19th Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! Here, you will know 19th anniversary meaning.

Honeysuckle weddings take place when a couple turns nineteen years of marriage. It is a moment in which they are touching with their fingers the two decades since the happiest day of their lives took place so it can serve as a preamble to the great anniversary that will take place next year.

In this article we explain everything about this wedding anniversary and also offer ideas about gifts and the best plans to turn this day into a very special memory.


The nineteenth wedding anniversary is called honeysuckle weddings. At this point in marriage, it is feasible to think that the bonds of love that unite the couple are very strong, hence this anniversary is related to the honeysuckle, a strong and resistant plant. The honeysuckle is a climber and throughout its growth, its branches intertwine, forming the knots that give it that strength and resistance, the same knots and intertwining that the couple has been forging throughout their marriage.

Honeysuckle also represents extreme kindness, unconditional love and friendship. In fact, in the 19th century, it was customary to give a honeysuckle flower as a symbol of a promise of eternal love.

19th anniversary meaning

Honeysuckle is one of the Herbs of San Juan, a set of aromatic and medicinal herbs that, according to a tradition especially widespread in Galicia, must be left in water throughout the night of San Juan to wash your face with it the next day and stay clean of all evil.

Another symbol that identifies this wedding anniversary is red jasper, which brings vitality, joy, love, sensuality and sensitivity, very important qualities in such a long-lasting relationship. Given the possibility that things can get cold or wear out over time, the color red provides a good dose of energy full of everything a marriage needs to stay together for at least another nineteen years.


The gifts exchanged by the couple on this wedding anniversary must feature the honeysuckle, since it is the plant that gives it its name and the one that symbolizes the strength and endurance that marriage has shown over the years. .

Here we offer some examples although, as always, the couple is the one who knows each other best and that, together with their own creativity and imagination, can lead to very original gifts.

  • Honeysuckle bouquet . It is the most obvious gift for this anniversary but no less symbolic for that. A bouquet of flowers can say much more than anything more elaborate, especially if it is accompanied by a note with a special message.
  • Honeysuckle perfume . It is a gift especially for women since it has a feminine fragrance with hints of jasmine and orange blossom that does not usually fit too well with men. There are many perfumes on the market that have honeysuckle among their components, such as Anaïs, Anaïs de Cacharel or Diorella de Dior.

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  • Honeysuckle wine . Wine lovers cannot miss such a special occasion to give – and share – a bottle of honeysuckle wine. It can be found of Italian and English origin, and there are also recipes to make it at home! Whether it is bought or made at home, it is sure that it will not leave anyone indifferent.
  • Beauty items . Honeysuckle has very good effects on the skin, especially to combat wrinkles and improve the general appearance of the skin, which is why there is a wide variety of creams and cosmetics on the market that have honeysuckle in their composition as shower gels. and body lotions. It is even possible to find gift packs with several of these products.
  • Honeysuckle tea . But honeysuckle also has properties that help the body from within: it fights fluid retention, improves the liver and relieves diseases of the respiratory system. Therefore, another good gift idea is a honeysuckle tea set, a pack containing cups and a tea tin, for example. You can buy the ready-made sets or you can also buy each item separately to make a more personalized gift.


The first option to celebrate honeysuckle weddings is something very simple but very symbolic at the same time. It consists of making a meal, snack or dinner for two in an outdoor place where there are honeysuckle nearby. It could also be in a patio, next to a lattice that a honeysuckle climbs through or somewhere this plant grows on the wall. It may take a bit of effort to find the exact place to have this significant plant as a backdrop, but it will be worth it.

Honeysuckle can also be used to decorate the interior of the house on this special day. Its branches are flexible and can be folded into flowery wreaths with which to decorate the room where you can celebrate a meal or dinner both as a couple or with friends or family, as the marriage prefers. The perfume that its flowers breathe will give an unbeatable atmosphere to those moments.

Another way to celebrate this anniversary is to try to locate a nearby place where some type of honeysuckle grows in the wild and organize a picnic day there, with this very symbolic plant witnessing a celebration alone, simple but full of meaning. . The drawback that may arise is that the anniversary falls at a time of year not very suitable for picnics but you can always opt for what is higher and make it more homemade.

Of course, the classic for honeysuckle to be present at the wedding anniversary celebration is to acquire a tableware for two that is decorated with this very special flower and that can be released on the day of the special lunch or dinner. Its flowers can also be used to decorate the table with a small glass vase or even as a decoration motif on tablecloths. In addition, honeysuckle flowers are edible and their nectar has a very sweet flavor, in fact it is where both wine and honeysuckle tea are obtained, so they can be used to decorate the dessert and perfume it. Of course, you have to take precautions in case of pregnancy or lactation, as with any edible plant.

On the brink of being married in your twenties, it may be a good idea to celebrate your honeysuckle weddings by visiting a place that has special memories for the couple . It does not have to be the place of the first date, or where they met, or where the proposal was made. It can be a corner that gives off happy memories perhaps related to the children: the street the oldest took his first steps, the place where they found out about the first pregnancy, the cafeteria where they were when the couple decided which would be the house Of your dreams…

Recreating the wedding menu is another way to remember that special day. Surely the couple still remember what it consisted of so both can put their hands in the dough and together, cook and recall that menu. Afterward, they can eat it alone or invite friends and family to taste it again. In the event that the couple does not have too many skills in the kitchen, you can always order something similar to a catering or even return to the restaurant or hotel where the banquet was held even if you are going to eat something else. What it is all about is immersing yourself in such happy memories.

19th anniversary meaning

There are also fun and daring options for married couples who still feel young and want to try new things: parachute, get a tattoo together, hire a spicy photoshoot, go to a themed party in disguise … It’s as easy as getting carried away by something that the couple has pending for a long time and unleash their madness. It sure is unforgettable!

Finally, it is likely that the couple wants to share this celebration with family and closest friends . It is a very special moment in which everyone can remember the wedding day and its dozens of anecdotes and those who later joined the family, such as children, nephews and new friends, can have fun listening to the “battles” of that day. In the end, it is about sharing love and happiness with those around you and that does not mean that the marriage reserves another day apart to enjoy it alone.

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