10 things a man will do if he really loves you

10 things a man will do if he really loves you. Nowadays, couples’ relationships have been wearing away, to the point of forgetting the things that really give value to the meaning of ‘love’. They have forgotten the small details, the displays of affection, doing things without expecting anything in return just for the fact of wanting to do it.

A man who truly loves you cares about you, loves you and shows you day after day; he is honest, genuine and does not hide anything from you. Always seek to have details with you and make you feel the most special person in the whole world.

10 things a man will do if he really loves you

1. He never forces you to do things you don’t want to

When a man truly loves you, he respects your timing and your decisions. It will never force you to do things that you don’t want to do, that hurt you, or that you’re not ready to do. He understands that you are an independent being who does things his way and at the right time.

2. Listens to you carefully

Many times, when we talk to someone, we think they are listening to us, but they are not. The person is physically, but his mind is elsewhere.

It will never be like this with him. He will really listen to you. He will pay attention to every detail of what you say, he will analyze it and then he will give you an answer according to his opinion on the subject.

3. It allows you to develop as a person

Loving means letting the other person fly free, with the assurance that at the end of the day they will return to your side. If he truly loves you, he will give you the freedom to fulfill your goals and dreams.

4. Take care of you

Perhaps taking care of yourself means being by your side in ‘those days’ that all women hate; Bringing breakfast to bed when you feel sick or staying with you to watch movies all weekend. He may show it by holding your hand as they walk down the street and giving you the inside side of the sidewalk. Whatever it is, he will do whatever it takes to make you feel protected.

5. He shows you his love

With a hug, a caress, a kiss. Physical contact is no longer just about seeking sexual pleasure: it becomes a way to show you how much he loves you and how important you are to him.

6. Constantly reminds you how much he misses you

And it doesn’t mean I text you all day. It is enough that he expresses a ‘have a nice day, I miss you’, that he asks you how your day was or tells you about his through a call or a message of any kind, whatever you both enjoy the most.

They are spontaneous reminders that no matter where or who he is with, he thinks of you and really wants to be by your side.

7. Think of yourself during the day

It is inevitable when you are in love. He may not always let you know, but there will certainly always be a moment during the day when you cross his mind, one way or another.

10 things a man will do if he really loves you

8. It helps you in everything it can

Love is about being through thick and thin. That is something he understands, that is why he will be there to support you in whatever crisis you face, be it material, financial or physical.

9. Cares about your feelings and thoughts

When someone truly loves you, they care about the way you think and the way you see the world; for knowing your ideals, your goals and better understanding who you are; what it is that moves you to act a certain way and live the way you live.

10. Loves you just the way you are

It sounds like a song, but there is no better way to show love than to accept yourself with your physique, your way of being, with your strengths and weaknesses, mistakes, and successes. With everything that makes up your personality. If he truly loves you, he will not ask you to change into something that is essential to you, that defines you. Also, he will love you for who you are today, not for your past. The future is open to living together, always looking forward.

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1. He really loves you if He makes decisions thinking about you too

When you love each other you cannot act with selfishness towards your partner: you don’t go on vacation without the other, you don’t accept a job offer in another city without first consulting him, you don’t go on Erasmus, etc. ..

Does he love you? A guy who loves you will never tell you “I know this decision of mine will put our story in crisis, but we can overcome it. Furthermore, I have to have this experience… ”
That“ I ”and that“ I must ”, if pronounced in a discussion born out of a decision made solely by him, are a sign of lack of love. If a guy loves you, he‘ll make the best decision for you and not just for him.

If a guy really loves you, he’ll make the best decision for you and not just him.

2. Does he really love you if He finds no excuse not to see you

In a love relationship, there are no restrictions on when and how to see your boyfriend .

Obviously, there will be times or conditions more favorable than others or “bad days” in which he may need to be on his own, but, for example, if he does not want to be disturbed during all weekends or during his outings with friends, there is no excuse: he doesn’t really love you. This speech, however, must not be extreme … in a dinner with friends he will never be able to stay on the phone and write to you all the time, but, if he loves you, he will certainly find the time to send you 2 or 3 messages to share a few moments with you.

As a general rule, however, don’t forget that a guy who really loves you won’t give you time or time limits (leaving aside the work/study/sports restrictions he can’t escape) and won’t start a relationship with you just because on Tuesday he has no soccer and on Thursday there is nothing good on television.

If a man really loves you he won’t give you time and time limits, as if you were a way to pass the time when his friends are busy or he doesn’t have soccer training.

3. Does he really love you if He spends most of his free time with you

Love cannot be defined as such if you see each other (and have the desire to see each other) only once a week.
Of course, in cases of force majeure (business trips, particular weekly commitments …) it may happen that we see each other less, but normally, a couple who loves each other has the desire to see each other and share life every day.

True love is a sweet and daily presence.

In fact, when you love, everything else takes a back seat, because being a couple you love is equivalent to creating a new family unit.

If he prefers to see his friends in the evening or spend Sundays alone, try to understand why this is and what could lead him to really love you.

When you really love each other, everything else takes a back seat.

4. Does he really love you if You can talk about everything and he confides in you

If there are taboo topics between you or he has no intention of telling you “private” things, the love between you may not be mature enough.

If you have been in a relationship for more than a year and he still doesn’t feel comfortable … things are not going as they should and you have to deal with this problem with him. Why do you feel uncomfortable? What can you improve? Do not wait any longer and do not underestimate the problem, you must run for cover immediately. Men also need to confide in each other, and if he doesn’t confide in you, chances are that a friend will appear on his path with whom he feels free to talk about anything. Don’t let another do “your job”: to make a relationship work well, you must not only be a girlfriend, but also a best friend.

If your relationship has just started, don’t worry. Show him that he can trust you and give him time to feel totally comfortable. Maybe his love for you is not yet total and dispassionate, but nothing prevents it from becoming so over time.

5. Really loves you if You have the same values ​​and goals

A couple is hopelessly doomed to split if their goals and values ​​are conflicting.

To love is not to look at each other, but to look in the same direction!

Soon the physical attraction and passion of the moment will fade into the background and the differences will emerge that will have a huge weight in the relationship.

For this, forget the classic saying “opposites attract” and look for a person as similar to you as possible. The relationship can last forever.

6. Does he really love you if You often laugh together

With all the problems in the world, there is little to be happy about! But as a couple, laughter unites perhaps even more than a mutual mortgage.
Seriously, laughter is a good barometer of love within a couple. It is often believed that arguments are important because they make us understand how much the other cares for us, but there is nothing more wrong. It is the laughs together that make us understand how much he cares about us. So: let’s laugh and joke as much as possible: it will benefit the couple and also health!

Laughter is a great barometer of love within a couple.

7. Does he really love you if He loves the natural scent of your skin

Love is not just a feeling, it is also chemistry and sexual attraction. For example, a guy who loves you can’t help but love the scent of your skin.
And now, if you don’t know, don’t cheat with perfumes and creams and find out what your “him” thinks.

8. Really loves you if Plan a future together

I already hear your voice telling me “well, of course, I often mention to him about our future together”. But he… how does he talk about it?

There is a big difference between pleasure and love. If you like a flower you detach it immediately, if you love it, you water it and you will take care of it forever.

Often men satisfy us by talking about a hypothetical future very dreamed and unrealistic (for example a house with a nice “PlayStation room”), but this is not a planning of life together.
Planning also means thinking about the less positive sides: how you will pay the bills, where it would be better to buy a house, how much it costs to shop, etc. A guy in love who intends to share his life with you already has some clear ideas in his head. Does yours have them?

9. Does he really love you if He wants to make love to you

It is normal, after a few years the passion may decrease within the couple. Work, children, bills, problems … these are all thoughts that we carry along during the day and that do not leave us even when we are intimate with our partner. But let’s face it: a man is still a man and certain instincts never vanish!

Therefore, the desire to make love to you is an excellent sign that there is love between you .
Always remember to let him know that you want it too . You know, he evaluates certain clues too!

10. He really loves you if He makes himself beautiful for you

When a guy looks after himself and dresses up just to spend an evening at home with you, you can consider him love (obviously not worth the first few times when he is being conquered!).

Sure, this isn’t something he’ll always do, but every now and then you’ll see him go shave or put on aftershave and perfume as if it were just a date. A guy in love is keen to make himself beautiful even just for you.

A man in love cares about making himself handsome just for you, even after years of being in a relationship.

If she never does, it could be because the habit has crept into your relationship. 

11. Does he really love you if He doesn’t value you for your past

You may think that if you had a difficult childhood and he takes it into account, it is a great sign of love, or that it is normal that he is “afraid” to tell you that he loves you because in the past you made a friend of his suffer .
The past, on the other hand, has no real influence on your present, if there is love among you . In fact, compassion for a difficult past can tie him to you because he needs to feel important (but what if another made him feel even more important?), Or the “fear” of telling you he loves you could mean that he doesn’t. trusts you and doesn’t want to try too hard .

If there is love among you, the past will have no influence on your present.

A guy who loves you only values ​​your present (unless you’ve wronged him in the past, of course) and isn’t particularly interested in your past stories. He likes you as you are now, how life experiences have made you become. A sign that for us women might seem of disinterest is instead a strong indication of love.

12. He loves you if He shares his social networks with you

I have seen written around the net that, in this digital age, betrayals thanks to Facebook, Whatsapp, etc … are becoming easier and more frequent. However, remember that these betrayals are also the easiest to unmask! A guy who loves and is loved usually does not betray and will not have much trouble showing you the messages he receives on social media, getting you to read the messages he receives on his mobile phone first, or even to leave you his passwords. A guy who loves you (and is loved) will have nothing to hide from you.

A man who loves and is equally loved usually does not cheat.

These types of shares should not be forced. Remember that he might just be reserved but have nothing to hide. If he shows you his profile in his presence without any particular apprehension and if he does not run to hide when the cell phone rings but has not yet shared any password, it does not justify your insistence on receiving these “rights” in order to trust him. Such an attitude could only lead him to close himself more.

Also, remember that great power comes with great responsibility: don’t abuse his trust (and passwords) to spy on him or violate his privacy. If there is love, this is a great way to destroy it.

10 things a man will do if he really loves you


So we have reached the end… What score did you score?

From experience, I advise you not to settle and aim to bring all these points into your relationship. If you are missing some ticks, however, do not despair: you can print this list and hang it in your room, adding a nice green check or a red “X” at the bottom of each point, writing “Final score: (example 🙂 9/12! “…

You never know that he, without being directly encouraged, “sees and takes care” of his shortcomings, perhaps even just for the competitive spirit to total the maximum score!

10 things a man will do if he really loves you Video