14 Year Wedding Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise!Is your wedding anniversary coming up and it’s been 14 years since you said Yes I want? So, you have to prepare this anniversary of your marriage in style; you are going to celebrate your ivory wedding. Here, you will know 14 year wedding anniversary meaning.

The ivory represents integrity, fidelity, loyalty, values that give meaning to the extraordinary commitment of two people able to maintain a marriage of fourteen.

Today I want to talk to you about ivory weddings and their special meaning, are you coming?


14 year wedding anniversary meaning

Any excuse is perfect when it comes to celebrating love. I like wedding anniversaries because help not to lose the illusion and desire for a happy life together  that you promised the day you got married. Ivory weddings are especially beautiful because of the meaning of this noble material, in addition to the gem that also symbolizes this day that I am sure you will turn into something very special.

Ivory is a symbol of loyalty and fidelity. It is one of the few materials from Nature that gives a color its name for the beauty of its appearance. I love it because it has been used since the time of the Greeks in various decorative elements. And over the years, ivory has become a noble material in the color that bears its name slightly yellowish.

When you’ve been married to your boy for fourteen years, how do you feel? The symbology of ivory seems very appropriate to me as the protagonist on your anniversary of this wonderful even number.


If you feel a bit of that disappointment that infects many 21st century couples, I advise you to get an opal stone on your fourteenth wedding anniversary. And it is that to celebrate ivory weddings, this precious stone is the most indicated to accompany you since its energy augurs good fortune and purification. 

And it is that the precious stone of a thousand colors has a boomerang effect that can bring you absolute happiness to your marriage. She will give you back everything you project, how about projecting all the love you feel for your boy?


Come out to celebrate this anniversary of your ivory wedding. Take advantage of the fantastic color that this day symbolizes to organize a most elegant evening.Buy a dress in this special color; You will be perfect to combine with your boy’s outfit, whatever color it is.

Have you considered doing a small ceremony to renew your vows? Personally, I think that you don’t have to wait for the most popular anniversary dates to arrive to celebrate your wedding anniversary.

Combine your dress with a bouquet of flowers in shades of ivory and dusty pink. You will look spectacular and gorgeous. I confess that I am in love with gerberas; and I’m thinking of a bouquet of these gorgeous giant daisies in vivid colors. It has to be a very special contrast, what do you think?

The truth is that it is a dilemma to choose a bouquet of flowers for such a special day. I also find it super elegant to choose your flowers in champagne, beige or ivory color, why not.

If you are going to have a small banquet, maybe you plan to invite your children, parents, siblings and those friends who never fail, how about centering the colors of the decoration on ivory as the protagonist with touches of gray and pink?

Your shoes, a floral touch for your guests, the centerpieces. I confess that I am really liking this combination where ivory is the main protagonist and the other colors give it that certain vintage air.


Dedicate a few beautiful words in a sentence decorating a special card. Look at the most beautiful phrases, take one of these; I am convinced that you will love:10 ways to love: listen, speak, give, pray, respond, share, enjoy, trust, forgive and promiseWill Smith

Love has nothing to do with what you hope to achieve, only what you hope to give; that is, everything

Audrey hepburn

When we are in love, we open ourselves to all that life has to offer with passion, enthusiasm and acceptance.John Lenon

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Are you able to keep any? , because I love them all.It is humbling to find someone to love. Even better when you’ve been waiting your whole lifeGeorge Clooney

If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first, you wouldn’t have fallen in love with the second

Johny Deep

Do not tell me that all these celebrities do not inspire you to write your own message of love and finish it off with one of their phrases, which is your favorite?


Well, and the most awaited moment arrives. Because a nice gift can last you a lifetime; It has to be able to make you smile every time you look at it, if it is a physical gift, or every time you remember it, if it is a really special gift.

I leave you some ideas:

  • How about a trip to Africa?  If you like to travel, if you have the possibility of being able to give yourself a trip at your ivory weddings, I advise you with your eyes closed to go to Africa. Apart from being the cradle of ivory, you can enjoy sunsets of those that reach deep inside and you will never be able to forget even if you want to.

In addition to the very special colors of the continent of elephants. It is full of magic and do you know the best? How about being able to visit an elephant reserve and live the experience of directly admiring the ivory of their tusks?

  • Any decoration element whose protagonist is the ivory color. You know that traditionally, since the times of ancient Greece, it has been used in the decoration of houses. Today you can find anything you want in imitation materials so exact that you will never believe it is not real ivory.

But what matters is the meaning of the moment, right? Therefore, any object that symbolizes your love and reminds you of something of yours in common will be perfect to give you on this beautiful and ivory day.

14 Year Wedding Anniversary Meaning
  • One of the very appropriate ivory wedding gifts that will help you never forget this beautiful day is a kind of chess but with Egyptian art figures. And it is that the carvers of the Nile civilization managed to reach a degree of perfection such that it is wonderful to be able to admire any piece that they left behind.

And if you are not convinced, you can always resort to the classic chess set in imitation ivory. A classic with which you will be sure.

Have you already reached 14 years of marriage? How are you going to celebrate your ivory weddings? Tell us!

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