13 Year Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! Have you ever wondered what lace weddings are? Well, do not miss this article in which we are going to explain why it is called lace weddings, what is its meaning and the best ways to commemorate this special wedding anniversary. We tell you about 13 year anniversary meaning.

Meaning of lace weddings

Lace weddings symbolize thirteen years of marriage . The number thirteen always conveys bad luck, especially to superstitious people, but in this context there is nothing to fear and nothing bad to review. Isn’t it a reason for joy to have been married for thirteen years with the person you love?

It is considered that in this wedding anniversary the woman is the protagonist since she is the most suitable to surprise her partner with lace clothes , the material that symbolizes this anniversary.

Lace is a symbol of refined and elegant beauty in the same way that a marriage of thirteen years is considered to be polished and perfected .

Lace wedding gifts

It is traditional that on each wedding anniversary the couple exchange gifts that are made with the material on duty or that at least contain it in a certain proportion. We will offer some suggestions.

  • Lingerie at night . Obviously it is the most classic and the first idea that comes to mind. The wife can surprise her husband with a set of lace evening lingerie, but the husband, in turn, can gift her with the lace underwear that he would like to see her in. Of course, this gift has to end with a night of passion.
  • Fabrics . When it comes to making a lace gift to a man, there may be some difficulty. However, you can always buy a garment that has a small detail with a simple lace and an elegant touch so that he remembers this anniversary every time he puts it on. It can be a jacket or a polo shirt with a small lace embroidery with your initials, for example.
  • Number thirteen . If it is difficult to find lace gifts and there is no fear of the number thirteen, you can buy anything else in which this number is inscribed along with the names of the couple and the date of the wedding, for example. Maybe some personalized breakfast cups with the name of the owner of the cup next to the number thirteen, no more. It can also be done with t-shirts or even pajamas or bathrobes. Only the married couple will know the special meaning that this number has for them at that moment.
13 year anniversary meaning
  • Lace flowers . With the lace you can make beautiful flowers that turn out to be a gift as simple as it is beautiful. Lace flowers are durable and can become a symbol of these thirteen years of love.
  • Range . The fans with lace are delicate and there are designs of all kinds. If the woman usually uses fans, she will surely love to receive one made with lace to use it in the most special moments.
  • Bookmarks . This gift is special if one of the members of the couple or both are lovers of reading. A lace bookmark can be personalized with the name of the person, with the date or simply with delicate flower motifs. Without a doubt, it is an original, long-lasting and beautiful gift.
  • Lace scarves . Lace scarves are a lifelong classic. There are many designs to choose from and they can also be personalized with initials, dates or any reason that is special for the couple. It is a delicate gift that everyone likes.
  • Headdresses for hair . This gift is especially dedicated to women. A lace flower is a precious detail to decorate the hair and achieve a delicate and innocent air at the most important events.
  • Bottle covers . Wine lovers will love having a lace bottle cover featuring the initials or the wedding anniversary date. If it is used to cover the wine bottle to be used in the romantic anniversary dinner, the effect will be magical.

Celebrate lace weddings

There are many ways to celebrate your lace wedding anniversary and make this day even more special. Here we offer some suggestions to make this anniversary something unforgettable for the couple.

  • Travel to a bobbin lace house . What could be more appropriate to celebrate lace weddings than visiting one of the most important bobbin lace centers? There are very special places in France that, in addition to this craft, offer incomparable landscapes and new experiences to share as a couple.
  • Share a salt bath . And what if the couple, or at least one of the two, has the superstition that the number thirteen attracts bad luck? To eliminate that tension, it is best to share a hot bath with salts that eliminate those bad energies and take advantage of it to create an intimate and confidential moment between the two of you.
  • Dinner in white . White is the color that defines this anniversary so you can organize a dinner in which the tablecloth, napkins, dishes and others are white. And if there is a lot of creativity and a desire to experiment, the couple can design a menu with dishes made with white foods. Is there a better way to symbolize the purity of marriage?
  • The light of thirteen candles . However, those who are not afraid of the number thirteen can play with this number by placing thirteen candles that illuminate the living room while sharing an intimate conversation full of confidences or to illuminate the bedroom. These thirteen candles can also preside over the table of a romantic dinner.
  • Massage with oils . We are not talking about going to a massage center but about the couple giving each other a massage session with essential oils whose perfume and texture will undoubtedly help awaken sensuality. It doesn’t matter if one or both of you are inexperienced in massage as that can make the moment fun and relaxing at the same time.

Poems for lace weddings

Surely throughout thirteen years of marriage the couple have shared phrases in which they express their love, devotion and gratitude. However, when celebrating the anniversary, it is possible that the emotion or the nerves do not allow the feelings to flow as one wants. Therefore, we provide some phrases, reflections and poems about the couple and marriage that may be useful.

  • For being
    so special to me.
    For filling my existence with happiness.
    For teaching me that true love
    is made up of sadness and happiness.
    You are and will always be
    the true love of my life.
  • One more year, but not just any year
    because next to you there is no date the same as another.
    With you life is always different,
    each minute that passes is more intense.
    One more year wanting to repeat this moment
    for the rest of my days, always by your side
    and sing to the four winds my
    eternal, enormous, healthy and haughty feeling .
  • Love is an indomitable feeling
    capable of making you feel in the sky
    that makes flying time pass that makes
    everything achievable.
    Love is an infinite feeling,
    a sweet madness, a faithful friend,
    for life, a magical rite,
    a hug that serves as a shelter.
    Love is an eternal feeling
    that does not wear out, it is perennial.
    A torrent of affection full,
    a hand to take always present.

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  • Because with you I feel out of this world
    Because I never get tired of looking at you day after day
    I love you and I know that it will be like this for life
    Happy anniversary
    my love
  • When we started this love I knew that it would be forever
    That it would not matter what the rest spoke if we were happy
    We have gone through many trials and we are still together
    It is because what I feel for you is true love
    Let’s be happy because today we have a new anniversary
  • I am one of those who only falls in love once
    Well, when I met you I
    never felt the same for anyone else I was
    trapped in the nets of love
    And being with you still seems like a dream
13 year anniversary meaning
  • By looking directly into your eyes
    I can see all the good that there is in the world
    I know we will not live forever
    But the love I feel for you will achieve it
    Today is one more anniversary
    And I want to tell you that you are my great love
  • The sun may cloud forever;
    the sea may dry up in an instant;
    the axis of the earth may break
    like a weak crystal.
    Everything will happen! Death may
    cover me with its funereal crepe;
    the flame of your love can never go out in me.

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