In couple relationships, after a few months, it is common to observe that the routine becomes a bit monotonous. At some point, the couple may run out of plans or ideas that can revive the courtship.

The idea is that from time to time they carry out fun activities to spice up the relationship. That is why in this post we bring you some spicy bets to do with your boyfriend (a), friend (a), or with a boy (a) so that they can relax and have a different time.

Bets or challenges can be made between friends, but it is more exciting if you only do them with your partner. The fun of this is seeing how your partner can feel when doing penances. These challenges turn out to be a lot of fun, and for this, you don’t need to invest a lot of money.

Do you want to give more life and energy to your relationship? We bring you 12 bets for couples that will make your days more fun. This is a short guide where we propose many ideas to rekindle and nurture the competitive spirit between the two of you.

Don’t let monotony and confinement end your relationship! Use these challenges to create a harmless and fun rivalry. We assure you that if you challenge your boyfriend or girlfriend, your relationship will become stronger.

How do bets for couples help your relationship?

In principle what does the Betting with your boyfriend is generating a healthy rivalry. It is not about embarrassing or humiliating anyone. All these couple challenges are meant to be fun.

Their purpose is to bring you closer to your loved one. You can even get to know your partner better. After all, both of you will have to step out of your comfort zone. Do something different and maybe show a new facet.

Also, some of these challenges are competitive. Still, others will push you to achieve a goal together. But the most important aspect is that everything will be a lot of fun. So relax, enjoy and … may the best man win!

12 bets for couples that will make your relationship more fun

1. Improvised Haiku Poetry

Haiku is a very popular type of poetry in Japan. It is written in three verses of 5, 7, and 5 syllables respectively. It’s a great way to start betting because at the end you can both compare your poems and vote for the best one.

To make it more fun use a timer. Thus each one will have only a couple of minutes to write their Haiku. They can also choose a particular topic or one that is chosen by each person.

When the time is up, both of you must read their poem aloud and decide which is the winner. At this point, you will surely think, what to bet with my boyfriend?

Well, it could be that the loser should write to the winner, daily love verses for a week.

Haiku- dô: Haiku as a spiritual path (Classics) (Spanish) Softcover – October 1, 2007

Author’s Comment

Vicente Haya is a Doctor of Philosophy, a translator of Japanese poetry, and a disciple of Reiji Nagakawa. Based in Barcelona, ​​he teaches introductory haiku courses. He is also a temporary professor at the National Distance University since 2005 and a lecturer specializing in interreligious dialogue. He is the author of Haiku-dô, Aware: Introduction to Japanese Haiku (published by Kairós), Savoring Water: 100 Haikus by a Zen Monk; Haiku: the way of the senses; Japanese Haikus of Magic Flight, The Inner Space of Haiku, and The Naked Monk: 100 Haikus

2. In search of treasure

This is one of the most fun spicy bets for boyfriends. It consists in that each one must get 10 or 15 objects in the house. Each one will have to write a list with the articles that the other person must find. Just let your imagination flow!

Think of specific objects, such as tools or bathroom items. Then exchange lists and start searching. Of course, whoever finds all the items on the list first will be the winner.

The loser can, for example, do the winner’s homework for a month.


3. Bet who reads lips better

Test your lip reading skills and think of things to bet with your boyfriend. This challenge consists of making your partner place some plugs in their ears to the point that they cannot hear what you say.

Then choose a short prayer and say it out loud. Make sure your partner can see your lips move while talking. He should write down on a piece of paper what he thinks you are saying.

Most likely he has no idea what you said. Then it will be your turn and you should also wear earplugs and read your partner’s lips. Whoever does not succeed in lip reading must please the winner with a romantic dinner.

4. Guessing the song

It is one of the best bets between couples. It is also one of the most fun. You just have to write a list of some songs that you both know.

Then read aloud some verses of the song. As you do so, pause a moment for your partner to guess the rest of the song. In case your boyfriend is very good at guessing songs, then choose lyrics that are not part of the chorus.

As for what bets to make with your boyfriend, maybe you can agree that the loser has to wash the winner’s car.

5. A nightly video game battle

By now you might be thinking, what bets can I make with my boyfriend? Surely you already realized how much fun gambling between boyfriends is. In this case, what we propose is to have a video game battle at night.

It is something very fun, even if you are not good at the videogames. It could be even a lot more fun if you’re lousy at video games. The idea is that you book a night at home and choose some video games that you like or want to try.

Then set the goal to have the highest number of points, or to achieve the highest level in the game. You can also create small challenges while playing to keep the competition going.

Think of good bets for boyfriends that fit this challenge. For example, make the loser of the next round get up and bring the sandwiches. You can also decide that the player with the highest score, gets more drinks in the next 10 minutes.

In the end, you will realize that it does not matter if you are good or bad at video games. The goal here is to have fun.

6. How well do you know me?

For this challenge think about what to bet with your girlfriend in case you are sure you know her perfectly. The challenge is to ask your partner questions to find out how well they know you.

Start with a few simple questions, then raise the stakes with more challenging questions. At this point, you may wonder what can I bet with my boyfriend? Especially if you know that he knows you very well.

Agree on the prizes for the number of correct questions. For example, the biggest prize will be for whoever gets all the questions right. This can be anything you can think of, maybe the loser will bring you breakfast in bed.

7. Guess what you eat

You may have already noticed that boyfriend gambling is a lot of fun. For this challenge use your kitchen counter or a table in the garden. Put a blindfold on your partner and then ask him to guess the foods without using his hands.

You must describe each food that your partner consumes without using your real name. Set a time limit and record the hits. Then change places and whoever gets the most hits will be the winner.

If you don’t know some things to bet with your boyfriend, we give you a couple of ideas. For example, you can agree that the loser of the challenge will buy the winner’s favorite dessert. You can even make the loser eat some vegetables or food that he doesn’t like so much.

8. The stone face (Bet between a Man and a Woman)

There are many bets fun between man and woman, but with this, you will die laughing. This challenge is all about stamina and determining how long you can hold your stone-faced expression without laughing.

To make it more challenging, play some funny videos on YouTube. It can be anything as long as you are sure both of you will probably end up laughing.

Do this challenge together and see who laughs first. Don’t worry if you don’t know what to ask your boyfriend for on a bet. You can make the competition individual put more pressure on it and find out how long it can go without laughing.

When everything is over, the winner will have the right to choose the genre of the next movie they will see together.

9. Do not show emotions during the game

If you don’t know what to bet on a soccer game with your boyfriend, this challenge can help you. Surely your boyfriend is passionate about football and will be willing to accept your bet, no matter how silly it may seem.

Agree to watch a game together soccer of your boyfriend’s favorite team. The bet will be that should not show any emotion or reaction if his team scores a goal, or if the opposing team does.

We are sure it won’t be able to last long. So no doubt you are thinking, “my boyfriend lost a bet that I can ask him.” You can ask them to do some of your favorite activities or to clean the garden.

10. Dressing each other

The best bets between men and women often reveal aspects of your partner that perhaps you did not know. This challenge is one such example. It consists in that each one must choose the clothes, accessories, and makeup of the other person.

Nobody will buy anything new, the clothes will be used that you already have. In the end, both must stand in front of the mirror and decide who has done a better job dressing the other. If you need ideas to bet on this challenge, we have some.

For example, if you are the winner, your partner will have to take care of making the beds for two weeks. You can also have him clean the bathroom, or prepare a bubble bath for you.

11. Avoid spending money for a week

On the Internet you find many challenges and punishments to gamble with boyfriends or friends. This one in particular is one of our favorites. You must choose a certain amount of money for each person to carry with them during the week.

That money should be used to make small purchases without using credit or debit cards. At the end of the week, whoever has the most money will be the winner. As a reward, the loser will have to organize a special date to celebrate.

12. The challenge of the exercises

Looking for fun bets with friends or friends with the right? This is ideal for those who enjoy exercise and workouts. You can organize a challenged e two-week exercise with your boyfriend and friends.

Everyone must complete a certain exercise routine. In the end, those who have completed the most routines during the two weeks will be the winners. The loser must organize a party at his house in honor of the winners.

Funny bets and challenges for my boyfriend

As you can see, all These are fun bets that bring you closer to your partner. They will help you discover aspects of your boyfriend or girlfriend that maybe you did not know.

Therefore, no longer wonder what challenges to put on your boyfriend. Choose any of these challenges and make sure you win the bet.

In addition to the couple’s challenges, you will also ask yourself the following: in than to bet with a boy if he is not my boyfriend. You can use the aforementioned challenges and those that are in the yahoo answers:

  • You can lose the boy who drinks a sip from a well.

Let him bathe with his clothes.

  • Ask for lismosna at the corner store.
  • Pass your tongue to the street where cars usually drive.
  • Let him wear a woman’s perfume all day.