18th Year Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! The 18th year anniversary meaning is very unique.

Quartz weddings take place when a married couple turns eighteen from the day they said “yes, I do.” As it cannot be otherwise, it is a very special occasion to celebrate so here we provide ideas for choosing the best gifts and the most romantic plan.


The eighteenth wedding anniversary is called the quartz wedding. Quartz is a very hard stone and resistant to any type of erosion, which is why it turns out to be a perfect symbol for a couple who have shared their path for almost two decades. Specifically, the quartz that can best represent this wedding anniversary is pink as it symbolizes love.

In addition to quartz, another symbol of this anniversary is the rose, the flower of love par excellence that will make the feelings of marriage stronger every time. As you can see, the color pink, the color of love, is the one that dominates on this special day.

Quartz has had mystical overtones for centuries. The Romans already used it to create everyday objects such as glasses and goblets and before them, the men of Prehistory already used quartz to create simple jewelry, or was it perhaps amulets?


Traditional gift – UKNo traditional gift
Traditional gift – USANo traditional gift
Traditional gift – SpainQuartz
Traditional gift – GermanyTurquoise
Traditional gift – RussiaTurquoise
Traditional gift – FranceTurquoise
Traditional gift – ItalyQuartz
Flower giftDeep red flowers
Gemstone giftGarnet
Modern giftPorcelain


As is already known, the gifts that the couple exchange to celebrate this anniversary must have quartz as their main element. Here we leave some ideas although the important thing, as always, is the couple’s own creativity and initiative since they are the ones who know each other best.

18th year anniversary meaning
  • Quartz cufflinks . It is a very appropriate gift especially for men who usually wear suits and cufflinks. In addition, quartz is a versatile material both in color and in shape, so it is easy to find the model that fits well with the tastes and personality of the man.
  • Quartz jewelry . A personalized jewel containing a rose quartz is a very valuable and romantic gift. It can be a ring, earrings, bracelets, a bracelet and even a tie bar. There are multiple possibilities and combinations so it is a perfect occasion to bring out creativity and imagination to get the jewel to express what you want and to become a symbol of this day.
  • Rose quartz . How about combining the two main symbols of this wedding anniversary? Roses carved from romantic rose quartz can be found on many Internet websites. Without a doubt, it is a meaningful gift that perfectly expresses the love that one feels for the other.
  • Feng-Shui tree . In Feng-Shui there are gem trees, a kind of imitation of the typical Japanese bonsai in which the leaves are replaced by gems. Of course, they can be obtained with rose quartz and, in fact, they are the most popular since they symbolize the love and romance of marriage.
  • Quartz watch . A quartz watch is a classic gift and also very useful. The peculiarity of quartz watches is that their mechanism works thanks to the vibrations of a quartz crystal that receives electrical current through a battery. These watches are more accurate and lighter than automatic ones, as well as being cheaper.


And after the gifts, it’s time to organize a special plan to celebrate this wedding anniversary. Eighteen years of marriage represent a journey full of learning, overcome adversities and above all, love and strength. Here we propose some ideas so that this day becomes unforgettable although, as always, it will be the couple themselves who best knows what the ideal plan would be to celebrate quartz weddings.

A classic of wedding anniversaries is to celebrate a new express honeymoon . Perhaps in recent years the possibility of taking a trip as a couple has not arisen due to children, routine, work … so quartz weddings can be the right occasion to take time and organize a trip alone, although just be a weekend where you can enjoy each other, remembering the beginnings of your marriage and planning what your future will be like.

It may also be time to do something crazy . Surely the couple has settled too much in the routine and has left behind those times when, from time to time, they did something crazy. This anniversary can serve to relive those days and try a new and exciting experience such as taking a balloon ride, hiring a luxury car to tour the city or parachute. Sure there is something that you both want to try and have never found the moment, it can be now!

Another option is for one of the two to organize a trip without revealing the destination to the other . Yes, it sounds risky, but after eighteen years of marriage surely there is already some certainty towards the place that your partner would like to visit. It is an exciting plan for both of them due to the satisfaction and joy of those who organize it and the surprise and pleasure of those who do not expect it.

And what if you simply organize an afternoon at home, a plan for two ? It is about choosing a movie or series that both of you want to see, or perhaps one that you have already seen but that makes a certain special sense for the couple, and sitting on the sofa together to enjoy it. Before this, they have been able to cook together a cake to taste during the cinema session or perhaps have gone for a relaxing walk around the city.

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romantic picnic is always a good idea. There is sure to be somewhere close by to spend a day outdoors, weather permitting, and enjoy a meal prepared by the couple themselves at home while they chat and reminisce about all the good things that have kept them together for eighteen years. . And if the weather is not good … you can improvise a fun picnic in your living room! There are times when it is not necessary to organize the most magical plan in the world so that a wedding anniversary becomes something unforgettable.

Another option is for the couple to take this day to relax, pamper and pamper themselves, and what better way to do it than by going to a spa or spa together ? Between massages, baths, oils and steam they will be able to chat, have fun, remember the best moments of their marriage and, above all, dedicate themselves to renew their love and reinforce the affection they feel for each other. If possible, it is better to book a room in a hotel that offers these services in order to take advantage of and spend a weekend together with the sole concern of enjoying and relaxing.

But not everything has to be done alone. Many couples like to organize a meal, a dinner or a party with friends who have accompanied them throughout their lives but also with those who have traveled along the way and who have already met them as a couple. You can celebrate a party at home in which photos and videos are shown with the moments that the marriage has shared with their friends, who in the end have witnessed the love that has led them to be married for eighteen years.

18th year anniversary meaning

Continuing with leisure, another option is to plan an afternoon of dinner and a show . But we are not referring to the cinema, which is something more common, but to the theater. Nowadays there is a lot of variety: dramas, comedies, monologues, musicals… It is about choosing one of them and completing it with a romantic dinner. Afterwards, a walk under the stars with a good conversation will put the finishing touch to a perfect day to celebrate the quartz wedding in which the couple will have laughed, will have dreamed and will have escaped from the daily routine.

And finally, we suggest that one of the members of the couple prepare a perfect end to the day for the other. It’s a perfect plan if one of you gets home early from work. You can organize a hot bubble bath with some scented product, flower petals and candles that offer a soft light. The surprise can be completed with a bottle of wine, cava or champagne and two glasses to share while enjoying the hot bath. With very little you can get a very special moment.

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