15 Year Wedding Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! The crystal wedding is one of the most special anniversaries in the life of a married couple. Therefore, here we want to offer ideas and suggestions to turn this day into a succession of unforgettable moments that recall the love and commitment of the couple. We will tell you 15 year wedding anniversary meaning.


Crystal weddings are celebrated when a couple has completed fifteen years of marriage , which is a very symbolic date that should not be missed. By now, the couple has already formed their own family and they have a coexistence and rapport behind them that deserve to be celebrated in style, either alone or with friends and family.

15 Year Wedding Anniversary Meaning

Surely the couple has overcome many critical moments to get here, thus demonstrating the maturity of their relationship and that they continue to enjoy their love as always. The relationship has been strengthened and the marriage knows that they will be able to move forward overcoming everything that lies ahead of them.

For this reason, glass is the material chosen to symbolize this anniversary. Marriage has clear ideas and their feelings are pure , just like crystal.


It is customary that, on each anniversary, the couple exchange gifts that are made with the material that symbolizes each year. In this case we are talking about crystal weddings so these gifts must be made, or at least contain, crystal.

  • Glass blower . No, it is not about learning how to blow glass, but about giving away a piece of glass that you have personally chosen and made by a glassblower. It is a unique and personal detail that can be loaded with important meaning if you know how to choose what shape that piece will have.
  • Cups . A few glasses of fine cut crystal and perhaps with the engraved names are an appropriate and very special gift for this anniversary. The couple can use them to toast that same night after the day’s celebrations, thus granting them a meaning that only they will know.
  • Glass photo frame . Glass is a material with many possibilities and it is also used to create elegant and delicate photo frames in which to put a wedding photo, a current photo of the couple or a collage with the best photos of the last fifteen years. as a reminder of the path you have already traveled together.
  • Snowball . Everyone loves snowballs and gazing at the flakes that flutter inside as if it were something magical. Personalized snow globes can be purchased on various websites on which a photo of the couple can be included inside.
  • Swarovski jewelry. A classic that never fails and if you know how to choose with your heart and thinking about the meaning of crystal weddings, it can become a special and unique gift. An earrings, a pendant, a bracelet, a brooch… There is a lot to choose from for find the perfect motif.


The fifteen years of marriage are a very important date and for this reason, the couple must strive to make it a very special day for both of them. Here we leave some ideas but we must remember that it is the marriage itself who can contribute its personal touch to make it truly unforgettable.

  • Romantic getaway to the island of Murano . The island of Murano is known throughout the world for its famous Murano glass. In addition, this island is located just one kilometer from the Italian city of Venice, a romantic place par excellence. What else is needed to celebrate a crystal wedding in the most perfect way possible?
  • Charming hotel . Surely at this point in the marriage the couple does not have much time to themselves. Daily obligations, children, work … can absorb the time of marriage. Therefore, an ideal plan is to book a night in a charming hotel where you can enjoy alone, exchange gifts and forget the world for a few hours.
  • Dinner and show . It may seem like a too typical and classic plan but… how many times have the couple gone out alone to dinner and to the movies or to the theater in the last fifteen years? It is worth reserving a night just for the two of you where you can enjoy a new restaurant in town while chatting quietly and then go to a show and free your mind from the routine.
  • Renewal of vows . Fifteen years are a special occasion for the couple to meet with their closest family and friends to renew the commitment they made long ago. They can thus commemorate all the plans that have been fulfilled and create new ones as future plans.
  • Recall the first date . Surely the couple still remember that day they decided to go out together and start to get to know each other better … Why not repeat that plan fifteen years later? It will be fun to remember details of that day and see how love and complicity have grown since then to become a mature and firm relationship.


It is common to run out of inspiration or to hang in moments of great emotion. To prevent this from happening on such a special day as the fifteenth wedding anniversary, we have prepared some phrases to say so that nothing clouds it.

  • Today I want to celebrate because we have everything. That I love you is something, that you love me is something else, but that we both love each other … That, that’s having everything. Happy 15 years of marriage!
  • Because my eyes and soul dance when I see you; because we count the minutes to see each other again after each goodbye. For this and for much more, our glass union will turn to steel and will defeat time. We are love and we will always love each other.

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  • Crystal weddings symbolize the purity of feelings and clear ideas . So I wish you a very happy 15 years of marriage, darling, because I clearly love you with all my heart!
  • It may be too much vanity,
    but today I want to congratulate myself because,
    although wisdom comes with time,
    15 years ago I made the best decision of my life:
  • I can’t stop loving because when a love is right, it is the best thing in the world . When a relationship is good, even if nothing in your life is going well, you feel like your world is complete.
  • The difficulty with marriage is that we fall in love with a personality and we must live with a character . But if you put the momentum to get to know yourself, happiness is achievable.
  • I love you not only for who you are, but for who I am when I am with you. I love you not only for what you have done to you, but for what you have done to me.
  • That’s right, it was love at first sight . After all this time I feel like I have finally found my soul mate.
  • When two people are connected at heart, it doesn’t matter what you do, or who you are or where you live; there are no limits or barriers .
  • I want to remind you that you are the most special person in my life. Since the day I met you, my life has changed forever and I just hope you never part with me.
  • Another year to create precious memories together. Another year to discover new things to enjoy each other. Also, another year to strengthen a marriage that defines us forever.
  • Anniversaries are resting points where you stop and admire all that you have achieved as a couple , you hold on to the promises you have kept and you prepare to fulfill the ones that are missing.
  • As we get older, as we change with age, there is one thing that will never change. I will always keep falling in love with you
15 Year Wedding Anniversary Meaning
  • I can’t stop loving because when a love is right , it is the best thing in the world. When a relationship is good, even if nothing in your life is going well, you feel like your world is complete.
  • True love is getting married one day and spending the rest of your life being glad you did.
  • There is no more comforting and comforting feeling than knowing that you are right next to the person you love.
  • All the stars, moon, sun and everything beautiful in nature remind me of our relationship, our love , romance and chemistry. Every minute that I spend with you is like a celebration.
  • My life without you would not be the same. It is a hopeless time, a rainy day without rainbows. With you everything seems enlightened to me and the problems vanish.
  • Whatever our souls are made of, yours and mine are made of the same.
  • I promise to  love you passionately in all ways, now and forever. I promise never to forget that this is a lifelong love and always know deep in my soul that no matter what may separate us, we will always find each other again.

And, I wish you something unforgettable and that it lasts many more years.

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