10 Tips for Casual Wedding Photoshoot

If you and your boyfriend have decided to do a casual photo session before the wedding (also called a pre-wedding), I give you 10 tips to make your photos amazing.

If you have time to take these casual photos… you have all my admiration! Because the closer the wedding date gets, the more pending is to be done and time begins to run out.

But if you have everything under control, you have a lot of time and you want to have your photos to show the world your commitment or to have photos exposed on the wedding day, consider these tips to make your photoshoot before the wedding a success !

10 Tips for the Casual Photoshoot of the Bride and Groom

1.- Define a style for the photos

Talk to your boyfriend about the type of photos that each one wants. They might want a formal photo shoot or a very fun informal photo shoot, or both in the same. Talk about your expectations for your photos and if you have seen other sessions, comment on what you liked and what you did not like, so that you are better in sync on the purpose of your photos.

Photos before the wedding

2.- Choose a good location

Taking the photos outside the photo studio will help you relax and take better photos. In one location they can forget about the posed photos a bit and take more spontaneous photos . A good idea is to choose a place that has a special meaning for the couple: the place where they got together or where their first date was. Any location can have a lot of potential for good photos as a couple, photographers know how to take advantage of any corner.

3.- Prepare ideas

Seek inspiration in other casual photo sessions , and prepare some ideas for the photos. There will be many improvised photos that will turn out super good, but I recommend that you have some ideas, at least as “plan B”, in case the moment comes when you go blank without knowing what else to do.

4.- Choose appropriate costumes for the occasion

You must take into account that the style of clothing matches the style of photos they want. Choose comfortable clothing if you are going to take photos jumping or if you are going to sit on the grass. They can bring a couple of costumes and do the pre-wedding session in two parts: first quiet photos and then very funny photos.

5.- Coordinate the colors of the clothes

The grooms wear their best shirt and the brides their newest dress, but they do not take into account that they combine with each other. You will have better photos if the couple’s clothes harmonize.

It is preferable to use solid colors instead of prints. You should also take into account that the colors they choose look good with the scenery they are going to have in the background.

Photo session before the wedding

6.- Professional Hairstyle and Makeup

The ideal thing for you to look perfect in the photos, is to have professional stylists fix you. You may think it’s over the top, but makeup will highlight your features and hide your blemishes, and your well-styled hair will look better in photos. Of course, ask to be arranged in a casual style, that the arrangement is not so loaded so that you do not look out of place. If for some reason you cannot hire this service, do it yourself, marking your makeup a little more (without exaggerating) so that it is noticeable in the photos.

Many recommend that you take advantage of your wedding hairstyle and makeup test for the photoshoot as a couple, but my recommendation is that you DO NOT DO IT! The hairstyle and makeup for the wedding day is different than for casual photos. I have seen informal sessions in which the brides look very polished because the hairstyle does not go with the clothes they choose or with the type of photos they want!

7.- Meet previously with the photographer

Have a pleasant conversation with him so that he captures his essence as a couple . In addition, it is essential that you communicate all your ideas and your plan for the casual photo session to the photographer, so that he can organize which photos to take first and which ones later. Also ask for suggestions as to the best time and location.

8.- Prepare props for the photos

On the day of the session, take elements that complement the casual photos and with which they can interact to give dynamism to the photos: Letters, flowers, suitcases, a bike, a picnic.

9.- Have fun and relax: At first it may be difficult for you to settle in and you may feel intimidated by the camera, but it is essential that the photographer captures you in romantic, intimate and fun moments.

To get into this situation, Vicente Nadal recommends that they play, that they throw water, that they tickle each other, that they say funny and romantic things to each other. Project your personality and your complicity as a couple by being yourself.

10.- Listen to the photographer’s advice

They may have the entire session organized and a photo script to follow, but the photographer is the expert and who knows how the photo will finally turn out, so don’t stop considering his advice! Listen to the recommendations that I can give you and also let yourself be directed to have the best shots.

As you can see, the key to making your photoshoot as a couple a success is that you have a plan. If you prepare everything with time and coordinate that the elements are integrated in the best way, you will have as a result some great casual, funny, formal photos or whatever you want them to be.