10 Best Men’s Christmas Gifts That He’ll Actually Love 

Christmas is nearly approaching. As the season begins to come in slowly, you might be in a rush to prepare everything for a holiday. Apart from decorating your home with the best and most festive decorations, you also need to do some Christmas shopping to let someone know they’re special and deserve a special gift.  

While shopping for women is quite easier as there are plenty of things they’d like, giving a man a present can be more challenging, especially since there are few options to choose from. To help you out, below are some gift ideas that he’ll surely love: 

  1. Personalized Work Bag 

A personalized work bag can be a wonderful Christmas gift for a man, helping to upgrade his work style, and reminding him of loved ones when he’s having a hard time in the office. This range at Von Baer is made from full grain leather, and offers a custom monogrammed message or initials, in a variety of colours. 

When personalizing a work bag, you can engrave their initials or add a special quote that reminds them to work harder or take it easy. Just look for the perfect design that best matches their style so they can confidently bring them to work every day.

10 Best Men’s Christmas Gifts That He’ll Actually Love
Personalized Briefcase from Vonbaer.com
  1. Beard Trimmer 

Giving a beard trimmer would always be a great gift idea for men, especially if they frequently shave their entire face as it gets thicker by the minute. While they probably have one at home, giving them a high-quality, professional-grade beard trimmer would surely be amazing. This way, they can easily trim their beards while keeping their skin clean and safe. A beard trimmer will also help them feel more luxurious as they use something professionals use on the field.  

  1. Beer Gift Set 

Not to generalize, but many men like drinking beer. If you’re giving a gift to someone who loves to drink at any time of the day or just someone who’s open to getting down and hanging out with their friends, then a beer gift set would be amazing. With this gift, they can choose to consume them all by themselves during the holiday season or share them with their family and friends. It’ll be the perfect gift as they can enjoy a good drink and have fun while drinking it, perfect for the Christmas season.  

  1. Espresso Machine 

Almost everyone likes to start their day with a cup of coffee. But apart from drinking from the pot, it’ll be much better if they could craft their own drinks and allow themselves to explore new flavors of coffee. 

While a pot of coffee might help, using espresso will help to bring out the richest flavors, allowing them to create the best-tasting java. To help your friend have easy access to good coffee, then giving them an espresso machine would be an amazing idea. And this will help them save on costs as they no longer have to purchase one every morning. 

  1. Personalized Decanter Set 

Giving a man a decanter set would be an ideal gift for a classy man who likes to indulge in a bottle of whiskey or wine. It’ll give them the perfect opportunity to display what they love inside their office or home as this can also stand as a décor, making their space look more masculine and luxurious at the same time. 

A decanter set for men’s Christmas gifts will also allow them quick access to glass at any time of the day. For an added touch, you can personalize the set to make it look classier and more unique.  

  1. Sweatshirt 

If you’re giving a gift to someone who doesn’t prioritize what they wear, as they’re easily convinced with a plain top and jeans, then giving them a sweatshirt would be a great gift idea. It’ll be functional and stylish at the same time. 

Don’t worry, as you don’t have to look for the most bizarre patterns, but you can follow their style and allow the right fit and cut to complement their look further. This will be a gift they’ll surely love as they can wear this at any time of the day and keep themselves comfortable.  

  1. Wireless Charging Dock 

Giving a techy man in your life a wireless charging dock would be a great idea. With the number of wearable devices people use, it just looks chaotic to see how people charge them in their homes. The number of charger cables they have to keep can go on and on and keep the surface cluttered. 

To help reduce their table mess and keep things more organized, giving them a wireless charging dock would be a great gift idea. This will allow them to charge every item they have in one place using one cable wire only and let the dock take care of the rest.  

  1. Leg Massager 

After a tiring day at work, everyone deserves to treat themselves to a good massage. Nonetheless, not everyone has the time and budget to get themselves one, especially if they work late hours at night. 

To help a loved one feel comfortable and well-relaxed, even after an exhausting day, giving them a leg massager would be a great idea. With this, all they have to do is sit back and allow the machine to massage their legs and give them the comfort they need. It’ll be the perfect way to rejuvenate while staying in the comfort of their own home.  

  1. Pair Of Sneakers 

For a sneakerhead, giving them a pair of sneakers would surely be something they love. If you’re aware of their shoe size, then this should be easy. But if you don’t know their size, you can ask someone who lives with them to check out what size they wear for sneakers. 

Alternatively, you can ask for a gift receipt at the store so they can easily exchange it for their preferred size. You can purchase any trending pair of kicks, and it’ll surely be something they’d appreciate.  

  1. Gaming Console 

If you have an extra budget, giving someone a gaming console would always be a great gift. Most men like to unwind by playing games on their consoles. If theirs is still outdated, then giving them an updated device would be amazing. You can even throw in some games to help them get started, so they don’t have to run to the store and buy games they could play.  


The Christmas season is the season of giving. As you look for the perfect gift for men, you’ll come across various choices that’ll surely bring a smile to their faces. But before you pick out any favorites on the list, it’ll be great if it could match it with their personalities, so they’ll fully appreciate what you’ve given them. Any gift should make things right and joyful with a bit of effort.