11 Year Anniversary Meaning


You may have a surprise! We tell you 11 year anniversary meaning.

The steel weddings are celebrated when the marriage has been eleven years since they said “yes, I do.” Although it may not be a very flashy number, it is always a special reason to celebrate another year that the couple share by traveling together the path that they themselves chose.

Here we tell you all about the wedding of steel.


The steel wedding anniversary is celebrated on the day that a married couple turns eleven years of marriage . It symbolizes that the first ten years of marriage have been successfully passed and that is why it is related to steel, since it is a material that is characterized by its hardness and resistance.

The cable that has held the marriage together has become virtually unbreakable, if it ever was, and now the couple can be sure that nothing can destroy their relationship so easily. This anniversary is characterized by strength, permanence and durability .

11 year anniversary meaning


To commemorate this wedding anniversary, the couple can exchange gifts that contain steel in their composition to symbolize the strength and endurance of their marriage. Here we offer some ideas to put the special touch in this special moment.

  • Rings . There is nothing more symbolic than exchanging steel rings to represent the durability of the relationship. To personalize them, they can be engraved with the names of the couple and the date of the marriage or the anniversary itself.
  • Tie clip . The steel tie pins are a distinguished and elegant touch that, in addition, can also be engraved in a discreet but firm way as a reminder of the anniversary.
  • Bracelet . Although steel may seem too rough a material, it is made with authentic elegant and delicate objects such as a bracelet to wear in special moments.
  • Horseshoe . It may seem like an unusual gift but a steel horseshoe that is hung somewhere in the house becomes the symbol of the strength that unites the couple. Like other gifts, it can be engraved or inscribed with names, dates or a special phrase.
  • Photo frame . The steel can be polished to achieve a smooth, shiny and delicate finish so you can find photo frames made of this material in which to put a photo of the wedding day or a current photo that represents the state of the couple after eleven years married.
  • Tea or coffee set for two . On the market there are beautiful tea or coffee sets made of steel that can be used for special moments. In fact, it can be released that same day with a special snack alone or to have coffee after eating. The mugs could be engraved with each other’s names to make them unique objects for the couple.
  • Flask . If one or both members of the couple usually use this type of object, steel weddings are an ideal occasion to give a strong and elegant steel flask with a special engraving.
  • Flowers . Flowers made of steel are sold on various Internet sites with beautiful and delicate results, a perfect symbol of a marriage full of beauty and strength.


To commemorate the wedding of steel, that is, the eleven years of marriage, decorative touches can be used in the home that symbolize the strength and stability that the couple has managed to achieve.

If you are having a special lunch or dinner, you can use steel chandeliers and there are even shiny, smooth and delicate looking steel dishes that also give a great feeling of elegance. You can also place steel napkin rings as well as candle holders or centerpieces with flowers. In addition, you can use the tea or coffee set for two that we have discussed in the previous section.

But not only objects made of steel can be used, but this material can also be present with its color. The tablecloth or the curtains can be placed in steel color to continue remembering the qualities of this metal applied to marriage. The couple can also wear steel-colored clothing or accessories.

On the other hand, the couple may decide to make a special plan for that day. Some ideas are:

  • Romantic dinner at home . As the tenth anniversary had been celebrated the previous year, perhaps the couple already celebrated it by going to a special restaurant for lunch and dinner, so in the eleventh year they could stay at home and even prepare dinner together, set the table, choose the music. in the background… Intimacy and complicity can become the perfect allies to make dinner go great.
  • Spa day . At this point in your marriage, you may both be so immersed in your routine that you have forgotten to spend a little time on yourself. Steel weddings can be the ideal occasion to spend a day in a spa as a couple receiving massages, relaxing in the hot tub and recovering energy.
  • Theater afternoon . And we say theater, not cinema, because it is about being original and doing something special and, in general, people tend to go to the cinema more than to the theater. If it is the case of the couple, they can buy tickets for a show to their liking and put the icing on the cake with a dinner before or after in which they can talk calmly and regain complicity.
  • Adrenaline day . How about some excitement to celebrate the wedding of steel? If the couple is daring, they can spend the day experiencing new and strong sensations such as parachute jumping, bungee jumping, learning to dive or just go to an amusement park and have fun like children.
  • Time capsule . It consists of gathering a series of objects that represent something special in the current moment of marriage and putting them in a box along with a list of the objectives that they want to achieve in the coming years. The couple will reopen it in five years to relive that moment and see if their plans have been fulfilled.
  • Night camping . In the event that the couple have children, it is time to leave them in the care of someone you trust for one night to go camping under the stars. It is a fun plan full of complicity that will be crowned with the moment in which both, in silence, find themselves side by side contemplating a sky dotted with stars next to the crackling of a small fire.
  • Learning together . To have a fun time and also learn something together, the couple can sign up for a dance course, for example, or an exotic cooking workshop and then put it into practice when they get home. The wedding anniversary is a time to do something special and different.
11 year anniversary meaning


Sometimes emotion or nerves do not allow us to express things the way we would like. Here are some phrases to express to our partner what we feel and that can also be used for a greeting card or to record some of the gifts that we have proposed before.

  • We have changed over the years but the light in your eyes is brighter than ever and my love for you is stronger
  • If I was given another chance to choose again, I would choose you again
  • I will spend eternity loving you, respecting you, taking care of you and showing you that I hold you as high as the stars
  • Eleven years ago we started a new chapter of our life together and my heart is still yours and will always belong to you
  • If staying married to you for the rest of my life is crazy, then I never want to be sane.

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  • We have changed with the passage of time, even my love for you has grown stronger and stronger
  • After eleven wedding anniversaries I know that what I feel for you will be eternal
  • The day I noticed you I knew we were meant to be together
  • I know that you are the person that I truly love because I just want to be by your side
  • The best anniversary gift is you
  • An anniversary deserves the celebration of the joys of today, the memories of yesterday and the projects of tomorrow
  • Although the aspect of our love changes over time, the essence will always be the same
  • Marriage is when a couple lives together and accepts the imperfections of the other

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