not know what porcelain weddings are or you need ideas to celebrate them as they deserve, keep reading because we are going to inform you about everything.


Porcelain weddings symbolize twenty years of marriage . By now, the couple has more than demonstrated their strength and happiness and will surely serve as an example to the younger couples in the family or around them. They have accumulated dozens of experiences and experiences of all kinds, always managing to move forward.

The marriage at this point could be described as strong, smooth and shiny , exactly the qualities that porcelain has, the material that symbolizes this anniversary.


There is a tradition according to which on each anniversary the couple must exchange gifts that are made, or at least contain, the material that identifies them. In this case, the gifts have to be made of porcelain so let’s see some ideas.

  • Piece of Chinese porcelain . Chinese porcelain is fine and delicate but also resistant. There are beautiful designs of all kinds so a good gift would be to find the perfect motif that represents the couple, be it a set of tea or coffee cups, a decorated plate or a tableware for two.
  • Jewelry . Perhaps we are not used to seeing them but there is a whole repertoire of jewelry made of porcelain with designs of all kinds. Earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, cufflinks … Porcelain is a very versatile material and you can find motifs of all kinds.
  • Liquor game . There are porcelain bottle sets with small glasses of the same material that are sold with a very careful presentation in a wooden box. It can be used to serve liquor of any kind or simply as a home décor item.
  • Cups . Matching breakfast mugs are always a good gift. There is also a lot of variety to choose from, although for an anniversary such as porcelain weddings, the most appropriate thing would be to personalize it in some way to give it a special touch that can be romantic, fun, or both!
  • Beer mugs. This gift is special for couples who love beer or perhaps if one of them is. There are porcelain beer mugs with modern, fun, even historical designs … It is about choosing the one that is most appropriate and personalizing it with names, dates or any element that is symbolic for marriage.
  • Chess . Again a specific gift for lovers of this game. There are various models of chess boards with porcelain pieces that can be a special and very elegant gift if a good choice is made. Another option is to find a porcelain professional who could even create the board pieces to your liking for a unique chess.


After twenty years of living together, it may seem that there is nothing that the couple has not done already but we are still going to leave some ideas for porcelain weddings that can serve as inspiration when thinking about how to celebrate them.

  • Chinese-themed celebration . The porcelain par excellence is the one that comes from China, so starting from that base you can organize a dinner or a party with this theme. The venue can be decorated with Chinese paper lanterns or small bells and traditional Chinese music may play in the background. Guests can be asked to come in Chinese clothes and, of course, serve snacks and food from Chinese cuisine.
  • Special lunch . Perhaps, apart from a celebration with friends and family, the couple can organize something just for the two of them, a time when they can really be alone and where they can calmly take stock of their twenty years of marriage. We simply propose to reserve a table in a restaurant that you do not know or, on the contrary, in a restaurant that has a special symbolism for both of you. It is not an expensive or eccentric plan but it gives the couple the opportunity for a time of complicity alone.
  • Take a road trip . It is, once again, that the couple enjoy some time alone. For this idea we are not talking about organizing a trip to a destination but about making a route by car. The couple can visit different towns and cities, spend the night where they see fit, discover new landscapes, even decide on the fly which direction they are going to take.
  • See the videos and photos of the wedding . The couple can do it alone but it is also fun if it is done in the company of the children because their comments are always surprising. If we share that moment with friends or family who were present at the wedding, surely they can tell details of that day that perhaps the couple no longer remembered.
  • Do a symbolic vow renewal ritual . It can be done through a specialized agency, with the help of friends or family, or even alone. It is about renewing the promises and wishes of the marriage while carrying out a symbolic act such as the exchange of rings, the joining of hands by means of a red ribbon, the mixture of sands of different colors …
20th anniversary meaning


Without a doubt, celebrating twenty years of marriage is an event full of emotion, a unique date in which life is full of symbolism. Whether the couple decides to celebrate in the company of their family and close friends or if they choose to do it alone, they would surely like to say a few words that express all that they have lived together for two decades.

The best thing for these cases is to let the heart speak, be sincere and honest, but nerves and excitement can make this process more difficult. We will try to help you by providing some phrases about porcelain weddings and marriage that can serve as inspiration at a time like this.

  • Twenty years is quite a youth. We are a young and strong love, well established in the present and with a great projection for the future. A loving kiss on this great day and we are going for more!
  • Thank you for twenty years of full happiness, of love without melancholy, of serene passion. Thank you for holding my hand every night, kissing me every day and keeping the fire going. Thank you for this unremitting passion; many years are left until the twilight that will find us embraced together.
  • When two lives form one life it means that happiness and love have been reunited. Thank you for your constant support, for giving me laughs on gray days, for moving forward together into the future. Happy 20 years of marriage, love!
  • I chose you to accompany me and accompany you, to support and inspire you, to share with you all the adventures that life offers us. I chose you and I choose you, like twenty years ago, to love you always and unconditionally.
  • I look to the future and I can only wish another twenty years with you. You are my brake and my impulse, a dance to the wind on solid ground. Magnetic contradictions, wishes fulfilled. Say nothing: let’s listen to the silence together.
  • What would the world be without you, without your happiness, without your beauty and your goodness? Without you there would be no world, no destiny, or anything. Nobody imagines the world without its source of vitality.

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  • On this day of our anniversary, I must confess that during our relationship I have fallen in love many, many times. always from the same person. Of you. Happy Anniversary
  • Twenty years of history, love, fights, things said and not said, of presences and absences, games and smiles, tears and comfort. We have always supported each other. Today we respect each other and celebrate together with all of you a great event.
  • We have been together for twenty years and our relationship, day after day, is becoming more beautiful and special. The flame of our love will always remain fiery and exuberant, it will never burn out.
  • Some time ago I met someone and fell in love from the first moment. We got married because we knew we belonged to each other. The love I feel for you has no words, today I could not imagine a life without you. Happy Anniversary.
  • Our marriage and our love continue to be as rewarding as the first day. I wish to make our married life happy every day.
20th anniversary meaning
  • I will always remember the day of our marriage as the best day of my life. Today is our anniversary, with this thought, I want to thank you for your dedication to the family and for your love.
  • I couldn’t tell you if I loved you from the first moment I saw you, or if it was the second, the third or the fourth. But I remember the first time I looked at you as you walked towards me and realized that the rest of the world seemed to disappear when I was with you.

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