17 personalized wedding souvenirs to do yourself DIY

Wedding souvenirs are a nice way to give guests an extra thank you for sharing your wedding day. The custom has been around for decades and continues to be so present despite the years. Wedding souvenirs are part of a tradition in which the bride and groom leave their affection with an object that will remain in the memory.

The options are many and incredible of simple, original and useful wedding souvenirs. Depending on your budget, you can choose to buy them or make them yourself.

1. Wedding souvenirs: champagne bottles decorated by you as (DIY do-it-yourself)

Use creativity, doilies, scissors, ribbons and glue. Personal development to decorate the bottle and create this souvenir. That it is functional and that it has something personal from each of the bride and groom, wedding souvenirs is excellent. You can dress the bottle with ribbon and paint the neck in colors. 

Champagne bottles and recycled products are used as wedding souvenirs

That after the wedding celebration it can be used or be a decorative element. The latest trends indicate that it is chosen to choose souvenirs that are useful in the houses of the guests after the ceremony. For cost purposes, it is advisable to allocate 3 or 4 percent of the total wedding budget to wedding souvenirs.

2. Inexpensive wedding souvenirs: cardboard boxes decorated by yourself (DIY)

Boxes are always a dynamic and practical resource when deciding on wedding souvenirs. They can be decorated manually and using bows or flowers made with paper and filled with chocolates. Another option is to fill them with a red canvas that will later serve as a ring or jewelry box. 

Colorful boxes decorated with gold and colored ribbon

If you like to make some wedding souvenirs yourself, and you don’t have time, here we help. You can buy online a set of 50 cardboard love boxes and decorate with a ribbon puts your creativity and always your guests remember you

  1. Cardboard boxes for wedding souvenirs gifts
  2. Satin satin ribbon wedding favors, different colors for gift decoration
  3.  50 Raja de Oro gift box, sweet chocolates perfect for a small wedding souvenir

3. Wedding souvenirs with recycled and useful jars, decorated with crochet fabric

Other classic souvenirs are still decorated glass jars. It can be to fill them with multicolored stones. Another alternative is to use the lid of the jar and add a red or colored bow. With a label, it would be given a personal touch and perhaps a drawing made by both of them by hand or with different colored brushes. A fabric bow can also be added to wedding souvenir jars and can decorate a candle. 

Recycled crochet souvenir

4. Personalized wedding favors: water bottle

A bottle of water is a very good wedding souvenir because your guests can use it every day and remember the wedding.

Make your mark by delivering a personalized souvenir. Items that you buy and add something unique such as ribbons, bows and the initials of the bride and groom. A bottle of water is a very useful souvenir for walks, the gym, and home.

5. Simple handmade wedding souvenirs: personalized cones

Another fun option is the personalized cones with phrases or quotes from the bride and groom with dedication to each guest. To make this memory, follow this tutorial step by step:

  1. Write a personalized text for each guest on the wedding souvenirs with phrases that support the bond between the couple or the affection for each guest. If you prefer, it can be a general dedication as a wedding souvenir.
  2. Print the text on A4 sheet on cardstock paper or glossy paper.
  3. With the printed paper in hand, you have to roll it up looking for a symmetrical cone shape. Then tie it crosswise with a bow, or glue it to one end with a little glue.
  4. Once the cone is finished, the options for decorating it are endless. A suggestion can be a rose or a small flower or pieces of multicolored paper that have the names of the bride and groom printed on them. 

paper cones as souvenirs

You can add a magnet to the personalized cones to serve as decoration in the refrigerator of the house of your friends and guests. Another option is the chocolates or candies that can be bought in any establishment and at the same time decorate them with paint or surround them with strips of paper where the name of the couple and the wedding date are written.

Wedding gift boxes: how to decorate with paper

The paper can be used to make boxes containing candy and gift items. Decorate it with colored paper flowers. Decorate it with metallic cardstock and glitter too. Use jute threads or similar natural resources to give a more ecological finish to the box.

To have a guide here is a tutorial on how to make them:

6. Original wedding souvenirs: potted plants made by the bride and groom

Indoor plants can be planted throughout the room and given as a wedding souvenir. These succulents are wonderful to use as centerpieces too. It is a memory that will be present on a window or kitchen balcony. With only these materials and a few steps you will have it ready.

  1. Party glasses with eye-catching decorations to use as a planter.
  2. Fill with soil and small stones on top.
  3. Plant the succulents or they could be cactus or aloe vera according to your preference.
  4. Design the thank you cards on colored card stock.
  5. Cut into shapes and place it tight to the pot next to the bride and groom’s name. And that’s it!

 Souvenir succulent pots

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7. Wedding souvenirs: personalized bags

Test your creative value with bags that can be personalized with curious messages and the name of the bride and groom, the wedding date and the place of the wedding. The sachets are easy to buy online. 


Another idea is to buy this bag at the pre wedding or bachelorette party where you can put all the material gathered for planning. It is also a beautiful and useful gift to give to bridesmaids. The variety is infinite, they can be stamped, painted and with different styles such as hippy chic, boho or vintage.

8. Simple and inexpensive wedding souvenirs

The trend in decoration is to reuse materials that I can recycle. For example cans and corks as well as some easy-to-use woods. Enjoy your wedding preparations by putting together these keepsakes. Add a personal touch to the design. In addition to being economical, this simple and inexpensive wedding souvenir made by yourself will be valued by the guests.

9. Wedding favors with wooden pins

Each piece is painted black and white respectively simulating and celebrating the marriage union. Practical wedding souvenirs to make it look useful and more than just a keepsake. Another option would be:

  • Cut out a triangle with black fabric or paint the brooch, this will serve to use it as the jacket of the groom’s suit. Put it adjusting it on a piece of white fabric trying to leave a free space that serves as an imitation of a suit.
  • Do the same with the white fabric; Cut it into triangles and surround the brooch simulating a bride’s dress. You can add strips of tulle fabric over the brooch to give it more of an elegant dress.

With a little cardboard or a vinyl you can make the names of the bride and groom and add a message to this souvenir. Find ideas in our entry about love phrases.

10. Souvenirs with jars for Wedding to make at home, Gourmet style

Manually put together a list of cooking recipes written by the couple. It can also be decorated with drawings made by the two of you or simply add photos of the couple on the eve of the wedding. 

spice sauce jars souvenir

We share the link to see the Gourmet Wedding Souvenir of one of the greatest representatives of Argentine culture such as the soccer player Leonel Messi who married Antonella Rocuzzo. Souvenir with Argentine roots, a box containing:

  • Came
  • Caramel sauce
  • Caramelised
  • Uncovered silver plated.

Look here: Messi wedding souvenir

A few simple jars can be a great resource to use as a wedding souvenir filled with gourmet creams or sauces.

In the pursuit of a healthy life, it will be a very good souvenir to think of “detox drinks” giving away jars for juices and smoothies of many colors. Today eating increasingly healthy products is a trend.

A good idea to add is to include a recipe on the face of the bottle in addition to having the logo and slogan created by the couple. In a wedding where active people are invited to include gifts associated with healthy living and sports will be “a hit” for the wedding.

11. Homemade wedding souvenirs: seeds in ecological bags for nature lovers

In permanent memory will be the wedding. Add more life to the guest life. The seeds will grow and that day will be present indefinitely among family and friends. 

Souvenir to remember the wedding with the growth of the plant

Seeds can be used to make aromatic plants that are so fashionable and very useful, a touch for the guests to grow the dreams of the wedding couple. Sowing the seed is a detail that educates and is ecological.

12. Jars Wedding Favors – Includes candy in custom jars

This will be one of the favorite souvenirs for guests with a sweet tooth. They can include chocolates, candies or candies in jars decorated with the style of the wedding, the colors and the names of the bride and groom. Do not forget to put the date, since it is a memory for family and friends. Ideally, the labels should be made of a material that resists time and bottle washings. It is recommended to use adhesive vinyl or decal and a love phrase written in one corner. 

jams in beautiful recycled jars

Some ideas for easy-to-make objects that can be chosen as wedding souvenirs are: wrapped candied almonds, chocolates and walnuts, small painted wooden boxes filled with chocolate truffles. Always keep in mind the style and spirit of your wedding.

A nice way to thank your guests is also with homemade mini-chocolates to fulfill the mission of leaving all the guests happy when they come to the wedding party. These simple and personalized objects will remain in the memory.

13. Simple wedding souvenirs to make at home: decorative Lavender bag

The lavender sachets to perfume the environment are excellent wedding souvenirs. It can be decorated with hearts and add the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date. Make the bags yourself with small pieces of recycled fabric. 

Wedding souvenir: aroma for your environment

They are not too expensive. They constitute a way of decorating. They are ideal for creating different textures and in multiple colors. They are very useful and can be placed on closets or desk.

14. Easy wedding souvenirs to make

Healthy and tasty products are all the rage everywhere. Making homemade jams with seasonal products is a way to save on the wedding. There are simple recipes with varied tastes that can be made by yourself. (DIY). You can also add ribbons with the names of the bride and groom and wedding date to be remembered later. 

Souvenir homemade jam for wedding 

15. Souvenirs for rustic wedding

Currently, fruit and vegetable packaging and crates are lighter and made of materials that can be recycled. They are mostly adopted for reuse in many projects ranging from shelves, picture frames to houses, which go outdoors to provide food for baby birds in the winter. We can paint and embellish them giving a more personal touch. 

Souvenir for weddings

16. How to make personalized wedding souvenirs quickly

We give you some steps to make a quick mini-garden. It’s easier than you think, here are the steps:

  • Recycle a jar and put dirt on it
  • Fill with a spoon of fertilizer
  • Place the little plant in the middle
  • Garnish with white stones
  • Print on a colored cardboard the name of the bride and groom and the wedding date
  • Tape the label to the bottle

These beautiful keepsakes can be placed between the plates. They will be an ornament of the table of the guests.

17. Vintage Wedding Souvenirs

If you find yourself looking for a souvenir for your vintage themed wedding, some good vinyls for your guests may be a good option. Those who appreciate music, it will surely be a good memory.

Already tired of the typical souvenirs, how do you make the guests take a surprising memory?

  • Textiles vintage con crochet
  • Terracotta Bottle Drink Kit
  • Handmade soaps made by yourself with homemade lavender essence
  • Edible with cane candy

Mostly these gifts are useful and never get cornered.

Give the guests as souvenirs jars made by yourself in an economic way and used as elegant and chic decoration during the wedding. Watch this video for a step-by-step guide on how to decorate a jar.   Pin It