12 year Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! Yarn weddings are the anniversary of the twelve years of marriage for a marriage. The 12 year anniversary meaning is a special occasion to celebrate the path that has already been traveled and to think about what the next few years that lie ahead of the relationship will be like.

We offer you some ideas to turn this anniversary into a very special day.


The meaning of the yarn weddings, as we have said before, symbolizes the twelve years of marriage . It is a time when the relationship is very established and it is possible that there is even a child, so the concept of family becomes even stronger.

12 year Anniversary Meaning

It is a perfect time to celebrate love but also the desire that it continues to grow day by day, as well as respect, understanding, patience and tolerance between the two members of the couple. Surely in these twelve years disagreements have arisen but the fact that we are celebrating yarn weddings means that they have been overcome.

The soft but resistant yarn is the material chosen to symbolize this very special anniversary.


It is traditional that on each wedding anniversary the couple exchange gifts that are made, or at least contain, the material that represents them. In this case, the couple should give each other gifts related in one way or another to the thread.

Here are some ideas to make these special gifts.

  • Garments. It is the simplest gift since we have a wide variety of garments made of yarn that can be used as gifts: shirts, blouses, dresses, skirts, handkerchiefs, ties, pajamas, nightdresses, even underwear! There is a wide variety of clothes to choose from.
  • Flowers. A simple and very original gift is to make flowers with tissue paper that look as delicate as they are beautiful. If there is not too much skill on the part of any of the members of the couple, they can always be bought ready-made.
  • Bedding. There is nothing more romantic and seductive at the same time than silk sheets for the bed. Although it may seem like an impersonal gift, everything changes when you consider the possibility of new bedding on the same anniversary night.
  • Range. A suitable gift for a woman is a fan made of yarn. There are some really precious and the special detail is in finding the one that presents a decoration that has a certain symbolism for the couple and that serves as a reminder of the fourteen years they have been married.
  • Complements. There are many accessories for daily use that can be made of yarn, such as neckerchiefs , covers for glasses, a toiletry bag … there are even necklaces for women that are made of yarn. For men, twins lined cufflinks can be purchased that can be paired with a matching tie.
  • Tables . Thread is a material that can be easily framed so a motif could be chosen to print on it at a specialized site and create a memory of these twelve years of marriage. The imagination of the couple and also everything that may be symbolic for her will give the ideas for this painting.
  • Bag . A bag made of yarn is a practical and elegant gift that can also become something very special if it can be personalized with a reason that is special for the couple.
  • Exotic clothing . To give a special and different touch, you can give a Chinese tunic, a Moroccan jaique, a Hindu sari, a Japanese kimono … Perhaps it can be complemented with a themed dinner to celebrate the anniversary in a different way.
12 year Anniversary Meaning


To continue celebrating the twelve-year anniversary of marriage in a special way, the couple’s home can be decorated using silk so that its softness, shine and consistency is present on a day when there is so much to commemorate.

In the case of celebrating a romantic meal or dinner, the tablecloth, the table runner and the napkins can be made of thread and become a special element to use only at times like this.

But it doesn’t have to stop there… You can also buy silk covers for the cushions with motifs that are special for the couple, how about something related to the honeymoon trip? And this idea is also applicable to the curtains in the house.

Another option is to place a silk rug where the couple will be. They can give it an intimate touch by lowering the lights, placing candles and walking barefoot to feel the softness and firmness of this material, as if they are stepping on the path they have woven together.

Using tissue paper you can make crafts in the form of flowers or pompoms with which to create small garlands that decorate the house. If the flowers are glued on straws or wooden toothpicks, a bouquet of silk flowers can be made that will perfectly serve to decorate the lunch or dinner table.


After twelve years of marriage, it may be difficult to find the right words to celebrate this anniversary, or maybe the nerves or the emotion of the moment do not let inspiration speak. Here we are going to offer phrases and reflections on marriage that can help the couple to reflect on their relationship and their future and to express how they feel about each other.

  • You don’t marry someone perfect so don’t expect perfection. The best thing to do is to value the other and help them improve each day through love, patience and understanding. You have to be loyal and faithful, listen and be heard . That is a marriage.
  • Marriage is more than being married to someone. It is giving the best of oneself to be happy and make the other happy, it is to put aside selfishness and be faithful, honest and helpful. It is about being physically and emotionally present in the life of the other, knowing that they will reciprocate in the same way.
  • On a day like today twelve years ago we wrote the “once upon a time” of this love story. Thank you for teaching me to love and to be loved.

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  • A good marriage is not about never having problems but about learning to overcome them together.
  • I promise to make a thousand adventures out of this path, without forgetting who you are and how you are. We will find tranquility and happiness wherever we are.
  • I chose to love you and all the consequences that it entails, I chose to be the one who fills my days with smiles , I chose to be the one to eat me with kisses, I chose to listen to your voice on the other side of the phone.
  • I do not want other hugs or other hands caressing my hair, I do not want more than your madness and your sanity always with me.
  • May all nights be wedding nights , may all moons be honeymoons.
  • You are not perfect and neither am I but we are perfect for each other.
  • The best marriages are made of teamwork, mutual respect , admiration, and endless doses of love and gratitude.
  • You are every dream on my pillow, my coffee every morning, the smile that escapes me unintentionally, my amulet in battle, my past, my present and my tomorrow.
  • All love stories are beautiful but ours is, without a doubt, my favorite
  • I tell you that I love you not out of habit, but to remind you that you are the best thing that has happened to me in life.
  • If I had a flower for every moment I’m thinking of you, right now I could be walking through a huge garden.
  • Thank you for listening to my thoughts, for understanding my dreams , for living with my defects and for loving me during these twelve years.
  • Love is not counting the years, but rather that the years count.
  • In this new year that I am by your side, I thank you for being my partner, the person who gives meaning to my life and the most valuable treasure I have.
  • You are the one who gives me reasons to continue, who supports me just when I’m about to fall. You are my faithful companion and you have been proving it to me for twelve years.

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